How to Connect Sonos Move to Bluetooth

When I think about Sonos Move Speaker, I think about pure, unbridled music. With Sonos Move, you can pair via Wi-Fi, as usual, and it is the first to have the option to pair via Bluetooth. With that, we will consider how to connect Sonos Move to Bluetooth in this article.

The steps to pair your Sonos speaker to your Bluetooth enabled device is quite simple and straightforward though. But the benefits of doubt, we are going to walk you through the steps to connect your Sonos move speaker to your Bluetooth phone or computer or even home theatre at home.

While using the Sonos Move is a satisfying experience, the new Bluetooth feature makes pairing more easier; you do not need the Sonos app for connection.

Also, with the other hassles that connecting to a Wi-Fi network brings (like internet connection problems, signing up into an account, time wasting etc.) the Sonos move connect or pair feature with a Bluetooth device make the speaker stand out.

As we have said earlier, Sonos Move is the first generation of Sonos speaker to use the Bluetooth feature outside of the Wi-Fi network connection pairing.

Within its connection is the Bluetooth hardware. However you can operate with the Wi-Fi too (i.e. the speaker can use the two different modes).

Note: When you connect your Sonos Move to Bluetooth, device such as phone (Android or iPhone), smart TV and home theatre, you will not be able to find it in the app, as it would be off limits for Wifi pairing pending the time it remains used by the Bluetooth device.

How to Connect Sonos Move to Bluetooth

What is better than switching on your data network, then connecting to your Wifi network just to play music? Yes, just pairing via Bluetooth is better I think at no extra cost interms of data or whatsoever.

To connect Sonos Move to Bluetooth, you can follow the steps below:

  • Switch Sonos Move to Bluetooth mode

  • Enable pairing mode on Sonos Move

  • Pair your device with Sonos Move

  •  Connect Sonos Move with your Bluetooth device

The summay of how to connect your Sonos move to Bluetooth device is discussed above. And now, we will explain this in detail how you can switch your Sonos move to the Bluetooth mode, enable pairing mode on the Sonos mode, identify the Sonos move speaker from your device and connect the Sonos move to the device.

Switch Sonos Move to Bluetooth Mode

Follow the steps below to turn on the Sonos move Bluetooth mode;

  • Locate the Sonos move Bluetooth button at the back of the device, in-between the Power and Join button.
  • Long-press the button till you hear a chime sound which would be accompanied by a blue LED will turn ON.

how to connect sonos move to bluetooth

Enable Pairing Mode on Sonos Move

This is usually not required but if it happens that you do not seem to find your Sonos Move even after turning it to Bluetooth mode, you can try to enable pairing mode following the steps below;

  • Long pressing the Bluetooth button again, you will hear a chime again, and the LED will blink blue.

Pair your device with Sonos Move

After that, you will be able to find and connect your mobile device to Sonos Move, by searching for Bluetooth device, then pairing. After connection, the LED will turn stable BLUE, again, you will hear a sound response, indicating that you have paired successfully.

 Reconnect Sonos Move with your Bluetooth device

With the above steps, you can now use Sonos on your device without having to worry. Moreover, the Sonos Move will then connect to your device automatically when next you turn ON its Bluetooth mode.

It will always initiate pairing with its last paired device if it’s available. When it’s not, then you can repeat the pairing process with another device.

Using Sonos is easy, and whenever you feel the need to reconnect to Wi-FI, it is equally an easy step, you can just press the Bluetooth button again, and when the steady blue light changes to blinking white. Then the Sonos Move is on Wi-Fi mode and you can continue with the pairing.

How to Connect Sonos Move to Android

The steps below walk you through the steps to take to connect your Sonos move speaker to your Android phone.

  • Turn on your Sonos move speaker Bluetooth and put it in a pairing mode.
  • Go to your Android settings and click on “Bluetooth.”
  • Click on the search icon to search for all nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • Click on the name of your Sonos speaker from the list.
  • Pair it from the popup.

That is all. Your Android phone will connect to your Sonos speaker, and all activities on your phone that involve the speaker will be pitched through the speaker.

How to Pair Sonos Move Bluetooth to iPhone

The steps to connect or pair your Sonos move Bluetooth to your iPhone are similar to the steps to pair the Android device we explained above. However, we will discuss how to pair Sonos move Bluetooth to iPhone in the steps below.

  • Put your Sonos move into the pairing mode.
  • Go to your iPhone settings.
  • Tap on “Bluetooth.”
  • Search for all the nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Click on the Sonos move speaker name from the list.
  • Pair following the instruction on the screen.

Once you have paired both the Sonos move speaker and the iPhone, the Bluetooth will show that you have connected the Sonos move to your iPhone with “Connected” in front of the Sonos move speaker name.

How to Reset Sonos Move Speaker

Please note that if your Sonos Move is reset to factory settings, you will lose all previously paired connections on your device and you will have to start with the set-up all over again.

connect Sonos Move to Bluetooth

  • Remove the Sonos move charging base.
  • Press down the power button for 5 seconds for more to turn off the Sonos move speaker.
  • Hold the Sonos move join button and instantly press and release the power button.
  • Press and hold the Sonos move join button until the LED light blinks orange and white.
  • Release the join button once the LED light blinks green to confirm that you successfully reset your Sonos move speaker.

Once your Sonos move speaker is reset, all paired devices and stored WiFi connection will be cleared, and your device will turn to an out-of-box device, and a new setup will be required.

Bluetooth Pairing VS Wi-Fi Connection

Other than to connect Sonos Move to Bluetooth, users might wonder why go through the trouble of using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. So here is GadgetsWright’s comparison after using both connections, whether you chose to connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi will be left to the individual.

s/nBluetooth PairingWi-Fi Connection
1Easy Connection, Straighforward to use, Works everywhere. Range is about 10 metersDoes not work everywhere, but connection can range from 80-100 meters
2Cannot use some Sonos features like speaker grouping, voice assistants, and stereo pairing.These features are available using Wi-Fi Connection.
3Might experience interruptions and CANNOT be used MultiroomCan be used Multiroom and does not experience interruptions

Many user may say that the Wi-Fi connection provides more quality, but this is left to be heard as they both produce reasonable high quality to meet the ears, Bluetooth users will also argue that they do not require internet access.

How to Connect Sonos Move to Bluetooth: Conclusion

Having provide the steps and guide on how to connect Sonos Move to Bluetooth-enabled devices, users will find it easy to use their speaker anywhere, the pool, the jungle, while hiking or at a party as it does not require internet services.

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