How to Connect Bose Headphones to a New Device

Do you have Bose headphones and you want to connect them to a new device you just got? Well, this article, will walk you down how to connect Bose headphones to a new device easily whether it’s an iOS or Android device. Stay tuned!

The Bose company is known for manufacturing several wireless Headsets, home sound systems, and portable sound speakers. They are regarded as high-end commercial headphone brands and they are not exactly cheap.

When pairing Bose headphones to your devices, involves two options either connecting via the Bose Connect App or the standard Bluetooth pairing method. Once you can pair your Bose headphones to your new device successfully, then you won’t have to fix any error related to pairing.

With your Bose Headset’s Bluetooth capability, you can connect your new device by pairing it wirelessly with a source; whereby you don’t need a cord to make the connection.

Pairing involves connecting other Bluetooth devices with your Bose headset, but you have to turn on pairing mode first.

Now, let’s begin the process of how to connect Bose headphones to a new device!How to Connect Bose Headphones to a New Device

How to Enable Pairing Mode in Bose Headphones Manually

The first thing to do before connecting your Bose headphones to a new device is to turn on the pairing mode.

Follow the steps below to turn on the pairing mode in your Bose headset manually:

  • Flip the Bose headphone upside down to enable you to see its bottom.
  • Change the power switch to the On position to switch on the headphone.
  • Now, move the headphone close to the Bluetooth-enabled device that you wish to pair them with so they can be discoverable.
  • Ensure the second device is also turned on.
  • Long-press on the call button (or any other button specified in the instructions for your particular device) on your headphone for about 5 seconds to set the headphone into discoverable mode.
  • You should see a slow-blinking indicator light.
  • From the second device’s Bluetooth device list, select the option for the name of the particular Bose device you are pairing.
  • Go back to the Bose device if the device name does not come up and repeat the steps to get it to show up.
  • Once you can select the device, you will be prompted to enter a password or a verification to accept the connection.
  • If you are asked to provide a password, Bose says to type in 0000 and tap OK.

Once you have successfully enabled the pairing mode, the Bluetooth indicator light will flash again and turns to a solid colour 10 seconds after the pairing has been completed, and the light will turn off.

How to Connect Bose Headphones to a New Device

How to Turn On Pairing Mode with Bose Connect App

Apart from enabling the pairing mode manually on your Bose headphone with a Bluetooth-enabled device, you can also the Bose Connect app to turn on the pairing mode.

The Bose app helps to manage the Bluetooth settings for multiple Bose devices.

Follow the steps below to pair your Bose headphone with the Bose Connect App:

  • Download and install the Bose Connect App from the iOS App Store or Google Play if you have not.
  • Open the App and navigate to the Connections section.
  • If you are connecting for the first time, click on the Connect New option.
  • On your Bose headphone, ensure that the power light is turned on and press down the Call button to enable the pairing mode.
  • By now, your device should show up on the Bose Connect app.
  • Choose it by its name.
  • Once the device has been connected successfully, the indicator light will blink for about two seconds, and the app reports that it’s been connected to (the name of the Device).

You can also disconnect your device via the app if you need to and when you decide to reconnect it later, find your device’s name in the app under the Connections subcategory History.

There you will find the available devices that were previously connected so you can reconnect.Connect Bose Headphones to New Device

How to Connect Bose Headphones to New Device (iOS)

Here’s how to connect Bose headphones new device especially if you are using any of these Apple smartphones, such as iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13.

Although all Bose wired headphones are compatible with iPhones once they have a standard audio port, the latest iPhones don’t have audio jacks, and most headphones available today are wireless.

The Bose Connect app is also available for iPhones and other iOS devices, and you can use it together with the Bluetooth option to connect Bose headphones to an iPhone.

