How to Change WiFi on Wyze Camera: Quick Fix

If you are using a wyze camera device, for your indoor or outdoor security, sometimes you might have to change the WiFi network, maybe while you are travelling or to replace the one you currently use.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a short process and easy process, if you are also stuck with this and you are actively looking for How to Change WiFi on Wyze Camera device, you will have to re-run the long setup process all over again.

This could be frustrating for wyze cam users.

However, the reason why you have to go through the setup process again is that your wifi data is sent using the QR code, while you are setting it up, initially, so you will need to redo the process to change your wifi details.

But the good news is while doing this you don’t have to delete your wyze camera on the app, since they will override the previous setup, but if you are using a wyze cam pan, it is necessary to delete it before restarting the setup process.

Moving on, let’s delve into How to Change WiFi on Wyze Camera device.

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How to Change WiFi on Wyze Camera

If you want to Figure out How to change wifi on wyze camera, you need to go through the setup process again, but you don’t need to delete the wyze camera you’ve set up in the wyze app.

 To figure out how to change wifi on wyze camera follow the steps below:

How to change Wi-fi on Wyze camera

  • Launch your Wyze app 
  • Next, log in with your wyze credentials
  • Now, proceed to your wyze app and tap on Home 
  • Next, Hit the “+ plus icon” located at the top left and then select “Add Device”
  • Moving on, select Cameras and then select the wyze camera version you are using for example for wyze cam V1, select “Wyze cam v1″
  • How to change Wi-fi on Wyze camera
  • Power on your camera using the USB cable 
  • Now, wait for about 30 seconds till it flashes a yellow light
  • Moving forward, long-press the setup button on the wyze camera till you hear the word “ready to connect”
  • Now, proceed to the app and check the “I heard, “Ready to connect” box and then tap “Next”
  • After doing that, choose your WiFi network and enter the password, ensure the password is correct and also that the wifi is connected to a 2.4GHz frequency.
  • Now, scan the QR code that appears on your wyze app with your wyze camera, simply hold it up to your phone screen and wait till it says “QR code scanned please wait” then Setup completed.
  • On the wyze app tick the checkbox next to “I heard, “QR code scanner”.”
  • And then, Tap Next.
  • Now, that you’ve been able to completely set up your device, you can name your device by entering it or by choosing from the available suggestion
  • As soon as you are done tap finish

Note: You have to carry out this same process to set up each of your devices if you have more than one wyze cam device.

Hee are the steps to reset your Wyze Cam

Now, the process highlighted how to change wifi on wyze camera. There are a series of issues that you could face while setting it up and one of them is a QR code error, if you are faced with this follow the steps below

How to resolve a QR code Error

How to Change Wi-Fi on Wyze Camera

While you are stuck with a QR issue, you have to verify if you are connected to a 2.4GHz wifi network

To verify this

  • Proceed to Settings
  • Go to WiFi.
  • On the wifi screen, you will see all networks around you.
  • Now, from the SSID of your wifi connection, select the one with a 2G or 2.4GHz end notation.
  • How to Change Wi-Fi on Wyze CameraHow to Change Wi-Fi on Wyze Camera
  • And then connect to it again

In addition to that, you want to verify that the lens of your wyze camera is free of the plastic film that is usually there.

Moving on, While troubleshooting the QR code that is displayed on your smartphone, you need to be aware of the fact that the QR code will expire after 5 minutes so, if 5 minutes pass by while troubleshooting for the QR code you will have to restart the setup process again 

Also, another common issue you might come across while setting up your wyze camera device is “wyze camera won’t connect to wifi network”

To troubleshoot that, kindly follow the steps below

Wyze camera won’t connect to wifi Network

How to Change Wi-Fi on Wyze Camera dvf

It’s not rare to get stuck with this issue, especially when you enter a wrong password, however, it isn’t limited to that.

Now, let’s delve into how you can resolve this issue

First and foremost, you want to verify that your smartphone is using a 2.4GHz network. in most cases, you can find that in the wifi properties section of your phone however if you are using only one network which belongs to you then it is likely a 2.4GHz network

But if you are seeing two networks, all you need to watch out for is the number following the SSID name.

