How to Fix Zosi View Cameras Offline Error

If you are battling how to fix the Zosi view cameras offline, this article will help you with the steps you need to take to resolve Zosi cannot connect to the network to resolve the Zosi cameras views offline error.

Mostly, when your Zosi cameras display the camera offline error message, it may occur due to various reasons, which include the Zosi view login failed or the Zosi app network error.

Whatever the reason your Zosi cameras show Zosi view cameras offline, this article will guide you with the steps to help you restore view to your Zosi camera.

What is Zosi View Cameras Offline

The Zosi view cameras offline occur when your Zosi cameras cannot connect to the internet, or your Zosi login failed. So, if you are having a network connection issue with your Zosi camera or your login username and password doesn’t match the Zosi database.

However, to continue using the Zosi camera, you need to fix the Zosi view cameras offline. Therefore, this article will resolve the Zosi cameras view error message and restore service to the security camera.How to Fix Zosi View Cameras Offline Error

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Check your Zosi Camera Network

Before we proceed with the troubleshooting steps, you need to check the network that your Zosi camera is connected to. Therefore, we will walk you through the steps to check the network your device is connected to.

  • Sign in to your Zosi admin page.
  • While you are in the DVR, you want to select the “Main Menu.”
  • Select “Information >> Network.”
  • Check “Network Status” and ensure it’s connected.

If the network status isn’t connected, you will experience a connection failed, and your Zosi cameras will run into Zosi view cameras offline.

How to Fix Zosi View Cameras Offline

We will discuss all the different methods to fix the Zosi view Cameras offline in the aspect. Meanwhile, since there are many approaches to clear the cameras offline message on the Zosi security camera, we will discuss all the methods.

On the other hand, ensure to attempt all the suggestions to find out what works for you.

How to Fix Zosi Cannot Connect to Network

You will probably run into Zosi view cameras offline if your Zosi camera cannot connect to the network. So, you need to tackle the Zosi cannot connect to network first to ensure that the problem isn’t caused by your network. 

To check and troubleshoot your Zosi network, check out the information below.

  • Right-click on your mouse.
  • Select the Zosi NVR’s menu.
  • Scroll to and select “System Setup.”
  • Select the “Network Setup” option.
  • Tick the “DHCP” box.
  • Click “Apply.”
  • Click “Save” to save changes.

Wait for a few minutes for the Zosi NVR camera to confirm your network status. Once your Zosi is connected to your network, the Zosi view cameras offline will disappear, and your device will be connected to the internet shows Zosi view cameras online.

How to Fix Zosi View Login Failed

If you enter the incorrect password while logging into your Zosi account, you will end up with a Zosi view login failed. Therefore, we will consider how to reset your Zosi password in this section.

Note: Zosi smart and DVR/NVR system account/password are different.

  • Go to the Zosi login webpage.
  • Enter a random password. A popup with an incorrect username/password will appear.
  • Click “OK” from the popup.
  • Choose “Yes” when you see “restore default user. Are you sure to continue.?
  • You will be redirected to the Zosi password reset page.
  • Type your username if you have changed it from the default and type your new password [without bothering about the old password].
  • Click “OK” and “OK” to save changes.

Now, go to your Zosi login page and enter the new password to verify whether the Zosi view login failed is fixed.

Zosi Network Setup 

If your Zosi network setup is incorrect, your Zosi camera will find it difficult to access the internet, and it will return Zosi view cameras offline in no time.

  • Sign in to your Zosi DVR admin using your username and password.
  • Go to “Setup >> Network.”
  • Tick the box in “Obtain an IP address automatically.”
  • Select “Test.”
  • Select “Apply” >> “Exit.”
  • Select “Basic” under “Setup.”
  • Select “Network.”
  • Scroll to “Cloud Server Status” and ensure it shows “Connected.”

Since we opted in to obtain an IP address automatically, the Zosi server will obtain the correct IP address parameter to ensure that the Zosi camera is connected to the internet.

There are other troubleshooting tips to fix your Zosi view cameras offline error to ensure that the Zosi view cameras are connected to the internet and are accessible everywhere.

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