How to Setup and use your Echo Show Smart Display

Setting up your Echo show device can look quite intimidating, but that is not the case.

If you have an Echo show smart device or you just got one, setting it up is surprisingly easy as it requires less than you can expect to Setup and use your Echo Show Smart Display, simply follow the steps below closely

Note: The steps I will be outlining below work for all versions of the echo show smart display before we proceed further, here are the tools you need to get started

What You Need to Setup and use your Echo Show Smart Display

You need these 

  • Smartphone/Laptop device to access the Alexa app
  • Internet service
  • Internet router with Wi-Fi capability
  • An Amazon account (preferably Prime)

once you have all these requirements, the next thing you need to do is set up your Echo show smart display device, by first putting git in a setup mode.

And here’s how to do that.

How to put your Echo Show Device in Setup mode

To Setup and use your Echo Show Smart Display you have to do these:

  • Download the Alexa app to either your PC or mobile device using this link here 
  • Now, get a good spot for your Echo Show Smart display, while making sure it is at least 8inches from the wall surface
  • After placing it at a position. Plug the Echo show Smart Display power adapter into an AC power outlet.

Automatically it should turn ON, if it doesn’t, follow these steps below:

  1. Unplug the power adapter from the device or the outlet.
  2. Wait for three minutes.
  3. Plug the adapter back into your Echo Show.

Once it turns ON, Alexa will utter these words, “Hello, your Echo Device is ready for setup.

Now, here’s how to set up your device.

How to Set Up Your Echo Show

To Setup and use your Echo Show Smart Display, follow the steps below:

Note: This step applies to all versions of echo show smart display

  • Power on your Echo Show
  • Firstly, select a language.
  • Next, connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  • As soon as you’ve successfully connected to your Wi-Fi, log in to your Amazon account.
  • Now, confirm your time zone and adjust accordingly if it isn’t correct. Now tap “continue”
  • Next, confirm your address.
  • And then, Confirm your Echo show device location.
  • Once, you are done with that, select a name for your echo show device.
  • And, pick a wallpaper for your Echo show device.
  • If there is an existing update since Amazon is constantly introducing new features, install it
  • Once the update is complete the device will reboot on its own.
  • Finally, follow the on-screen steps as it shows you a quick video intro about its features and the commands you can use.

now that you’ve successfully set up your Echo show smart display, it will be visible in your Alexa app provided you are signed in on the same amazon account.

Moving forward, here’s how to connect your Alexa app to your Echo show smart display 

How to Connect Echo Show to Alexa App

How to Setup and use your Echo Show Smart Display

  • Launch your Alexa app
  • At the tab located at the bottom of the screen navigate to “Devices” and tap it
  • On the new device screen, navigate to the top left where you’ll see “Echo & Alexa” and click it.
  • Now, using the Alexa app, you can adjust your Echo Show settings via the gear icon in the top-right corner of the app.

In addition to that, you can also perform other tasks like adjusting the volume, seeing a live video, displaying photos, and much more.

There is quite a lot of thing you can use your Echo Show device to do.

and below I will be showing you how to carry out some tasks and some basic customization on your Echo show smart display device

How to Use Your Echo Show

How to Setup and use your Echo Show Smart Display

On your echo show device, there are quite a lot of things you can do on it. Quite a handful of user might not like the look and content on the home screen, maybe you want to include contents that are tailored to you. Here’s how to do that

How to customize the Home Screen on Your Echo Show Smart Display

Note: these instructions work on:

  • Echo Show (1st Generation)
  • Echo Show (2nd Generation)
  • Echo Show 8 (1st Gen)
  • Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen)
  • Echo Show 10  

Now, if you want to adjust the content on the home screen of your Echo Show smart display.

  1. On your Echo Show Device, navigate to “settings,” you can simply swipe down from the top of the screen and select “Settings”.
  2. Now, locate and choose Home Content.
  3. For each content option, you can change the switch from on or off to update what content you want on your home screen.

