How To Find IP Address For All Your Devices [Public & Internal]

There might be a time when you will need to find the IP address of your router that has been assigned to you by ISP. If you are in this situation right now, just stick around with us and we will show you the process. Ordinarily, finding IP address is very easy only if you know where to go to.

You should already know by now that IP means Internet Protocol which is also part of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TPC/IP). So, with your computers, there are numerous IP addresses involved. Generally, your IP address is assigned to your router by your internet service provider.

In turn, the router would now handle the traffic that comes from your computer to the internet. The IP addresses usually have the same format which is usually a 32-bit number with four decimal numbers each, all in the range of 0 to 255. So, if you are looking to find your IP address, follow our detailed guide below.

How to Find Your Internal or Public IP Address

Knowing your IP address is particularly helpful for things like the VolP calls as well as the remote control software. There are different ways you can check for your IP address and they would all be discussed below.

Finding Your Public IP Address

We have shared below different was to find public IP addresses.

Google IP Lookup

This is definitely the easiest way to find the public IP address of your router. You can simply do this by searching for “what is my IP?” on Google. Google would then show you the number of your public IP address.

What is m IP?

However, with some other sites like WhatIsMyIP and IPLocation, you would get information about the names of your ISP, your city, and even maps. Also, ensure to log out of your VPN service first before conducting the search as getting your real public IP address would require a search warrant to be taken to the ISP.

Finding Your Internal IP Address

You should know that every single device that is connected to your internal networks, like your smartphone and smart TV, all have an IP address. This is because they all talk to the internet or to each other using your router.

Internal IP address in Windows

To find your internal IP address on your Windows computer, you would need is use a command prompt. All you need to do is search for cmd on your Windows search box. In the pop-up box you would see next, just type ipconfig. This will reveal your IP address as well as other information like the IPv4 Address, the subnet mask, and the Default Gateway (which is your router).

find ip address

Above the row of data at the middle of the window, you would also see information about the type of connection you are using. This would either be the “Ethernet adapter Ethernet” or the “Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi” if you are using WiFi.

Internal IP address on Mac

To find your IP address on your Mac, the process is a little different. All you need is to go your System Preferences, then click on Network where you would find your IP address. To see the IP for each type, just select Connection Type which you would see on the left side of the window. You might also need to click on the TCP/IP which you would find at the top of the window. Alternatively, you could just open the Terminal and type in ipconfig like we explained for Windows.

Internal IP address on iPhone

To find the IP address on your iPhone, just open your Settings app and click on WiFi. Select the ‘I’ you would see in a circle next to the network you are using. This will reveal the IP address under the DHCP tab as well as the subnet, and router.

Configure IP

Internal IP Address from your Router

In case you are looking for the IP address of other devices not mentioned, you can simply go into your router. However, the process of accessing your router is highly dependent on the brand and software of the router. Generally, you can just type in the router’s gateway IP address into your web browser to have access to it.

find ip address

Afterward, all you need to do is navigate to Attached Devices where you would see a list of all the devices that are attached to your network. You would also get to see the IP address for each device on the list. However, this process is much easier when you own a modern router that can be controlled by a mobile application. With the app. You would easily find the IP address of all connected devices by clicking on each device to show their information.

You should also read on how to hide your IP address on Android phones here.


Now you can easily find both your internal and public IP addresses for all of your devices. If you have any challenges following our guide, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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