How to Fix Lenovo Tablet not Charging

It can be very annoying when you plug in your Lenovo tablet to power and it won’t charge especially when it’s almost off. Well, relax as this article will show you why and how to fix Lenovo tablet not charging issues.

You can fix this problem yourself without needing any professional help. The error message typically results from a bad battery, the charger, or the charging port.

These are the most common source of Lenovo tablets not charging issues.

Although, there are other possible causes, such as hardware malfunction, battery driver issues, and more.

So, here we will discuss how to fix your Lenovo tablet not charging and the precautionary measure to take when next it occurs.Lenovo tablet not charging

Why is my Lenovo Tablet Plugged in but not charging?

There are several reasons why your Lenovo tablet won’t charge, and they vary from minor to major causes. Ensure to check that your cable is working properly.

Also, make sure that the cable is well connected to the charger and the tablet. Check out the following that may be causing Lenovo tablet not charging issues:

  • Faulty charging port.
  • Faulty charging socket.
  • Damaged charger/cables/power.
  • Drained battery.
  • Defective Power Adapter or AC Adapter.
  • Irregular Voltage pulse.
  • BIOS Settings problems.
  • Motherboard Issues.
  • Faulty Hardware.

These are some of the common reasons why your Lenovo tablet is not charging. Since the possible problems are known, the next thing is to find solutions to fix the issue, continue reading!

How Long does it Take a Tablet to Fully Charge?

Typically, for a Lenovo tablet to fully charge, it requires about 7-8 hours. However, it depends on the current entering the tablet. If your tablet is connected to low current or voltage it may take more than 8 hours to be fully charged.

How do I know if my Tablet battery is bad?

You should stop using your phone immediately and take it someplace so a technician can have a look at it if you notice your phone bulging in the middle or getting excessively hot on or off the charger. 

How long does a Lenovo tablet battery charge last?

Your tablet may run for a solid five to six hours straight once it has been fully charged. However, if you have a bad habit of leaving every app open all the time, your battery life may suffer significantly. 

A typical tablet has a runtime of about 3 to 10 hours. Although, less-priced tablets require more charge than more expensive ones. The tablet may go a week or longer between charges if you only use it once or twice a day.

How to fix Lenovo Tablet not Charging

The problem of a Lenovo tablet not charging can be fixed in several ways, starting with the simplest ones like restarting the tablet, not using it while it is charging, and checking the charger, adapters, and cables.

More difficult fixes include changing the batteries or discharging the motherboard. Follow the steps below:

Power Reset and Restart the Tablet

Power resetting and restarting the tablet can help with the charging problem because it’s often the simplest fix that works best. Follow the steps below to power reset your Lenovo tab:

  • Turn off the tablet.
  • Disconnect the charger.
  • Detach the battery carefully.
  • Long-press on the power button for about 30 seconds.
  • Place the battery back and connect the charger.
  • Now, restart the computer.

If the method doesn’t work, don’t worry; proceed to the next fix below.

Update Battery Driver

The Lenovo tablet’s inability to charge could be caused by an outdated or missing battery driver. You must thus verify that your battery driver is up to date and upgrade it if necessary.

You can download and install the most recent version of your battery driver from the manufacturer’s website. Before downloading and installing a driver, you need to be aware of a few characteristics regarding your Lenovo tablet, such as the exact model number.

Wipe Cache Using Recovery Mode

On your Lenovo tablet running Android, you might try removing the partition cache to fix the battery problem. Battery charging may occasionally be hampered by the system cache. While in recovery mode, you can update the system cache by emptying the partition cache. Follow the steps listed below to remove the partition cache on a Lenovo tablet to complete the process:

  • Turn off the tablet.
  • Press and hold the volume up and power buttons at the same time.
  • Once you see the Android logo, stop clicking on the buttons because your system has now entered recovery mode.
  • The option to clear the cache partition will now be found using the volume down key.
  • Once the option appears, tap on the power button to select it.
  • Choose the OK option to verify deleting cache using the volume down key and then click on the power button to initiate the process.
  • Now, all the cache will be deleted by the system.
  • Using the power button to restart the tablet, select the reboot system now option.

Once the tablet restarts, verify to see if the Lenovo tablet not charging issue has been resolved. If none of the above methods works proceed to the next method.Lenovo tablet not charging

Replace the charger 

If your charging adaptor isn’t working properly, your tablet’s battery can periodically run out. Connect your charging cable to another adaptor to verify the charger is operating properly. If your tablet is charging normally, then it’s likely that your adapter is broken and needs a replacement.

Give recovery time to the battery

A battery may have been almost entirely discharged even though it appears to be dead. Or, to put it another way, the battery appears to be completely dead because it appears to have no charge left in it.

For a battery to be completely recharged from a deep drain state, the device must be turned off and left unplugged for at least two hours.

Check the battery release hatch

If the battery is not properly locked into the connectors, your Lenovo may not charge when plugged in. This is done to stop accidental battery discharge via a lock in the charging circuit.

Therefore, take a good look, secure the battery, and ascertain whether the issue is still present.

