Can I Get TikTok Coins for Free?

TikTok so far has become very popular among the younger generation and we have much more young generations flocking on to the app every day. If you are however new to the app and seeking ways to get free TikTok coins, this is for you.

Take note that this article will not show you hacks to generate free TikTok coins or a website that would grant you free TikTok coins. This article would explain legitimate ways to earn free TikTok coins. Most of these get quick free TikTok coins hacks don’t usually work out in the end so it’s best to stay away from them.

free tiktok coins

What are TikTok coins?

TikTok coins is the official virtual currency used within the popular social media platform TikTok. These coins shouldn’t be mistaken as cryptocurrency as they cannot be mined or used for online trading. there are created by TikTok owners and can only be used within the app for specified purposes.

With TikTok coins, you can buy emojis and Diamonds to share with someone in order to show gratitude, appreciation, or support for their work or just to say thank you. This makes people feel cherished and loved for what they do and it is also a great way to make money for yourself from what you do.

Just like it’s done on Twitch, you simply buy gifts of varying values to tip streamers depending on how much you enjoyed their performance. The more tips you give, the more the streamer recognizes you. You are more likely to get a shoutout when a streamer recognizes your activity. 

How do you purchase TikTok coins?

To Purchase TikTok coins, you need to have a Google Pay or Apple Pay account as this is the recommended medium which you can trade on TikTok. To buy TikTok coins follow these steps

  1. Open TikTok using your Smartphone and click on the “Me” icon in the lower menu screen.
  2. Click on the three dots you find on the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on Balance and click on Recharge.
  4. You would see a list of Tiktok coins you can buy and the price next to them.
  5. Click on the price you wish to buy.
  6. The TikTok app would redirect you to your Google Pay or Apple Pay interface. You would be required to pay using one or both methods depending on your device.
  7. Enter the necessary details if needed and confirm the purchase.
  8. You would get a notification within the app upon successful purchase.
  9. In a matter of seconds, the purchase should reflect on the current number of coins you would find on your account.

Ways to Get Free TikTok Coins

The most logical way to get free TikTok coins is simply by growing your follower base. The trick is to get your followers to 1000+ so that TikTok can allow you to broadcast live.

Live broadcast gives you the opportunity to have fans and followers send you gifts, emotes, and emoticons which you can turn into diamonds and get real money from it.

Growing your follower base increases your chances of getting much more gifts. The more followers watching you live, the more likely you are to get much more gifts. Quality, educative, interactive, engaging, and entertaining contents get more traction from TikTok followers. Consistency is however a key player in this.

Building an audience also requires you to have a having a certain pitch and tone your audience knows your page for in the niche you choose. Being charismatic and sincere greatly boosts the likelihood of you getting free TikTok coins from your followers.

Can I Generate Free TikTok coins using Hacks?

There is no official website that has the authority to give TikTok users coins for free. For this reason, there are no valid ways to get free TikTok coins on the TikTok app or any other third-party app. Tik Tok coins have to be bought with real money in order to be used.

TikTok has been and will continue to shut down accounts that are suspected to gain TikTok coins in illegal ways. Several websites and anonymous identities offer free coins just to lure users to traps that might cost them their real-life money, their accounts, their personal data, or credit card details.

Except TikTok is hacked, there is virtually no way a third party would grant your account free coins. If that happens, you could get banned from TikTok for a very long time. Free TikTok coins generator apps should be avoided if you can.

TikTok has grown wide lately and its users are growing by number with 800 million active users. Live streams are now a way TikTok users earn free TikTok coins and make money.

You can only receive gifts during a live stream. You need to have at least 1000 followers to start a live stream on TikTok. It’s your best bet to earn free TikTok coins, other hacks don’t work. You may also want to check out how TikTok pays creators.

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