How to Fix Samsung TV Won’t Connect to WiFi

Samsung TV won’t connect to WiFi is a problem you will sometimes run into if you own one of the smart TV. But, don’t panic we are here to help you with this.

It can be frustrating if your Samsung TV won’t connect to your WiFi. The implication is that you won’t be able to use your Samsung Smart TV smart hub. And chance is that you will encounter Samsung TV error code 107. So, if the issue you are dealing with in your Samsung smart TV is that your Samsung TV won’t connect to WiFi here is a guide for you.

Here in this article, we will focus on our mussels on how to identify and fix the network issue stopping your Samsung TV from connecting to your WiFi or router.

Samsung TV won’t connect to WiFi

Let’s briefly show you the various steps to fix issues with your Samsung TV wont connecting to Wifi.

Run a Network Status Test

The first step to take is to run a network status test. It’s quite simple as this would tell you if there is a problem with your TV.

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select General
  • Choose Network
  • Click on Network Status
  • Then runs the test.

Through the network status screen, you can see the connection status of your Samsung TV, router, or Wifi, and the Internet connection.

If your Samsung Tv and router are both connected, then ensure that the cables that are connected to the router are properly connected.

Then unplug the router from a source of power, wait for a minute, and then re-connect the router with your Samsung TV.

If this doesn’t fix the issue then try to connect the router with another device. If it works perfectly fine with the other device then there is a problem with your Samsung Tv while if it doesn’t work fine then there is a problem with the router.

However, you need to know that if the router is not connecting to the internet then it could be a problem with your internet service provider. Ensure to contact the Internet provider that you are using.

Check Network Settings

Sometimes your network settings might prevent your Samsung TV from connecting to your wifi. If changes were made to the settings on your router after your Samsung TV was previously connected to your network. Then you will need to check these settings and make sure you restore it to the original or default settings.

Check your Network Signal Strength

Simply check the signal bars of your network, if it has 1 or 2 bars, then the signal might be too weak for your Samsung TV to successfully connect to the internet connection.

Samsung TV Won't Connect to WiFi

Reset Network on Your Samsung TV

If the need be, you will want to reset your Samsung TV to resolve the issue affecting the TV and your WiFi/router. However, while we are 90% sure that resetting your Samsung smart TV will fix the issue with Samsung TV won’t connect to WiFi, the process will wipe away your personal network settings.

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose General
  • Click on Network
  • Select Reset Network.
  • Now reset the network, and connect again.

Power Cycle Your Network Device

The process of power cycling your TV is quite simple but we don’t do it often. So, here we will walk you through the steps to power cycle your Samsung smart TV in under 30 seconds.

To power cycle your Device:

  • Unplug your network device e.g. router, modem, portable wife device, etc.), from your Samsung TV.
  • Allow your network device to finish booting, then plug back the network device.
  • Power back on your device
  • Reboot your Samsung TV.
  • Then re-connect your Samsung TV to the network.

Reduce the Number of Connected Devices on Your Network

Reducing the number of connected devices on your network would help you solve the issue of Samsung TV won’t connect to Wifi. The more devices that are connected to a single wifi network, then the weaker the network signal will become. e.g if you have 2 phones, 3 tablets, 1 computer, and one Xbox system, that are connected on a single wifi network then the signal could become very weak. Also, other devices that are trying to connect with such wifi will find it very hard to connect with.

In such situations, you need to check the internet bandwidth of your device. Your internet bandwidth might not be high enough to support the number of devices you are trying to use at once. Therefore you should try to disconnect all other wifi devices from such network, then re-connect your Samsung TV. You must upgrade your router or connect fewer devices.

Update your Samsung TV Firmware

Since your Samsung TV won’t connect to Wifi, another option we have is to update your Samsung TV Firmware by using a USB drive. Meanwhile, if you have an alternative router you can use it to connect your TV to the internet.

  • Navigate to the Samsung download centre on your TV, then download the latest firmware for your Samsung TV.
  • Extract all of the files to the root of a USB thumb drive.
  • Insert the USB thumb drive into a USB port on your TV.
  • Press Home on the TV remote and navigate to Settings > Support > Software Update.
  • Start the software update on your Samsung TV
  • Wait for the TV to reboot and come back on before removing the USB.

Set a Manual DNS Server

Setting a manual DNS server instead of using the automatic DNS by your network can help you resolve issues with your Samsung TV if it won’t connect to the WiFi.

To set a manual DNS server on your Samsung TV, take the following steps:

Navigate to Settings > General > Network > Network Status, then select select IP Settings.

  • Navigate to and select DNS Setting > Enter Manually.
  • Navigate to and select DNS Server.
  • Enter and then try connecting again.
  • However if your remote does not have numbers on it, select each 8 with the number that appears at the bottom of the screen, and then select the arrow after. When it is complete, select Done on the number selector. If the number selector disappears, selecting DNS Server again, to make it re-appear.

Connect Other Devices on Your Network

Ensure to check if your internet network is properly working on other devices when they are connected to the same network as your Samsung TV. Then if the other devices connected to your network can access the internet. Make sure you contact your internet service provider about the service interruption.

Connect Your Samsung TV to a different Network

You should also try to connect your Samsung TV  to a different network such as a mobile device with hotspot functionality. Create a network on it and try to connect your Samsung TV to the hotspot. Try to connect your Samsung Tv to other available networks.

If your Samsung Tv can connect with another network, then service is not required, and the issue is with your network. You should contact your service provider or manufacturer.

Reset Your Samsung TV

This is probably the last step you want to take as this will wipe your TV clean and restore it to the default without your personal configuration. Therefore, before you proceed with this step, be sure that you know what you are doing.

  • Navigate to Settings, then select General, and then select Reset.
  • Enter your PIN, the default pin is 0000.
  • Once reset is completed, try to re-connect your Samsung TV.

There are two ways you can connect your Samsung smart TV to the Internet, wireless and wired connections. After you have performed a factory reset on your Samsung TV, then you need to connect your TV again to the Internet.

  • Click the HOME button on your Samsung TV remote control.
  • Navigate to Settings and select it with your remote control.
  • Select Network or General depending on the model
  • Select Open Network Settings.
  • Then choose between a wireless or wired connection as suitable. If you choose a wired connection, then it will be connected to the Internet. If you choose a wireless connection, then select the network that you want to connect to.

However, we would discuss below some extra tips, when you are faced with issues with the Internet connection. As this will help you fix the Internet connection issues apart from running a network status test.

  • If you are connecting through a wireless connection, the distance between the modem or router and your Samsung TV should be within 15.2 m, and ensure that there is no obstacle between them. If the distance is more than 15.2 m or if there are obstacles in the middle, then a wireless booster is required.
  • Check the IP settings of your Samsung Tv. Navigate to Settings > Network > Network Settings > IP Settings.
  • Check for a Software Update on Your Samsung TV. Navigate to Settings > Support > Software update > Update Now.
  • Try the self-diagnosis feature of your Samsung TV. Go to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis.

In conclusion, if your Samsung TV was previously connected to your network and it lost connection after you made some changes to the settings on your router. Then the changes to your settings might be the cause of Samsung TV won’t connect to Wifi and the settings should be changed back.

Also, make sure you have a strong internet connection and your router or modem is switched on. And after each step that we listed above, check if your Samsung TV can connect to Wifi.

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