How to Schedule Messages on Google Messages

How to Schedule Messages on Google Messages has been explained in this article with steps to help you understand it with ease, and start using it ASAP.

If you have the capability, you can press and hold the Send key to set the date and time. Google provides presets. However, you can assign a custom schedule to messages if you have a specific time in mind. Any text you queue will appear in your conversation as a “scheduled message” with a clock icon. You can tap it to change the content or time.

Unlike some messaging features, this does not require an RCS conversation. You can use it with standard SMS chats.

The availability of Google’s message scheduling feature is not known for certain, although it appears to be affecting users with a server-based update rather than a new version of the app. We asked Google for a comment.

It’s a simple addition, but it’s easy to see the appeal. You can set notifications for your friends or send a declaration of love to a colleague when you wake up in the morning. This can be especially useful for companies that want to set appointment reminders. At the very least, it could prevent you from reaching for your phone at times when it would be awkward (if not impossible) to write a message locally.

How to Schedule Messages on Google Messages with Automatic message

Auto Message is an automation tool that can be used to customize the alarm, volume, Wi-Fi tasks, etc. You can also use them to schedule messages and emails. Just tap the plus icon and choose Send SMS. You can now provide a title, a message, and the number you want to send to, select the date and click Save. You can also sign in with a Google account and schedule emails.

However, the auto message has a feature that allows you to even reply to SMS or phone calls. You can choose the time and compose a message if someone sends you a message at this time. He sends the message and the same goes for calls. You can select all or choose a contact list or just send them to your contact numbers.

How to Schedule Messages on Google Messages with Google Assistant

You can use the Google Assistant to remind you to send a message. While this is not the same as scheduling messages, it is better to remind you of things like birthdays, congratulations, etc. that you may not want to plan and automate.

How to Schedule Messages on Google Messages with Skedit

Skedit is a simple message scheduling app. You can open the app, log into the app and select SMS from the list. Now you can choose the SIM card you want to send from, add the phone number you want to send to, add the message, choose the time and click the checkmark to save. You can even turn on the Ask Before Sending option to notify you if you’d like to send it now while you’re sending it.

You can open the hamburger menu and review pending, completed, and failed options to keep up with your scheduled messages. In either case, Skedit is not only useful for messaging, but it can also be used for WhatsApp, emails, and calls.

How to Schedule Messages on Google Messages

You can send a scheduled message in Google Message from any chat thread in the app. First, compose a message that you want to send to someone. This is important because the send icon only appears when you’ve composed a message and the icon needs to be displayed when you want to schedule messages.

After composing a message to send to someone, tap and hold the Send button (right arrow icon) in the lower right corner and choose Schedule Message from the pop-up menu.

Bear in mind that if you press and hold the Send button and you don’t see Schedule a Message, you haven’t received the feature on your phone. In this case, pressing and holding the Send button will only display the options for adding a subject line to an MMS message.

How to Schedule Messages on Google Messages

When you do this, a new Schedule Message dialog box will appear on your screen. In this dialog box, you will need to choose when you want to send the compound message in the future by choosing one of the options available. By default, there are several pre-defined options available to you, such as: B. Later Today, Later Tonight, and Tomorrow.

How to Schedule Messages on Google Messages

If you’re happy with the options available, you can choose one of them. Otherwise, press “Select date and time” and select the date and time you want to set your message to be sent.

How to Schedule Messages on Google Messages

After entering your preferred date and time for sending a scheduled message, click Save.

How to Schedule Messages on Google Messages

When you’ve recorded the message as expected, click the Send button. The Submit button also has a clock icon.

After that, your message will now appear in the discussion thread titled “Scheduled Message” at the bottom of the message. A clock icon will also appear on the left side of the scheduled message to indicate that the message has not yet been sent.


You can use messaging apps like Samsung Messages etc. When planning messages, it’s sad to see that Google Messages doesn’t have suction capabilities. In both cases, Google just released RCS, and we may expect more Google features in the future, hoping to schedule posts as well. Until then, we’ll have to rely on these third-party services. Anyway, I’m very happy with the Do It Later app. Which is your favourite app? Let me know in the comments below.

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