How to Hard Reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600

The Turtle Beach company is well-known for its wide range of high-quality headsets which are sold at affordable prices depending on your budget. However, as superb as these headsets are, they still develop some unknown glitches that may require you to hard reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600. 

Since all gadgets have the capability and capacity to stop working or malfunction, one of the common issues most users of Turtle Beach Stealth 600 encounter is that they are not able to turn on their devices.  

One of the more common issues people have with Turtle Beach headsets is that sometimes they refuse to turn on. Even though, there are several types of Turtle Beach headsets with different functions. 

There are many types of Turtle Beach headsets, all with different functions. In case you need to change a setting on your headset itself, you can do it easily. However, if you are unable to change the Settings, you can always open up the Xbox guide menu, scroll to Settings, and then adjust the headset volume and chat mixer to your liking.

There are several issues that your Turtle Beach Stealth 600 may develop in the course of using it that may want you to hard reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600. Read on to figure out the reasons your Turtle Beach Stealth 600 needs a hard reset and how to go about the hard reset process.Hard Reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Why do you need to Hard Reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600?

Here are several reasons why you need to hard reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600 and the several troubleshooting steps you can take before you perform a hard reset or get a new pair of headsets. 

You may have a low Battery: Although this sound absurd, you need to pop the set on the charger to check if the battery is dead or too low to power it on. You may want to charge it for a minimum of 30 minutes before you turn it back on to ensure that the battery has enough charge to make it through the startup sequence. 

If the LED indicator remains red and doesn’t change color even after charging the headset for long hours, you can proceed to the next troubleshooting process.

Faulty Charging Cable: The next possible reason why your Turtle Beach Stealth 600 won’t work or charge is that you usually charge the headset while connecting it to your computer. You can begin by trying the USB cable you are using with your headphones on another device to see if they will connect. Once the USB cable works as it should with a different device, you can proceed to the next fix.

However, if the USB cable doesn’t work as expected with a different device, change the USB cable and check if that fixes the issue. In case it doesn’t, then your headphones’ internal components may be faulty.Hard Reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Failed AC Adapter: Do your headphones use a wall adapter for charging? If yes, you need to check whether your wall adapter has failed. You can do this by testing a second cable with the AC adapter to ensure it’s not the cable, then using a different AC adapter if changing the line doesn’t work.

Most Turtle Beach headsets have the feature to use the adapter to charge your cellphone. However, if you are a hardcore USB-C user, this may not be feasible since Turtle Beach headphones use MicroUSB connectivity. Although the latest Turtle Beach headsets make use of the USB-C input.

Simple Software Glitch: Your headphones run native software that tells them what to do and how to connect with you and other electrical devices. This software is referred to as firmware since it’s neither software nor hardware; it is just found somewhere in between and can sometimes crash or end up with an internal glitch.

Once you encounter a simple Software glitch, you may need to reset your headphones to clear up the glitch. Severe disputes, errors, and malfunctions will not clear after a soft reset (that is turning it off and on again.) Therefore, if your headphones won’t still work after this, you may need to hard reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600 or call for a repair service by professionals to check your headphones.Hard Reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600

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How to Hard Reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600

The steps involved in hard resetting Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is quite straightforward. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Long-press on the Connect and Mode buttons for at least 20 seconds (Note that this is a very long press, ensure you don’t release the buttons too early, if not the reset process will be canceled). 
  • The headset will turn off completely and you can proceed to the reset stage.
  • Wait for about 1 or 2 minutes to allow the headset to perform the reset.
  • Now, re-pair the headset with the source device.
  • If the headset doesn’t respond, charge, or power on, then you might need to call in a professional to look into it or replace the headset completely.

That’s it! This is how to hard reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600 without any hassle.

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Hard Reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Can’t Hard Reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600? Try these Fixes!

In case your Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset turns on but won’t connect to your output device, the issue is likely due to a connection fault between the headset and the output device.

This could be a result of a software glitch, or the connectivity device has failed or been damaged. In this situation, you may need to reset the output device. If you have a console, you can reset the console.

However, if your headset is connected to a PC, then you will need to begin by turning your PC off and then on again. If your PC has an internal Bluetooth chip, you can turn off the Bluetooth chip and turn it back on in the same window.

If your headset still won’t pair with your output device even after resetting it, then you can try pairing with it another device and check if the output device is malfunctioning. In addition, you can try pairing your headset with another output device if feasible and check if it’s the two items that are malfunctioning.

Even though a good headset is an essential device one should have, it makes sense that you try and troubleshoot a faulty Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset rather than buy a new one. 

Peradventure, if you have tried all the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, then you may probably get a new headset. Since Turtle Beach offers warranties, your headset may still be under contract. You should be able to get a new set from Turtle Beach without too much hassle!

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