Connect the tab to power without a power surge protector

The main AC’s cyclical input may fluctuate due to surge protectors and other power conditioners, which could affect the charger. Connect the charger directly to the socket rather than trying to remedy the issue with an extension plug or surge protector. Make sure the outlet is connected to the DC port.Lenovo tablet not charging

Discharge the motherboard

It’s important to keep in mind that draining the motherboard will also cause the capacitors to lose power, reset the battery, and require a new calibration of the charger. The following steps will help you remove the motherboard from a Lenovo tablet:

  • Turn off the device and remove all external accessories.
  • Remove the battery and disconnect the AC adapter (In case your tablet has a non-removable battery, you can remove it with a paper clip).
  • Long-press on the Power button for about 20 to 30 seconds to release the laptop’s remaining charge.
  • Remove all accumulated dust by blowing compressed air into all of the tablet’s openings and ports.
  • Reconnect the AC adapter and restart the battery after the booting procedure has been completed.

If discharging the motherboard does not fix the Lenovo tablet not charging problem, then you can try the next fix below.

Turn off the battery life extender

To see if your tablet’s battery saver or battery life extender mode has fixed the Lenovo tablet not charging problem, you must turn it off. Power-saving settings can occasionally obstruct how your smartphone charges.

Check the state of External Hardware

As stated earlier, your Lenovo tablet may be unable to charge as a result of damaged sockets and ports, a broken charger, frayed charging cables, or a torn USB. If this applies to you, concentrate more on repairing or replacing them. Follow the steps below to do this:

  • If used for too long or are of poor quality, charging wires may get damaged or out of order.
  • Use the tablet’s original charging cable whenever possible.
  • Simply get a new power cable and try charging your tablet to fix the problem.
  • To fix the problem, you can use fresh power cords or AC adapters.
  • If the socket is damaged or there is poor contact, your tablet will not charge. If that’s the issue, try some other sockets and stop using them.
  • The charger itself could be broken or inoperable, use the USB port on the computer to try charging it in this situation.
  • Sometimes a charger won’t have enough power to charge a tablet if it isn’t the original or was made to charge cameras, phones, or other small devices.
  • You must swap it out for one that is better suited for charging tablets.
  • If the charging port is broken, you should try to fix it; if not, you will need to replace the complete device.

This should help fix the Lenovo tablet not charging issues. If not try the next solution below.

Replace the Tablet’s Battery

It’s time to get a new battery if the tablet’s current one is damaged and unable to function properly. Even though doing it manually is not too difficult, we nevertheless advise consulting a subject-matter expert.Lenovo tablet not charging

Update BIOS Settings

Simply update it if the BIOS settings are the problem. The procedure is fairly simple. Follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of the manufacturer.
  • Allow the computer to identify your Lenovo tablet.
  • Locate the BIOS by opening the Driver.
  • Observe the instructions that are shown to you on your screen.

Once you’re finished, test the device’s charging once more to check if it worked or not. 

Perform a Factory Reset

Although it could seem like a dangerous or desperate measure, we don’t believe that losing your data will be more worrying than losing your device. In any case, the data are at risk.

With that in mind, returning your tablet in functional condition is always preferable. The following is what you must do:

  • Locate your power key.
  • After finding it, simply press it down and while pressing it, ensure that you are also holding down the respective volume-up button simultaneously.
  • Wait and maintain the position until you see the system recovery menu.
  • Scroll across the list of options and select the one that talks about factory resetting your tablet.
  • Click on it and deal with the requisites.
  • Finally, try booting your device again and check if it works.

Factory resetting should work, but if it doesn’t, move to the next solution below.Lenovo tablet not charging

Contact customer service

When all attempts at resolving the Lenovo tablet not charging issue are unsuccessful, it is necessary to seek professional assistance by getting in touch with Lenovo’s customer support.

The team will walk you through additional troubleshooting techniques; if those fail, they will either send a qualified technician to your house to resolve the problem or ask you to go to a nearby Lenovo service centre.

If nothing works, you need to contact experts who can identify the problem and resolve it. You have one final choice if it doesn’t work before deciding that the tablet is broken and needs to be replaced because there is no opportunity to fix it.

Contact the Manufacturer

Contacting the support team of the manufacturer of your tablet, in this case, Lenovo will put the icing on the cake. If the gadget is still covered by its warranty, you are in luck because you may get it mended at a reasonable price.

When a business is trying to correct something that originated from under its control, there is no need in doubting its abilities. In many instances, it turned out to be a great deal to trust the producers. As a result, here is what you must do:

  • Open a web browser.
  • Visit Lenovo’s official website.
  • Get the contact information.
  • Describe your problem.
  • Wait for them until they find a solution.

Although battery-related issues are not typically a problem with Lenovo tablets, this is a common problem.

A tablet could malfunction for several reasons, ranging from the hardware that is installed to the tablet’s battery.

With these troubleshooting steps, we hope you’ve been able to resolve the Lenovo tablet not charging issue. Tell us in the comments which approach worked for you.

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