How to Play Lewdle Words Game

Lewdle words game is a rude word game that can be offensive or vulgar depending on your person. After all, it’s a word-guessing game in the long run. However, each Lewdle word has a unique positioning and changes every day.

The Lewdle words game consists of different puzzles users need to solve daily. One of the most interesting Lewdle game words is the Lewdle answer on March 28th.

So, here, I will help you understand the Lewdle words game and how you can guess the puzzle game word correctly.

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What is Lewdle Game?

Lewdle is a puzzle or word guessing game where you have to think of what a word is knowing the puzzle Lewdle word. However, most words you spell on Lewdle can be offensive. So, there is no commitment when you want to play the Lewdle words game. You can also stop playing the game if the Lewdle word today isn’t good for your person.

Lewdle Word Game Tips

You need to understand the basic Lewldle game basic tips so you won’t waste your chance of guessing the right word and at the same time jeopardising your Luwdle score.

Ghost Guesses

Lewdle word has a unique feature called the “Ghost Guesses.” The ghost guesses offer a unique feature that allows users to guess five letters that are unique in a six-letter Lewdle puzzle. That, if the Lewdle word is six letters, using the ghost guesses you will be able to ghost-guess five out of the six letters. This can have a negative effect on the Lewdleness score but to the minimum level.

Just the Tip

Just the tip is another Lewdle word game tip you need to know and understand how it works and how it can help you guess the right Lewdle word. Meanwhile, it has a negative effect as it will affect your Lewdleness score.

Just the tip on Lwedle game reveals one letter out of the Lewdle word letter that you need to guess and the letter positioning can be different for different users. But the best way to start learning how to play the Lewdle game is via the game just the tip bulb icon.

Lewdle Words Sheltered Mode

The Lewdle word sheltered mode is different from the first tips above. However, the option is turned off by default. So, to use this mode you need to turn it on manually.

The Lewdle sheltered mode allows the player to the Lewdle game without using the Lewdle words dictionary. So, if the Lewd sheltered mode is enabled you will be able to guess words that are not in the Lewd dictionary.

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How to Play Lewdle Words Game

First, the Lewdle word game is a guessing game where you only know the Lewdle word and other letters are to be added to the Lewdle word. However, below are the steps to take to play the Lewdle game.

  • Go to the Lewdle game’s official website at
  • You will see a 6*6 table and Lewdle keyboard on your screen.
  • Click on the “bulb” icon on the navigation to reveal a single letter on the Lewdle words for today.
  • Once the letter comes up, you will need to start guessing the letter.

Note: Using the bulb icon to reveal the Lewdle letter can be used once per user per day. And can have a negative effect on your Lewdleness score.

  • Click the “Enter” button once you have entered the correct Lewdle word.

How to Enable Lewdle Sheltered Mode

Following the explanation of Lewd sheltered mode above you can follow the steps below to turn on the option while playing the Lwedle game.

  • Go to the Lewdle words game website.
  • Click on the first icon that looks like a house on the navigation.
  • Toggle on the “Sheltered Mode” from “Off” to “On

Lewdle words today Sheltered Mode

With the featured turned on you can play the Lewdle words puzzle game guessing words that are not in the lewd dictionary.

Is the Lewdle Word Today is Correct

Lewdle has a unique way to identify where the word you guessed is the correct Lewdle word today. The word is not going to be revealed for the day until the following day.

Hiw to Play Lewdle Word Game

However, to know whether your guessed word is correct the correct letters’ colour will be different from the letters that are not in the Lewdle word today. But, if the letter is wrongly placed the colour will be deep yellow. And if the positioning of the letter is correct it will show light green.

What is Lewdle Word Today?

Lewdle words change every day. The word for today is different from the word for yesterday. However, the Lewdle word for today is FACIAL. Using the bulb icon on Lwedle will reveal one of the letters. Now, you have between 21:00 PT / 00:00 ET / 05:00 BST to enter the Lewdle word’s today before the puzzle is reset.

A question !!!

Is the Lewdle word today correct? If no, please leave the correct word in the comment section for others to benefit from it.

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