How to Fix LG Dryer D80 Error Code

There are three common error codes you would learn to deal with when you have the LG dryer. These codes include the D80, D90, and D95. The LG dryer D80 error code usually occurs when there is a problem with your dryer vent.

D80 LG dryer error code is basically caused by poor venting which can cause the dryer to shut down itself automatically. When you notice the LG dryer code D80, your LG dryer will shut down to prevent overheating and fire outbreaks. So, the D80 code on the LG dryer is a warning that there is poor venting on the device.

Meanwhile, when your LG dryer takes longer than expected to dry it can pop error code D80 on the dryer or D90 or D95 to call your attention to the dryer that it’s taking much longer to dry. So, you need to check your vent whether it’s not blocked.

Well, on a lighter note, we will consider how to fix the LG dryer D80 error code to prevent your dryer from damaging or causing an unforeseen fire outbreak.LG Dryer D80 D90 D95

What is LG Dryer D80 Error Code?

D80 error code on the LG dryer tells you that the dryer vent is either blocked or needs to be cleaned which could result in the dryer overheating which can lead to fire outbreaks. To control this, the LG dryer shut down automatically once the D80 error code appears.

In most cases, it’s believed that the LG dryer blockage is blocked at least up to 80% causing airflow problems.

And when the D80 error code appears on your dryer it tells you that the air exhaust cannot let all the airflow out of the dryer. Also, once the dryer lint is buildup, it can result in a D80 code LG dryer.

Causes of LG Dryer D80 Error Code

You won’t experience the D90 or D95 or D80 error code on your LG dryer when you buy it because you would have to check and confirm it’s working fine before you decide to take it away from the LG store where you bought it or the local store.

Note: Even if your LG dryer is new it can pop up the D80 error code. That is why you have to check whether it’s clear of either D90 or D95 or D80 error code from the store you are getting it from.LG Dryer D80

But because either internal or external factors cause the D80 error on the LG dryer, the causes can go beyond the vent blockage. Therefore, we will state some of the reasons why your LG dryer error code displays D80.

  • Your LG dryer breaker is tripped or the fuse is blown.
  • If your contractor 220 volt AC connection isn’t completed in your new installation it can result in the D80 error code on your LG dryer.
  • Energy Saver mode is deactivated in your LG dryer Cotton/Normal cycle.
  • Your LG dryer cannot detect your load moisture. This is usually caused by a small load size.
  • A dirty lint filter can cause the LG dryer D80 error code.

If your LG dryer is experiencing any of the following causes you’d likely encounter the D80 error code. You can also see the D90 or D95 error code in a like sum.

LG Dryer Models with D80/D90/D95

You will see LG dryer D80/90/95 if you are using any of the following LG dryer models.

  • DLE0442W
  • DLE2701V
  • DLE3777W
  • DLEX2801L
  • DLEX2801R
  • DLEX2801W
  • DLEX2901V
  • DLEX3001P
  • DLEX3001W
  • DLEX3360R
  • DLEX3360V
  • DLEX3360W
  • DLEX3470V
  • DLEX3470W
  • DLEX3550V
  • DLEX3550W
  • DLG5932S
  • DLG5988B
  • DLG5988S
  • DLG5988SM
  • DLG5988W

The troubleshooting we will discuss here will cover all the steps you need to take to fix error D80 in your LG dryer whose model is included in the list above.

D80 Vs. D90 Vs. D95

LG dryer error code D80/D90/D95 means that your dryer vent is blocked or the dryer airflow vent is blocked. However, the higher the “D” code the higher the level of the vent blockage. D80 is the minimum indication that your LG dryer vent airflow is blocked while D95 is the maximum. However, if not cleaned in time the LG dryer error code D80 or D90 or D95 can cause a fire outbreak that can lead to loss of properties.

How to Fix LG Dryer D80 Error Code

The following troubleshooting help to fix your D80 LG dryer code to avoid fire outbreaks and clear the error code on your dryer.

Clean your LG Dryer Lint Filter

If your LG dryer lint filter is full of clogs that could block the airflow the dryer can light up error code D80 if the clogs ain’t much. But if it’s much, the code can change from D80 to D95 and when there is absolutely no airflow from the dryer you will see D95.

So, when you noticed error D80/D90/D95 on your LG dryer check whether the lint needs to be cleaned. If it does, unscrew the lint, use a vacuum cleaner to extract all the clogs carefully, and do the major cleaning to remove all the clogs before you couple it.

Remove and Clean your Exhaust Hose

If your dryer exhaust hose is blocked it will block the dryer airflow therefore you need to check the exhaust hose and see if there is any blockage. To fix this you need to follow the steps below.

  • Disconnect the LG dryer from your wall socket or power source.
  • Remove the dryer hose. The hose is located at the back.
  • Insert your hose cleaner to remove all the debris or lint in the hose that is causing the blockage.
  • Reconnect the hose to the back of the dryer and screw the bolt or clip it as it were.
  • Connect the dryer to the power source and check whether the error code D80 has been fixed.

If the above didn’t help try the next troubleshooting.

Remove Wall Dock Blockage

If there is a wall duck blockage where you placed your LG dryer it can cause a blockage that will result in a D80 error code.

Remove Blockage from outside Vent

If your LG dryer hose isn’t blocked with debris or lint but outside of the vent is blocked it can lead to error D80 or D95 if the vent is blocked completely. So, do a manual check on the environment and remove all blockage blocking airflow from the dryer. If the blockage ain’t moveable then remove the dryer from the location and place it where there is no blockage.

LG dryer D80 error is a serious issue with the LG dryer that needed to be fixed. However, the above steps should come to your rescue to fix the error code. Meanwhile, after each of the troubleshooting endeavours restart your dryer to see if the error code has been fixed.

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