How To Delete A Facebook Group

To delete a group from Facebook, the group owner must delete all members of the group and then leave the group. Group owners can delete Facebook groups, while group administrators can only archive one Facebook group (unless the owner leaves the group) so that no new member can join.

How To Delete A Facebook Group

What to Know before you Delete a Facebook Group 

Facebook group sole admins, and owners can delete a group by first deleting all members. Once the owner of the group is the only person in a group, they can remove the group.

Group administrators can archive a group. This means that the group will no longer appear in the Facebook search for non-members, and new members cannot join. Administrators can only delete a group if the original owner leaves it first.

How to Delete a Facebook Group

How to delete a Facebook group using a web browser

  •  Go to and go to “Groups” on the home page.
  • Select the group you want to delete.
  • Go to “Members” on the left.

How To Delete A Facebook Group

  •  Click the “More” button beside each member’s name.
  • Select “Remove from Group”.
  • Press “Confirm”.
  • When all members have been deleted, select the “More” button next to their name.
  • Select “Leave group”.
  • Click on “Leave and delete”.

How to Delete a Facebook Group on Mobile app

If you prefer to use a mobile app follow the procedures below to remove a Facebook group you do not want to keep again.

  • Start the Facebook App on your phone. Select the tab labelled menu and then “Groups”.

How To Delete A Facebook Group

  • Select “Show all” next to “Your groups” and then under “Groups managed by you” again “Show all” to show all your groups.
  • Open the group you want to delete.
  • Tap the group name and then tap Show All to display all members.
  • Tap each person’s name and choose Remove Member to remove them from the group.
  • When everyone has been removed from the group, touch their name and select “Leave group”.
  • Facebook will confirm that the group will be deleted as soon as you leave the group.
  • Select “Exit and Delete”.

How To Delete A Facebook Group

Archive your Facebook Group

Only the group creator can close a group unless he has left. In this case, every administrator can delete the group. The process is irreversible; Archiving a group is not.

Archived groups are preserved, and all photos and discussion threads are still visible to members. An archived group is not shown in the search results for non-members, and new members cannot join.

Administrators can still block and delete people and discussions, but group descriptions cannot be changed.

Archiving is reversible. If you change your mind, you can unarchive a group and return to active use.

This could be the best solution if you take a long break from your business or work on a project, which means that you don’t have time to give anything to the group.

This also means that you still have access to content and discussion groups that could be a resource in the future.

Appoint new Admins

Friendships form in groups: The members form real bonds and support each other. Eliminating the group and breaking those relationships can lead to hurt feelings and damage to your reputation.

Instead of deleting, offer to hand over your Facebook group to new administrators. Find active group members who want to take on the role.

If you share the group with new administrators, separate it from your organization and possibly rename it so that members can see that a change has been made.

I also recommend sending a message to the group explaining delivery and welcoming the new admins

  • Click the “Members” tab.
  • Click on the three dots that are found next to the member you want to grant administrator privileges to.
  • Select “Make Administrator” from the drop-down menu.

What is the difference between archiving and deleting a Facebook group?

Archiving and deleting a Facebook group is not the same thing. Everyone has slightly different consequences.

Archive a Group

Archiving a Facebook group excludes you from any other discussion. The group is deactivated or displayed frozen after archiving. However, the administrator can remove the archiving at any time.

Once a group is archived, members can still visit it, but they cannot post, comment, or upload photos or videos. Members can only see what has been published in the group before it is archived.

Only existing members of an archived group can access it, so no new member can participate. The archived group is also not shown in the Facebook search results.

Group administrators cannot edit archived group details such as descriptions or photos, but they can still delete posts and remove or block users from the group.

If an administrator chooses to unarchive an archived group, the group returns to normal, and all members can continue to publish.

Delete a Group

Deleting a Facebook group is irreversible and final. You can’t get it when you’re done.

It is also considered vital to note that the original creator of the group, as long as they remain a member, has the option to permanently delete them. However, if the creator has left the group, any other administrator can delete it.


Deleting your Facebook group is a drastic decision, but it could be the right one for your company. Weigh your options before you take them. And if deleting is the best option for you, write down what you discovered while running your group so you can learn from it.

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