How to Find My Peloton Referral Code [2022]

Right now you can save up to $600 on peloton bike/Tread accessories yearly, but since you are stuck trying to get your referral code, maybe you’ve also tried getting to the referral page when you click on “refer friends” but it keeps taking you to the classic page.

There is something you need to understand about the peloton referral code which is this: to view the referral code you need to log in again, what this means is that after you’ve logged in and viewed the referral code to view it again you have to log in to the membership dashboard again.

And, since you came here to figure out How to find my peloton referral code. In this blog post, I will be breaking down all the things you need to know when it comes to referring others to make use of peloton products.

What You Need to Know about Peloton Referral Code

If you have subscribed to both the All-access and App members. The peloton will allow you to invite new users so that they will try out peloton’s classes without paying a dine for 60 days.

Another interesting discovery about the peloton bike referral is, if you pay monthly for your hardware subscription, you can refer up to 6 people. It used to be 12 people until they changed it to 6 people per year in February 2022

In addition, you can get $100 when someone uses your referral code/link to make a hardware purchase. The $100 can only be used on peloton bike/Tread accessories. 

How to Find My Peloton Referral Code

Because I want to get straight o the point I will be breaking down the thing you need to understand about “How to Find my peloton Referral Code” right under this heading. Now let’s proceed

Note: you can’t find your referral code on the Peloton Tread, Bike, or even on your App, 

Now, to resolve this, here are two things you can do to find your referral code

  • The first thing is to Logout and login again, to the membership site at
  • Next, tap on the small dropdown menu beside your photoHow to Find My Peloton Referral Code
  • Now, tap on “refer Friends
  • With that, you should be able to start referring your friend.

Another way to get your referral code on Peloton is;

  • In addition to that, Another thing you can do if you are stuck with this is to contact the Peloton customer support team using the customer support at or 1⁠-⁠866⁠-⁠679⁠-⁠9129.
  • After trying any of the above two you should be able to get your referral code.

Since you’ve figured out how to find my peloton Referral Code”  you need to be aware of to make use of your referral codes are listed.

How to use the Peloton Referral Code

The peloton makes it super easy to share your referral code to Facebook or Twitter or using email. You can also share with your friends directly.

Now, once you have your referral code, you can share it with your friends and family the process goes thus:

How to Find My Peloton Referral Code

Once you’re friends enter your referral code while purchasing a Peloton Bike or Tread, you will get a mail from Peloton with your apparel code.

In addition to this, you can give a guest pass too, but you don’t need a code to do this. To do this follow the steps below

How to Give a Guest Pass

Guest pass, just as I spoke of above, allows an All-Access or App member to invite new users to engage in peloton classes for free, although it has to be done via the app and the period is 60 days.

Note: Guest Pass is available on iOS and web

  • To give a guest pass, simply follow the steps below. 
  • Launch your peloton app.
  • Sign in.
  • Now, go to the “more tab” at the bottom of the app menu and then tap “Invite Friends” to Give a guest pass

since, you’ve figured out How to Find my peloton Referral Code, below are some advice that can help you get more referrals

Quick Advice to get Someone To refer

Now, It’s much easier to simply go online and start sharing your peloton referral code, hoping to get one or two people that will remember to use your referral code when they want to get theirs, However, is it effective.

Anyway, there is a better way to go about that, instead of posting your referral code everywhere online, a better way around this is to post your workout sessions online so that your close friends can see it.

Hence, If any of them likes it and are interested, you can start by inviting them via a Guest pass if they stay distant from you however, if they are close by you can invite them for a test class to try out your peloton Bike too. 

Also, don’t forget to mention to your friends that they stand to get $100 off their purchase if they use your referral code.

Doing this alone will increase your chances of getting more referrals for Peloton.

How many Times Can You use The Peloton Referral Code?

Before February 2022, you could do that 12 times but after Peloton updated its policy regarding the referral code. You can only use the peloton referral code 6 times a year.

Benefits of Refer People To Peloton?

Now, You might be wondering, well, I get to earn more bucks right? well, it’s not limited to that.

You also get people around you to take charge of their health, you really can’t measure how your advice makes people feel once its works for them. You can strengthen your relationship better, by inviting them to become fit too, so, why not give it a try already?

Moving on if you are faced with a scenario where, your peloton referral code isn’t working, here’s something you can do

What If Your Peloton Referral Code isn’t working

If you are trying to enter a referral code and it’s not working. or maybe you can’t enter the code while you are purchasing the peloton apparel. Maybe it is a technical issue.

Try restarting the process, But if it keeps persisting, contact the peloton support 

Contact the peloton support team at or 1⁠-⁠866⁠-⁠679⁠-⁠9129.

Moving on, if you are a military, educator or a Medical first responder Peloton has a special discount for you

Peloton Special Discount for Medical First, Military, and Educators

Peloton offers a different kind of pricing to members of the military, medical First Responders, and educators and the discount is up to $200 off the apparel or accessories.

However, you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria before you will be able to get it based on who you are which are listed below:

  • Members of the Military: Active and Retired
  • Medical Personnel: Doctors/Nurses/Pharmacists/Respiratory Therapists/Veterinarians/Veterinary Assistants
  • First Responders: Firefighters, EMTs, Police Officers
  • Educators: K-12 or Higher Education

Note: Before you will be able to get this discount, you need to provide proof of their segment status. and follow the verification process below.

  • Documents will be collected to verify your status for the verification process. These documents can include ID cards, pay stubs, etc. 
  • Also, you will be required to Chat directly with a member of our Peloton Team to help guide you through the verification process.
  • To determine if you meet the requirements for the special pricing offer, your information will be verified via SheerID, a third-party ID verification solutions provider.

Right Now, you should be well enlightened on the topic, How to find my peloton referral code” moving on below are commonly asked questions from peloton users.

Can I use my peloton referral code?

The peloton referral program is mainly for inviting new users, so you can’t use your referral code, however, others can use your referral code to get a $waiver from their apparel purchase.

Peloton referral code Facebook

Being well versed on “How to Find my peloton Referral Code” I mentioned earlier that, Peloton strongly advised against just posting your peloton code online, however, you can share it personally with friends and family members.

Peloton promo code healthcare

Peloton offers a special discount for Medical personnel. The discount is up to $200 off the purchase of apparel or accessories, however, it isn’t limited to medical First responders alone. and it has a series of processes to go through before you get the discount.

Go here to Guide the Peloton team so that they can guide you through 

Do Peloton Referral Codes Expire?

No, they don’t however, there is a limit to the number of times you can use it per year which is 6.

Do Peloton Digital App Users Have A Referral Code?

You can’t get the peloton referral code via the app because it is only available for those who have purchased the Peloton bike or Tread and also have an active all-access membership.

How Long Does It Take To Get Peloton Referral Credit?

It could take 3-5 days as long as the purchase has been successfully verified by the peloton.


By now, you should have been well versed on the topic “How to Find my peloton Referral Code” If you want to get more referrals with easy you should focus more on helping people become, not only by talking the part alone, you also have to show people that you are getting fit too.

In addition to that, Do you know that sharing your workout session on your WhatsApp helps with getting referrals if you have a large contact list?

if you don’t have a large contact list you can share your WhatsApp status on Facebook or Instagram by checking here.

Over to you, have you ever had any success with referrals programs aside from peloton if yes, how did you go about it?

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