How to Save Videos from Facebook

Did you stumble on an interesting or inspiring video and you would love to watch it again and you are wondering how to save videos from Facebook? You are just in the right place as we are going to walk you through the simple process involved.

You can save a video from Facebook to your phone or computer by downloading it. You may easily share it this way without having to navigate via your newsfeed. Here’s how to save videos from Facebook to your Windows or Mac computer, iPhone, or Android smartphone.

You can download a video from Facebook if it is set to public. Users of Windows, Mac, and Android can just copy and paste the video URL, however, iPhone users must utilize third-sites like to download and save the Facebook video on their device.

This post will show you how to download any video from Facebook and watch it on your device whenever you want, even if you don’t have internet access. These guidelines are compatible with both a computer and a smart phone.How to save Videos from Facebook

How to Save Videos to watch later on Facebook

In case you don’t want to download or save a Facebook video on your smart devices because of insufficient space, you can always save the videos on Facebook to watch later. This is similar to “bookmarking” a video.

To save a Facebook video and watch it later kindly follow the steps below.

  • Locate a video that you’d like to keep for later.
  • In the top right corner of the video post, click or tap the More symbol, which is three horizontal dots.
  • Click or tap Save video.
  • When you wish to watch the video again, all of your saved videos will be in one spot.
  • On a computer, in the top menu, select Watch (the icon that looks like a computer monitor with a play button at the centre). Then, choose Saved Videos.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines (sometimes known as a “hamburger menu”) on your phone, then click on Saved.

This is all about how to save videos to watch later on Facebook.How to save Videos from Facebook

How to Save Videos from Facebook to Your iPhone

The regular Facebook app does not allow you to save videos to your phone, but there are a variety of third-party apps that allow you to save videos directly to your phone’s Camera Roll.

Friendly Social Browser is an app that works particularly well for both Android and iPhone users.

Follow the steps below to save videos from Facebook to your iPhone:

  • Download and install Friendly Social Browser.
  • Tap Facebook, as this will also make Facebook the app’s default profile in the future.
  • Sign in to Facebook with your regular Facebook credentials.
  • Once logged in, you may use Friendly Social Browser instead of the official Facebook app, it will look and behave similarly to the app you are used to.
  • Tap the cloud-shaped download button in the lower right corner of the video post if you are using an iPhone.
  • It should be noted that for some videos, you may need to start playing the video before seeing the download button.
  • Select the Download icon next to the Video selection.
  • Choose between saving to Photos and saving to Files.

You may need to allow the app access to your iPhone’s photo gallery and storage media.How to save Videos from Facebook

How to Save Videos from Facebook to your Android Phone

To download a video from Facebook, follow the simple steps below:

  • On your Android device, launch the Facebook app. If you haven’t already, you will need to sign in to your account.
  • Locate the video you wish to save.
  • Then, above the video, press the three-dot icon.
  • From the option that displays, pick Copy Link.
  • Open your device’s browser app and paste the link into the address bar.
  • This is done by pressing the address bar and selecting Paste.
  • In the URL, replace www with mbasic. As a result, the URL should begin with
  • Then, using the on-screen keypad, press Go.
  • Tap on the video. You may need to log in to your Facebook account again at this time.
  • Then, on the following page, tap and hold the video. There will be a pop-up menu.
  • Select Download video.
  • Chrome may need to access your photos, media, and files.
  • Continue by clicking Allow.
  • Once the download is complete, click Open to watch the video. This will be seen at the bottom of your screen.

Go to your home screen’s Files app, then press on Downloads to find your downloaded video. Your most recent video download should be at the top of the list.How to save Videos from Facebook

How to Save Videos from Facebook on Your Computer

Follow the steps below to download and save your favourite Facebook videos on your computer.

  • Open your desktop browser and navigate to the Facebook website (opens in a new tab) to locate the video you wish to download.
  • Select Share and then Copy the link.
  • Copy this link and paste it into a new browser tab.
  • It might be reduced to a “” link. If this is the case, click on Enter to expand it, and you should be left with a full URL beginning with
  • Change the URL in the address box from “www.” to “mbasic.” and click on Enter.
  • Now, you will see an unappealing mobile view. Press the play button to begin viewing the video.
  • It should launch a new tab. If not, right-click the video and select Open in a New Tab.
  • Select Save Video As from the context menu after right-clicking on the video.
  • Save the video to a location in your file explorer.

Now, you can go ahead to enjoy any video of choice that you want to watch again on your Android, iPhone or Mac devices.

Save Facebook Videos using is a standalone website to save and download videos online. So, here I’d show you how to use the website to download and save Facebook videos on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices.

  • Go to the Facebook video section either on your Android/iOS/Windows/Mac.
  • Play the video and copy the video URL.
  • Open a new tab on your phone or PC and go to Savetik MP4.
  • Paste the “Video URL” and click on the “Download” button.
  • Click on the “Download” button.
  • Done.

The video will be downloaded and saved into your device storage.

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