How to Fix Hisense TV Not Working

Hisense is known to be very cost-effective in the sense that it is generally known as a budget brand. The low price doesn’t mean the TVs will always have issues. One of the most popular sources of entertainment in homes is Smart TVs and it can be so frustrating if they suddenly stop working. Fix Hisense TV not working here.

Are you having issues with your Hisense TV, like it won’t just turn on? Then you are at the right place. A checklist has been created for you so that you can fix Hisense TV not working. Other TV brands share common problems with Hisense TV, so don’t because issues arise with your Hisense TVs disregard Hisense brands just because of its possible issues.

Fix Hisense TV Won’t Turn ON Issue

Follow the steps below carefully to solve the problem of your Hisense TV not working issue:

  • Ensure the power cable of your Hisense TV is perfectly connected to the wall socket. (Check that your wall outlet button isn’t Switched OFF)
  • Inspect if the button under your Hisense TV is ON/OFF. If TV is switched on, then the standby light of your TV will be ON.
  • If the standby light is on properly, then continue further with the steps to resolve the problem.
  • Remove all the TV power cables and wait for about 10 minutes before plugging it in again.
  • Connect your power cord into a wall socket and click on the switch button of your TV for a minute.

Fix Hisense TV not working

Check Your Smart TV Remote To Fix Hisense TV Not Working

Another way to resolve your Hisense TV not working issues is to check your smart TV remote. You can do this effectively and efficiently by following the steps below: 

  • First, check if there are batteries in the remote control (Ensure the batteries are still good and working).
  • Long-press on a chosen Channel and increase the volume by pressing on the Up button of the Volume option, and try to switch on your Hisense tv. The problem might get fixed.

If this doesn’t work, try connecting the TV to a different power source.

Reboot by Unplugging and Plugging Back the TV From the Power Source 

You can also try a rebook on your Hisense TV to fix the not working issue. By unplugging and plugging it back in after a minute, you would have done a reboot on your TV. The rebooting process will allow the TV to restart, just like a computer.

Check for Any Loose Power Cables

In case the problem remains, even after rebooting and checking your remote control, go ahead and see if there are any loose power cables, which may be responsible for this issue. Change any faulty power cable, as these are too dangerous to use and may cause greater havoc. If there are no faulty power cables, then the power supply of your TV has been damaged. The best option here is to consult a service center to resolve this problem.

Check your Wi-Fi Network

 A common problem among smart TVs is Wi-Fi connectivity, whether by Hisense or any other brand. When fixing connectivity problems, you need to identify if the problem lies in the TV or the Wi-Fi network.

  • First, connect other devices to the Wi-Fi and try to use it. In case you can’t connect to other devices, the problem is most definitely with the Wi-Fi.
  •  Attempt resetting the Wi-Fi router by switching it off and keeping it unconnected for a minute or two before connecting it back in. If connectivity is still an issue, then there’s a problem with your network provider.
  • Check if there are other devices besides your TV using Wi-Fi, consider disconnecting some or even all of them, as they might be taking over your Wi-Fi power.
  • If your TV can connect after disconnecting other devices, it only implies that your Wi-Fi network is highly congested.
  • Does your Wi-Fi router supports dual-band frequencies (i.e., 2.4 and 5 GHz), try to move your TV to the 5 GHz bandwidth to reduce the hogging on the network. 5 GHz frequency accommodates a wider space for network-heavy devices and applications, but the 2.4 GHz is best suitable for less intensive Internet usage.

Clear All Caches Of Your Hisense TV

Peradventure, your Hisense TV still can’t connect to Wi-Fi, try clearing all the caches of your Hisense TV, follow the steps below:

  • Select the Home key on the remote control and press Network.
  • Select Clear Internet Memory, this will help clear all the cache of your Hisense TV.
  • After clearing your cache, reboot your TV.
  • The reboot should allow you to connect to the Wi-Fi at this time.

If the above-mentioned steps do not work for you, we suggest you contact the Hisense Support team to fix it. But, if it worked share this with your family and friends too so there won’t be a stop to their entertainment journey. Check out other related posts from us here for the current tech content and How-To guides.

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