You can follow the steps below to learn how to connect Bose headphones to a new device (iPhone) using the Bose Connect app:

  • Ensure that the Bluetooth feature on your iPhone is turned on.
  • Change the switch on the right side of the Bose headset so that it blinks green instead of red.
  • Download the Bose Connect app for your iPhone from the Apple Apps Store.
  • Open the Bose Connect app.
  • The app would recognize the Bose headphones immediately.
  • You will see a picture of your headphones with the phrase “Drag to Connect” displayed on your screen when it occurs.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to begin the connection process from your iPhone to your Bose headphone.
  • If your headphones don’t get recognized, a page will pop up with a screen that provides you with different suggestions to assist your iPhone in locating them.
  • The word “Connecting” will be displayed on your device’s screen once the Bose Connect app successfully establishes a connection with your headset.
  • Click on the Ready to Play button found at the bottom of the app’s screen.
  • Now, you can use the Bose headphones with your iPhone.

Do we hope you have been able to connect your Bose headphones to your iPhone as you wind down for the day?

Kudos to Bose’s superior music quality and noise-cancellation capabilities.

This is how to connect Bose headphones to a new device (iPhone).

Connect Bose Headphones to New Device

How to Connect Bose Headphones to New Device (Android)

Connecting your Bose headphones to a new device involves a fast process that won’t take too much of your time.

You can connect Bose headphones to your Android smartphone via Bose connect app.

This app helps to connect Bluetooth devices wirelessly and also to monitor Bose headphones. Follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the Bose Connect app from Google Play Store.
  • Switch on the Bose Bluetooth headset.
  • You will see the headphones’ names displayed on the application.
  • Choose the Bose headphones, and wait for a few seconds to connect.
  • Pair your headphones via the Bose Connect app.
  • Once the 2 devices have been paired successfully, the app will locate the headphones and reconnect automatically every time you turn on the Bluetooth device.
  • The Bose Connect app will sync with your smartphone.
  • The Bose app can install firmware updates automatically for your headset (you can either enable or disable this feature optionally to prevent any hassle).

This is how to connect Bose headphones to a new device (Android).

You can also set up your Android phone if you don’t want to install the app, by ultimately connecting your phone directly to the Bluetooth headset. Follow the steps below to connect Bose headphones to a new device without the app:

  • Go to Bluetooth Settings >> Connections and turn on Bluetooth connection.
  • Turn on the headphones to ensure a successful connection.
  • Now, check the status of your headset after you must have fully charged your headset.
  • Finally, once you have both headphones and Bluetooth connection enabled on your Bose device, your Android phone will automatically search for nearby wireless Bluetooth devices.
  • In the list of available wireless devices, choose the name of your headphone and Connect.

Note that some smartphones require a code to connect, while others do not.

For smartphones that require a code, you only need to set up an easy password to secure your connection while for the ones that do not require a code will automatically connect and you can use it instantly.Connect Bose Headphones to New Device

Can’t Connect Bose Headphone to New Device? Try these Fixes!

If you tried connecting your Bose headphones to a new device but it just won’t connect, you can try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. :

  • Reboot both the Bose headphones and your new device (whether iPhone or Android phone).
  • Try to close the open connected app.
  • If you are using an Android phone, ensure that you enable location services.
  • Clear the app’s cache to reset the Bose Connect app’s settings.
  • Reset Bose SoundLink and the Bose Connect app if the headphones are not showing up in the list of other devices.
  • Check for headphones updates.
  • Ensure that you are not using fake Bose headphones.

How to Clear the App Cache on iPhone and Android Phones

You need to that clearing the cache and clearing the app data are two different things. Clearing the cache only deletes the app memory, but not the Settings. While clearing the app data will reset the app completely and it’s also the same thing as uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

To clear the app cache on both iPhone and Android Phones, follow the steps below:

For iOS:

  • Go to Settings >> General >> iPhone Storage.
  • Click on Bose Connect from the dropdown Menu.
  • Scroll down and choose Offload App.

Although offloading the App will only clear your cache, if you want to clear your app data, you have to press “Delete App” and then reinstall, it instead.

For Android Phones:

  • Go to Settings >> Storage >> Other Apps.
  • Choose Bose Connect.
  • Finally, click on Clear Cache.

We hope this article has helped you how to connect Bose headphones to a new device whether it’s an iPhone or Android phone. Feel free to drop your comment in the section below. 


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