How to Delete Telegram Account

I can help you achieve your aim in this guide to delete your Telegram account permanently. Please, before you proceed with the guide on how to delete Telegram account take note of the following.

  • The process to delete a Telegram account is permanent.
  • You cannot undo the process once it’s completed.
  • You will lose all Telegram channels in the end.
  • You will be removed or deleted from all Telegram channels and groups you belong to on the platform.
  • Your contacts will be removed from the Telegram servers.

In a real sense, this is no option to delete a Telegram account. Rather, Telegram provides what is called “Account Self-destructs” which allows you to delete your Instagram account for a minimum of 1 month and self-destructs your Instagram account for 1 year.

However, after the self-destructs period and you failed to return to Telegram the Telegram account will be deleted permanently.

Meanwhile, there is now how to delete Telegram on Telegram web. You can only delete your Telegram account on the Telegram app.

It’s possible that you will consider a U-turn to Telegram, it’s advisable that you select 1-year self-destruct under delete my Telegram account for Telegram to wait for a whole year before it deletes your Telegram account.

Now that WhatsApp users and losing their guard because of the message privacy policy, to delete Instagram account might be the last option to consider.How to Delete Telegram Account

How to Delete Telegram Account on App

Telegram security feature allows you to delete your Telegram account which set your Telegram account to self-delete after a certain time of the inactive session on your Telegram account.

However, to delete your Telegram account faster you should go for Telegram account self-destruction after 1 month.

If you know you want to learn how to delete Telegram account without confirmation code follow the steps below.

1. Launch the Telegram app on your phone and tap on the hamburger to the top-left and tap “Settings”.

2. The Telegram app menu will appear. Scroll down half-way and click on the Telegram privacy & security” under “Settings.”

3. Scroll down to “Delete my Account.” Tap “I away for”, possibly, 6 months bu default, select 1 month under the “Account self-destructs.”

Exit the settings tap and your Telegram account will delete itself after 1 month or the month you selected from the “account self-destructs” option.

The “must-do-do” here to delete your Telegram account is to remain inactive for the period selected under “self-destructs.” However, we suggest that you remove or delete the Telegram app from your phone so that you will not mistakenly open the Telegram app to reactivate the account unknowingly.

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How to Delete Telegram Account without Waiting

If you do not have all the time to wait for 1 month or a year to delete your Telegram account you can do that just right now. Here, now, I am going to walk you through how to delete Telegram account without waiting.

  • Go to Telegram account delete page at
  • Enter your Telegram phone number with an international format and tap on the “Next” button.
  • A chat message will be sent to you from Telegram contain a confirmation code.
  • Enter the Telegram account deletion code that was sent to you.
  • Give feedback on why you are leaving Telegram to help improve the service.
  • Tap “Delete my Account.”
  • A pop up will appear ushering you to confirm to delete your Telegram account. Just tap on “yes delete my Telegram account.”
  • Delete the Telegram app from your phone.

This is how to delete Telegram account without confirmation code.

Note: If you cannot afford to lose your Telegram contact, channels, groups, and messages, it’s advisable to back up your Telegram account before you delete your Telegram account.

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