How to Factory Reset Steam Deck

In this article, you will learn how to FACTORY reset Steam Deck in case you are new to the Steam Deck community and need a beginner’s guide to achieve this. But you need to keep in mind that a larger part of this post is written for SteamOS users.

Most devices usually develop one glitch or the other even when you just used it recently. Well, this isn’t a big deal in as much as there’s a way to fix the issues. The Steam Deck is no diferent. So, resetting your Steam Deck fixes all the common problems you may encounter and restore your Steam Deck to the default.

How to Factory Reset Steam Deck

The portable gaming system, Steam Deck uses a tailored, game-focused version of SteamOS. Like any electronic gadget, it could experience bugs or technical problems that can be fixed by performing a reset. When trying to fix difficulties like freezing, crashing, or other software-related problems, resetting the Steam Deck can be useful.

Resetting the Steam Deck may also be essential to get it ready for a new user or to sell it. This is because a device reset ensures that the new user gets a clean slate with the device by erasing all data, settings, and private information.

It’s important to note that resetting the Steam Deck only requires opening the device’s settings menu and choosing the proper option. Before you go ahead on how to factory reset Steam Deck, ensure you back up all important files and data you don’t want to lose.

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How to Reset Steam Deck

How to Force Restart Steam Deck

However, you can try to force restart your Steam Deck before you begin the procedures to reset it. This is useful if the software isn’t functioning properly or if your device is just frozen. The following steps will make your Steam Deck restart:

  • Hold down the Power button for at least 12 seconds.
  • Press and hold the Power button until you hear the boot sound after the Steam Deck has been switched off (all fans should be off and nothing should be visible on the screen).
  • You should be back in action in a few seconds, provided that everything with your Steam Deck is in order.

Having performed the force restart, there’s still a probability that you might encounter some problems, so let’s delve a little deeper.How to Reset Steam Deck

How to Factory Reset Steam Deck

The SteamOS interface is where you may reset a Steam Deck to its default settings. Without having to enable Developer choices or enter Desktop Mode, Valve offers a ton of different menus and choices accessible. Here’s a simple method about how to factory reset Steam Deck to its default settings:

  • Ensure you are logged in and turn on your Steam Deck.
  • Tap on the Steam button on your Steam Deck.
  • Scroll down and choose Settings from the menu.
  • Choose System.
  • Once you get to the Advanced section, scroll down.
  • Toggle the Factory Reset button on and off.
  • To confirm, press the Factory Reset button once more.

Your Steam Deck will return to its default settings after a short while, wiping out all of the installed programs, games, and other data that might be present. You will be able to enjoy a new beginning and, hopefully, won’t have to worry about any further troubles after the Steam Deck is done rebooting.How to Reset Steam Deck

How to Reset the Steam Deck’s PIN Code

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you can reset it by following the steps below:

  • Click on the Steam Deck Options button (the one with the 3 dots) to begin the reset.
  • To reset the PIN for an account, enter the login and password for that account.

That’s it!How to Reset Steam Deck

How to Reset Steam Deck using Recovery

You may have to run a system recovery to restore your Steam Deck to factory settings if you are having issues with it that are not amenable to standard troubleshooting techniques. System recovery should only be used as a last resort because it will delete all data and settings from the device.

As opposed to what you may anticipate, this solution involves putting the SteamOS recovery image on a USB stick. For individuals who want to reinstall SteamOS without losing any of their games, saved data, or other files, this technique is recommended. However, you can also reset Steam Deck to factory settings using the recovery image if you are still having problems. Here’s how to go about it below:

  • The SteamOS Recovery Image can be downloaded to your computer.
  • Your computer should detect the USB disk.
  • Depending on the operating system of your computer, launch the appropriate utility program.
  • Valve recommends using Rufus on Windows.
  • For Mac and Linux, Valve recommends Balena Etcher.
  • To choose the SteamOS recovery file and write it to the USB drive, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Eject the drive from your computer after the procedure is completed.
  • Connect your Steam Deck to a USB hub.
  • Connect the freshly made recovery drive.
  • Completely turn off your Steam Deck.
  • Keep pressing the Volume Down button.
  • Press the Power button, then let go.
  • Release the Volume Down button after the chime.
  • Choose the EFI USB Device from the Boot Manager.
  • Wait until the Desktop environment has booted up.

Double-tap or double-click one of the following after entering Recovery Desktop Mode:

  • Reimage Steam Deck: With a full factory reset, all user data, installed software, games, and operating systems are erased and stock SteamOS is installed instead.
  • Get rid of local user data: This re-formats the home partitions on your Steam Deck, deleting all downloaded games and any other personal content kept there, along with the system settings.
  • Install Steam OS again: This will try to keep your games and private content while reinstalling SteamOS on the Steam Deck.
  • Recovery Tools: This launches a command-line interface where you may modify the Steam Deck boot partition.
  • To reset Steam Deck, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

This is how to factory reset Steam Deck to factory settings after the process has been completed, allowing you to configure it once more as if it were brand-new.

Please note that you will need to log on to your Steam account and download any previously downloaded games or apps again. Before executing a system recovery, it’s a good idea to back up any crucial data to prevent losing anything important.

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