How to Evolve Slowpoke

If you have been playing Slowpoke on Pokemon and are interested in knowing how to evolve Slowpoke, this fun article is for you as we’d be explaining how to evolve Slowpoke.

Slowpoke is the water and psychic type pokemon in Pokemon scarlet and violet that has two evolution types.

The evolution types are available under different conditions, and your Slowpoke can evolve to a slowbro or slowking depending on the conditions you meet.

This article covers all you need to know about the evolution conditions for Slowpoke in the next section of this article.

How to Evolve Slowpoke

The first step to evolve Slowpoke is to get a slowpoke, and a slowpoke is usually found near large bodies of water like rivers and lakes all over the map in different locations like the South Province Area One, South Province Area Five, West Provide Area Two, East Province Area Two, and Casseroya Lake.

Once you have your Slowpoke, it is very easy to get to the first stage of evolution, which is the slowbro.

To get to slowbro, you only have to battle the wild Pokemon until you reach level 37, and if you are not that patient, you can evolve your Slowpoke to slowbro by using your EXP or rare candies.

Once you have used your candies or battled the wild Pokemon and got to level 37, your Slowpoke will automatically evolve to slowbro.

The final stage of the evolution is to evolve from slowbro to slowking, and you’d need to complete a couple of stages to do this.

The first step is to complete the Gym challenges and get your four gym badges.

Once you have the Gym badges, you’d then need to have 10,000 Pokemon dollars.

You can purchase the king’s rock from any Delibird presents with your gym badges and Pokemon dollars.

After purchasing the king’s rock, you should give it to your Slowpoke to hold and look to trade your Slowpoke to another player.

Once you have been able to trade the Slowpoke, your Slowpoke would then evolve to a slowking.

However, note that you can only achieve this feat if you are an active Nintendo switch online Pokemon user.

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How to Evolve Slowpoke

What Level Does Slowpoke Evolve

Slowpoke has two evolutions and would automatically evolve to slowbro, which is the first evolution at level 37.

You usually need to battle with the wild Pokemon to get to this level through activities like Tera Raiding, Trainer battling, and active party participation.

You can also get to level 37 by consuming EXP or rare candies.

Once your Slowpoke has evolved at level 37, there is no other definite level that your Slowpoke can evolve to a slowking, as that would require you to purchase and use the king’s rock.

How to Evolve Slowpoke into Slowbro

Once you have gotten your Slowpoke, you can evolve it into slowbro by participating and winning the levelling activities that include various tasks like Tera Raiding, Trainer battling, and active party participation to battle the wild Pokemon.

Once you have performed these leveling activities or you have used enough EXP or rare candies, and you have gotten to level 37, your Slowpoke will automatically evolve to a slowbro.

No special conditions are required for evolving your Slowpoke to a slowbro, as it automatically happens at level 37.

How to Evolve a Galarian Slowpoke

If you play the sword and shield expansion, Isle of Amor, on your Pokemon Go, then you would know that the Slowpoke is the only Pokemon to get a new galarian form.

To evolve your galarian Slowpoke to a galarian slowbro, you’d need to get a galarian cuff from the female NPC sitting on an island in the workout sea.

You’d need to trade 8 Galarica twigs for a Galarian cuff from the NPC officer.

You can find the Galarica twigs under trees on the isle of Amor as a hidden item. You can notice them as shiny items on the floor, and sometimes when you pick them up and follow the trail, you will usually find more twigs that you can acquire.

Once you have up to 8 twigs, you can trade them for a Galarian cuff from the female NPC and use it to evolve your Slowpoke to a slowbro.

how to evolve galarian slowpoke

How to Evolve Slowpoke Scarlet

If you play the slowpoke scarlet and violet on Pokemon, you can evolve the Slowpoke into slowbro by completing the various levels until you reach level 37.

You can usually get to level 37 by performing various leveling activities, which involve battling the wild Pokemon in various tasks that include Tera Raiding, Trainer battling, and active party participation.

You can also get to level 37 by consuming an inordinate amount of XRP and special candies.

Once you have been able to evolve to a slowbro, you can evolve to becoming a slowking by first completing the 4 gym tasks and getting your badge, then purchasing the king’s rock for 10,000 Pokemon dollars from Dellibird presents.

You would then trade your Slowpoke now slowbro with a friend with the king’s rock in hand, and your slowbro would evolve to a slowking.

How to Evolve Slowpoke Violet

To evolve your slowpoke in the Slowpoke scarlet and violet pokemon game, you have to pay attention to passing the various levels.

When you have gotten to level 37 by performing and completing the various tasks assigned to you during your battle with the wild pokemon, your slowpoke would evolve to become the slowbro.

If you are having issues completing the level by performing the assigned tasks, you can use an excessive amount of special and XRP candies to get to level 37, where your slowpoke would evolve to a slowbro.

After evolving to a slowbro, the next stage of evolution is to turn into a slowking, and this is done when you perform the gym tasks and acquire the gym badges, plus having 10,000 dollars to use in purchasing the king’s rock.

Once you have the badges and the king’s rock, you can trade your slowpoke, and during this process, it would evolve to becoming a slowking.

how to evolve slowpoke violet


This article has explained how you can evolve your Slowpoke to a slowbro and slowking. We also looked at the level at which the Slowpoke evolves and how to evolve the galarian Slowpoke.

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