Now, since your echo show device is connected to your Alexa app, you can change the wake word, which is “Alexa”

It might not be necessary, but if you have a handful of Alexa devices, or you want to prevent other people in the household from using your Alexa echo show, changing the wake word might be helpful

And here’s how to do that

How to change your Alexa wake word

To change your Alexa wake word which by default is “Alexa” 

  • On the touch screen of your Echo show smart display go to “settings”
  • On the settings menu, tap on “device Option” and choose “wake word” 
  • You can adjust the wake words to any available one you prefer and tap on “save

Now, that you’ve changed your wake words, There are numerous things you can do, Using voice commands on your echo show a smart display.

One of them is to make a phone call or send a message, and here’s how to use your echo show smart display to do that.

How to Make a Phone Call or Send A Message using your Echo Show Smart Display

Since you know how to Setup and use your Echo Show Smart Display, making a call or sending a message should be easy

First and foremost, you want to make sure the recipient you’re calling, has enabled Alexa calling and Messaging. 

To make a phone call using your echo show device do these:

  • To do that, launch the Alex app and tap the conversation icons at the bottom of the screen
  • On the conversation screen, tap call to enable the calling feature, do the same for messaging.
  • Now, if the person has enabled calling and messages, you will see the recipient’s name on the resulting contact list.
  • You can then say – Alexa, call [the name you saved your contact with].
  • As soon as the person you are calling response, you will be connected.

If you’re the one being called, to answer the call on your Echo show device simply say “Alexa Answer the call”

  • To Ignore say – “Alexa ignore”
  • To hang Up say – “Alexa hang up”

With all these, we can make a call with our echo show smart display, how about if we want to send a message how do we use our Echo show smart display to do that

How to Send a Message using your Echo Show

First and foremost you want to make sure the person you want to message has enabled “Alexa calling and Messaging”

here’s how to go about it:

  • Say, “Alexa, send a message to [ Mention your contact’s name here].

As soon as you utter that command, Alexa will request your message.

Now, say what you’d like to send and Alexa will take care of the rest.

Moving forward, if you have an incoming message, There is a specific voice command you can use to get Alexa to read it out. which is

  • “Alexa, play the message.”

As soon as you utter that, You’ll hear the newest unread message in your inbox.

You can also use the touch screen of your echo show smart display to navigate and make a call and send a message, however, it is much easier to use voice commands, now, let’s dig into how you can play music on your echo show device

Play Music with your Echo Show Smart Display

To play Music using your echo show device, you have to link it to any of the available music services such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, etc..

And to go about that here’s what you need to do.

  • Launch the Alexa app
  • Locate and tap the menu icon at the top-left corner
  • Now go to Settings > Music & Podcasts.
  • On Music and Podcast you will see “Amazon Music” including other services too.
  • Simply choose the ones you want to play your music from and follow the onscreen instructions to get it connected with Alexa.

For a full breakdown on how to link your Apple music playlist to Alexa check over here.

Now, apart from linking them through the “Link service” section. You can also stream your music from your Bluetooth.

here’s how to do that:

How to Stream Music From Your Phone Via Bluetooth to Your Echo Show smart Display

To do this, On your smartphone device, go to Bluetooth and switch it on

  • Now, say – Alexa Pair
  • Your Echo device will go into a pairing mode.
  • Now, Open the Bluetooth settings screen and wait for “Alexa to appear on your device
  • Once it shows up in the list of available devices, tap it to connect with Alexa. 
  • As soon as both devices are connected, Alexa will announce the connection

with this option, you can play both videos and audio using y streaming it using your Bluetooth.


Since you fully know how to set up and use your Echo Show Smart Display, having an echo device shouldn’t be a pain to utilize.

Amazon Echo makes life easy, as you can perform simple functions using voice commands.

However, it is not limited to that as you can make use of the touch screen feature to navigate and perform certain actions.

Over to you, what do you enjoy using your echo show device for? 

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