How to Fix LG Washer OE Code

Error codes on washers are warning signals that your washer displays to communicate with you. Each error code has a unique identification and must be known by the user.

You can either read more on washer error codes on our website or check your appliance owner’s manual to know more about each of these signals. Being able to identify these codes is the basis of the troubleshooting steps that you have to follow in other to fix them.

If you experience LG washer OE code, your appliance won’t work until the problem is resolved. If this issue does not get solved, you won’t be able to perform your house chores with the washer, therefore you have to follow the correct process when you are trying to fix this issue

OE error code shows that your LG washer is unable to drain the water it used during the wash cycle. An OE error can be triggered due to a kinked drain hose or a clogged drain pump filter.

However, here in this article, we would discuss the various step on how to solve the LG washer OE code error.

Why Is My Washing Machine Displaying OE?

The reason your LG washer is displaying an OE error code is that the washer is unable to let water out. This can be triggered by a kinked drain hose, a clogged drain pump filter, or a faulty door lock. Ensure you check each of these parts and replace them if found to be damaged.

LG Washer OE Code

How To Solve LG Washer OE Code

To fix the issue of the LG washer OE code error, make sure you follow each of the steps that are discussed below.

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Reset LG Washer

Generally resetting your LG washer often helps to clear error codes. The error code may be a temporary problem and after it has been resolved, you would need to reset your washer.

LG Washer OE Code Reset

Follow these steps to reset your LG washer to clear the OE code:

  • Press the power button to turn off the washer.
  • Unplug the washer from the power outlet or turn off the circuit breaker.
  • With the power disabled from the washer, press and hold down the start button for at least 5 seconds.
  • Plug power back in or turn the circuit breaker back on.
  • The error code should now be cleared.

Check For Kinked Hose

Carefully inspect the drain hose located behind your LG washer for kinks or clogs. Remove the hose to remove clogs that may block the flow of water.

Also if the hose is kinked or bent ensure you straighten the drain hose that may have interrupted the flow of water. Make sure you tighten the clips that may be holding the drain hose firmly to the washer.

Once all these have been corrected run a spin cycle to ensure that you have resolved the LG Washer OE Code error.

Follow these steps to run a spin cycle:

  • Press the power button to turn on your LG washer.
  • Click the Special Use key until spin only illuminates.
  • Now press the Start/Pause button to begin the spin cycle.
  • The washer should begin a spin-only cycle and attempt to drain any remaining water that is inside the washer.

In case your LG washer model does not have a spin-only cycle follow these processes:

  • Power your washer ON.
  • Select a Cycle.
  • Press the start/pause button to start the cycle.
  • Wait for a few minutes to allow the cycle to begin.
  • Press the Start/Pause button to pause the cycle.
  • Run an empty wash cycle to see if this issue will occur again.

Check Pump Filter

The pump filter protects the pump from lint or debris build-up and also ensures that your washer drains properly. If your LG washer OE code is displayed ensure you check the drain filter. A clogged pump filter would lead to draining issues.

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Follow these steps to clean the drain pump filter:

  • First, turn off your washer and drain the water that is left in the tub.
  • Locate the access panel.
  • Get a shallow pan and place it near the access panel to collect the water.
  • Open and remove the access panel by pulling the tab downward and out so that the drain hose and drain pump filter can be seen.
  • Now remove the drain hose and allow it to completely drain.
  • After the water in the drain hose has completely been drained,  firmly insert the drain hose into place.
  • Turn in a counter-clockwise direction to remove the drain pump filter. Get a rag to clean off the water that runs out.
  • Wash the drain pump thoroughly to remove lint and debris.
  • Once you are satisfied with the cleaning, turn the filter clockwise to insert back the fuel pump filter.
  • Reinsert and close the access panel.

Check The Drain Pump

The drain pump is a device that helps to remove waste water from your washer. The drain pump forces water from the bottom of your washer, into the drain hose. A faulty drain pump would lead to an LG washer OE code error display. Run a spin-only cycle to test the drain pump.

  • Press power to turn On the washer.
  • Press the Spin speed key until high is selected.
  • Press the Start/Pause button to start the spin-only cycle.
  • Now pay careful attention to the sound of the drain pump. If you hear a humming sound, it indicates that the drain pump has started working.
  • If the drain pump in your washer fails to make a humming sound then the drain pump is faulty and should be replaced.

LG Drain Pump Replacement

LG Drain Pump Replacement

Replacing your LG drain pump is quite easy when you have the necessary tool required to perform this job. You will need a Phillips screwdriver, a small flat-blade screwdriver,  a needle-nose plier, and a slip-joint plier.

Follow these steps to replace your LG washer drain pump:

  • To begin turn off the power from the washer.
  • Remove the washer’s top using the appropriate type of screwdriver
  • Remove the door, latch, tub gasket, and drain cover.
  • Disconnect the drain hoses and clip them from under the drain assembly.
  • Remove the screws and wires that attach the drain pump with the drain assembly.
  • Finally, install a new drain pump.
  • Reassemble the parts that were removed and ensure you replace all parts to their correct position.

Check Door Lock 

LG washers have safety locking features to prevent injuries during the washer cycle motion. If the door switch of your washer fails to properly lock or close this will prevent other parts of the washer from properly performing their duties.

The door lock or switch can be broken and the wires connecting the lock or switch to the control board can also be loose. In this case, ensure you replace the door lock or switch when it’s faulty or damaged.

In conclusion, resolving the LG washer OE code error is easy if it’s from a clogged or kinked drain hose. If you do not hear a humming sound from the drain pump ensure you have it tested with a multimeter and should be replaced if the multimeter device fails to read.

Also, ensure you clean the drain pump filter and properly check the door lock switch. If the door lock switch is defective, the washer would prevent other parts of the washer to operate.

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