How To Open a Blink Camera

You would be required to enter your device serial number in the blink app whenever you want to open it. The batteries and a QR code represent your device serial number and they can be found inside the case of your Blink doorbell.

So, if you want to learn how to open a blink camera just follow the steps in this article. When you want to add your Blink camera to the Blink app on your mobile device or if you would like to change the batteries of your Blink camera just follow us as we proceed.

Here in this article, we would guide you on how to open a blink camera to access your device serial number or scan your QR code and replace the batteries of your Blink camera.

how to open a blink camera

How To Open a Blink Camera

There are different types of Blink cameras and we would take a look at each of these blink cameras.

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Blink Video Doorbell

The Blink video doorbell uses two, size AA Lithium non-rechargeable batteries and can be found inside the case of your Blink doorbell with the serial number and QR code.

Follow these steps to open your Blink video doorbell: 

  • Disconnect the power supply, if you have a wired installation, to prevent electrical shock.
  • Make use of the opening key that came taped to the paper template in the product box, to remove the doorbell from its back plate.
  • If your Blink video doorbell is designed with an open battery compartment, you can open the latch by pulling the key a bit towards you.
  • Once it has been released slide the doorbell up while you turn it away from the back plate.
  • You will find the QR code and Serial Number inside the battery case, while you can replace the battery with new batteries. Ensure you keep the weather-protective battery cover safe when replacing the batteries.
  • Press the grey release button then lift the door, to open the battery cover.
  • Insert tabs of the door into the slots near the terminal screws, to replace the battery cover.
  • Close the door and press till it clicks to confirm it is secure, to close the battery cover.

Follow these steps to reconnect the back plate of your Blink video doorbell: 

  • Ensure the battery cover of your Blink video doorbell is secured before you reconnect the back plate.
  • Now align the top of the doorbell with the back plate from the top so that the hook is set then firmly press the bottom of the doorbell against the back plate until you can feel or hear a click sound.
  • If your doorbell has an open battery compartment, use a two-step motion to line up the pins. Now firmly press the doorbell against the back plate, and push down the line up to the bottom edges. When the doorbell is secure, you would feel a slight click.

Outdoor and Indoor (gen 2) Cameras

If you want to replace the batteries or would like to add your Outdoor and Indoor (gen 2) cameras to a system. You can find the serial number or batteries inside the back cover.

First, ensure you remove your outdoor and indoor (gen 2) cameras from the mount before removing the back cover.

Your camera has a silicone disc that covers the screw which secures the back cover. Remove and keep the silicone protective cover from the fastening screw, if it is present in your camera.

Step 1: 

  • Now, use the opening tool, to turn the screw in an anti-clockwise direction till it freely spins.
  • Hold the camera on its side and apply some side pressure on the opening tool to allow the cover to come off.

Step 2:

  • Turn the opening tool around, then insert the mounting end into the back cover of the camera.
  • When the mount is secured and the two are attached. Now gently pull the opening tool so that the back cover of the camera comes off.

To reconnect the back cover to the camera:

  • Align the back cover with the camera.
  • Place the back cover against the camera.
  • Now turn the screw clockwise until it is secured, and ensure you do not over-tighten the screws.

Blink XT Camera

If you would like to open your Blink XT camera, ensure you follow these steps:

How to Open Blink xt2 Camera

  • Hold the camera in such a way that its back faces you.
  • You will see a grey switch with an arrow that faces towards the bottom of the camera. Now use your finger to slide and hold the grey switch in the arrow direction.
  • While holding and sliding the grey switch, pull up the battery cover using your thumb. Although this action may need some force because the camera is airtight.
  • Now lift the battery cover off from the camera.
  • You can now see the serial number and insert new batteries.

How to Attach Blink Camera to Mount

How to Attach Blink Camera to Mount

The Blink outdoor and indoor (gen 2) cameras do come along with an opening tool, a cone-shaped camera mount, and mounting screws. You can go to if you need to purchase an extra mount and accessories.

First, determine the best location to place your camera and secure the mount to a surface. If appropriate you may have to use the mounting screws to securely hold the mount.

To horizontally mount your blink camera follow these steps:

  • Snap the opening tool into the opening on the back of the camera. If the silicon disc is present, ensure you remove it so you can easily access the mount opening.
  • Now press the connecting point of the camera mount into the opening tool. Once it has been attached usefully now use the screw to secure the mount.

 Follow these steps to Vertical Mount your blink camera:

  • To vertically mount your Blink camera, snap the camera opening directly onto the mount.
  • After you have mounted your camera, go to the blink app, create a thumbnail or enter live view, to check the camera view, you can adjust the camera if you are not satisfied with the view.

Do Blink Cameras Have Batteries

Do Blink Cameras Have Batteries

The Blink video doorbell, outdoor and indoor (gen 2), and XT2 cameras use size AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries, but the Blink Mini does not use batteries.

The several factors that can affect battery life include slow internet connection speeds, extreme heat and cold, weak signal strengths between Blink devices, and Wi-Fi network, and Using Alkaline or rechargeable Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, or Ni-MH batteries which do not provide sufficient current for Blink devices.

How Do I Reset My Blink Camera

Your Blink device has a reset button on the bottom side of the camera and you may need to reset your device for some reason.

You would need to use the reset button if your camera is not connected to the internet, when you add it to an existing or new Blink system or when you move your camera to a new location.

For the best result, you can perform a reset before and while the Mini is plugged in. You can insert a paper clip or small screwdriver to press the reset button on your Blink Mini camera.

Follow these steps to reset your Blink camera when it displays a red light: 

  • To reset your Blink camera press the reset button for at least 5 seconds.
  • A red and blue light will flash rapidly, then release the reset button.
  • A blue light will blink slowly to show your camera is now ready.

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