For example, For a 5Ghz frequency, you will see any of these (5, 5G, 5GHz, 5g) added to the SSID of the wifi network name, but for a 2.4Ghz you won’t see that.

Now, let’s proceed to the next steps which are to forget your Wifi networks and reset your device again

For iOS:

  • In the Settings app, tap General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

For Android:

  • In the Settings app, tap General management or System,
  • Now, tap Reset or Reset Options > and then Reset Network Settings to confirm the reset.

After doing that, go ahead to Power cycle your Wyze Cam device by Unplugging your wyze cam device from the power outlet, and then after 5-10 seconds, plug it back.

Finally, force close the Wyze app and then launch it again

To Force Close an app on iOS

How to Change Wi-Fi on Wyze Camera dvf

  1. Swipe up and stop at the middle of your ipone Home Screen,
  2. Now, go to where your Wyze app is and Swipe up to close it

To Force Close an App on Android

How to Change Wi-Fi on Wyze Camera dvf

Tap on the Andriod square icon beside the home icon at the left

You will see all your recently opened app

  • Scroll down to where your Wyze app is located.
  • Finally, swipe left or right to force close the wyze app

Moving on, let’s break down how you can change your wyze credentials if you’ve forgotten your password

How to Reset your Wyze password?

You can reset the password details of your Wyze app through the website or the app.

To do that follow these steps below:

Using the Wyze app

  • Launch the Wyze app 
  • On the login window, tap Forgot password?.
  • Now, enter your Wyze account email address and tap Send Verification Code.
  • Check your email for the verification code.
  • if you can’t find the verification code, check your junk folder, 
  • Now, copy the verification code in the email and return it to the Wyze app.
  • In the Verification Code field, paste the code
  • Over here, you will see an Enter New Password and Confirm New Password field, 
  • Type the new password you want to use with your account. in addition, ensure that your Wyze account password must contain a minimum of ten (10) characters.
  • Finally, tap Done to complete the password reset.

Moving on, here’s is how to do it using the website:

Usiging the Wyze Website

  • Click Login at the upper right corner of
  • On the Sign In page, click Forgot your password?.
  • Now, enter your Wyze account email address and click Retrieve Password.
  • In another browser tab, check your email for the verification code
  • Now, copy the code and return it to the verification page.
  • In the Verification Code field, paste the code.
  • Now, type your and confirm it by entering it in the Enter New Password and Confirm New Password fields, while doing that, take note that your Wyze password must be a minimum of eight characters long.
  • Click Set a New Password to complete the password reset.

Moving on, in a scenario where the wifi you are connecting to doesn’t have a password there is a different way around that.

How to connect wyze camera to wifi without password

Now, to resolve this you have to be aware of the fact that wyze new app releases don’t support connection to a wifi network without a password.

However, there is a way to go about this, if you don’t want to add a password to your wifi network.

And to do that, you can set up a guest network without a password using your current SSID on your wifi router, and leave the primary network with WPA2 encryption. 

Frequently asked Questions

How to change wifi on wyze cam v2

The process of How to change wi-fi on wyze camera device as listed above, goes with all wyze cam versions.

The only difference is, during the setup process you have to select “Wyze cam V2” going to Cameras > Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam V2.

wyze cam v3 change wifi network

Since you’ve figured out How to Change Wi-Fi on Wyze Camera. the step for wyze cam V3 device is also the same as the setup process above

Why does my Wi-Fi camera keep disconnecting?

If your wifi camera keeps disconnecting, troubleshoot it by following the steps below.

1: Make sure the WiFi antenna isn’t loose

2: And, verify the distance between the wyze cam device and the wifi Router, It could be as a result of the distance, to resolve this, you can decide to bring it closer or get a Wi-Fi extender to strengthen your signal. 

wyze cam setup without app

There is no way you can set up your wyze cam device without the app, you have to, use the wyze app.


If you have been struggling with How to change Wi-fi on Wyze camera, this article should be enough to point you to the necessary steps you should take to troubleshoot it.

But, after trying out all these steps and you were not able to get it resolved, you need to contact wyze customer support.

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