[Fixed!!]: How to Turn ON Sonos Roam – 2022

Sonos roam has been getting quite some attention lately, the product comes with some pretty impressive features that very few wireless speakers have. One of the truly captivating things about Sonos is how portable the device is, carrying it around is less of a hassle and the speaker supports true play, unfortunately, you can’t access the true play feature unless you are using an iPhone or an iPad.
However, it’s not an issue you can resolve unless Sonos decides to make it available if you are playing audio from an Android, device. 
Now, what if you are stuck with turning your Sonos speaker on, maybe you’ve just gotten it or you’ve used it for a while and you can’t wrap your head around why it’s not turning on, and you’re here looking for a solution on how to turn on Sonos roam.
NO worries. Since it’s a common issue that you can experience if your Sonos speaker battery isn’t charged, or there is a possible software glitch somewhere or maybe it’s caused as a result of a faulty circuit.
To resolve it, you simply have to locate the power button. which should be at the back of the device, press once to power it on and press for 5 seconds to turn it off If you’ve tried that and it isn’t working then Keep reading 

How To Turn On Sonos Roam

How to Turn ON Sonos Roam

Now, if you are struggling to power on your Sonos roam speaker, maybe your Sonos speaker is giving a solid orange light when you charge it but after unplugging it isn’t turning on, you might need to force reboot it.

However you have to be sure it’s not the battery, and that shouldn’t be hard to figure out since the Sonos speaker gives a blinking orange light if the battery is 15% or less. But if you feel it’s well charged and you’ve used the power button to turn it on. but it’s doesn’t seem to work try this.

  • Disconnect any chargers plugged into your Sonos roam
  • Now press and hold the power button for 12 seconds. Doing this should force reboot your Roam.
  • Finally, power it on by holding the power button for another two seconds

Since you’ve figured out how to turn on Sonos roam speaker, let’s delve into how you can power it Off the correct way.

Turning OFF your Sonos Roam Speaker

Turning off your Sonos roam speaker requires a similar process as when turning it On since you will be using the same speaker located at the back of the Sonos roam speaker.

All you have to do is Long press the Power button for about 5 seconds, it could take lesser than that, you have to hear a chime and see that the LED on top is turned on, to verify that the Sonos Roam is turned off.

Putting your Sonos Roam into Sleep Mode

Putting your Sonos roam in sleep mode doesn’t mean it is completely OFF, and the process is quite different from powering it OFF. If you want to put your Sonos roam into a sleep mode you have to press the power button and release it immediately, you don’t need to press the power button at the back of the Sonos roam for long unless you want to switch it OFF completely 

After doing this you will hear a chip sound and the LED would also turn on. The interesting thing is, the battery of the Sonos roam can last for 10 days while it’s continually being put into sleep mode

Now, if you want to remove the Sonos roam from sleep mode you simply have to press the same power button again and connect the USB cable to put it on charge.

Since you’ve figured out how to turn on Sonos roam let’s delve into various ways to connect and use it.

How to connect Sonos roam to wifi

The process of connecting your Sonos roam to your wifi router varies slightly for the different versions of the Sonos device and below I will be breaking down how you can do that using both the Sonos s1 app and Sonos s2 app.

Using the Sonos S2 APP

  1. Launch the Sonos S2 app for iOS or Android. This process cannot be completed using the Sonos app for Mac or PC.
  2. When you see the message “Unable to connect to Sonos,” tap Let’s fix it to get started. You can also go to the Settings tab and tap one of the prompts that appear: “Unable to find your Sonos system” or “Update your network settings.”
  3. Follow the instructions to connect Sonos to your new router or Wi-Fi network.

Using the Sonos S1 APP

  1. launch the Sonos S1 app for iOS or Android and wait while it searches for your Sonos system. This process cannot be completed using the Sonos app for Mac or PC.
  2. When you see the message “Unable to connect to Sonos,” tap Learn More.
  3. Tap Changed router or Wi-Fi settings?
  4. Follow the instructions to connect Sonos to your new router or Wi-Fi network.

How to Turn on Sonos Roam Bluetooth

How to Turn ON Sonos Roam

Since your Sonos roam is wireless and it supports both wifi and Bluetooth connection below. I will be showing you how you can connect your Sonos roam to a Bluetooth enabled device such as your smartphone by firstly putting it in a pairing mode before connecting it;

Let’s delve right into it

  1. On your smartphone open the Bluetooth settings
  2. Next, power on your Sonos roam by pressing the power button
  3. you will see a white LED light flashing above the Sonos logo, wait till you have a solid white light and hold down the power button again
  4. Wait till you hear a chime and then release the power button
  5. Once the LED light flashes a blue light, it means the device is in Bluetooth pairing mode
  6. Finally, select Sonos Roam in the Bluetooth settings list on your phone

The Sonos Roam will then be listed in your Bluetooth devices on your phone and it will switch automatically between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

[Troubleshooting Steps]: Why your Sonos Roam Isn’t Turning On

After trying the steps above to turn on your Sonos roam speaker but it doesn’t seem to work, below are some of the reasons why it isn’t turning on the appropriate troubleshooting steps to take to get it resolved

Sonos Roam Not Charged

Probably you kept your Sonos roam on sleep mode and the battery got drained. Now get this, in a scenario where your Sonos Roam is left on sleep mode for 10 hours or more you have to recharge it before your next use. This is one of the obvious reasons why your Sonos roam isn’t turning on 

To resolve this simply keep your Sonos Roam on charge for a minimum of 2 hours till it becomes fully charged using a USB C cable that comes with an adapter 

Defective Battery

Just as I described in the introduction, sometimes you might plug the Sonos roam speaker and get it on, but once it is unplugged, it won’t come on, in this case, the problem is the battery, some time the battery could begin to fail if you’ve overcharged it or you’ve excessively exposed it to heat.

Now, if you are faced with this, simply contact the Sonos customer care to get the battery replaced before taking it to a nearby technician

Water Penetration

Quite an Odd right, Sonos is built with IP67 which makes it water and drop resistant, however, there is a limit to how far you can immerse it into water.

Specifically, Sonos roam is waterproof only up to 3 feet deep in water and could stay there for 30 minutes. anything further could lead to internal damage, however, to be on the safe side you shouldn’t constantly immerse it all the time.

Moving on, if you usually immerse it into the water and you’re also stuck with turning it on you should contact Sonos customer care to get it fixed at their service centre

Reset Sonos Roam 

Resetting your Sonos roam will resolve most of the issues you are facing with your speaker, before contacting customer care, you could try performing a reset to see if the issue gets resolved.

Let’s delve right into it:

  • Firstly press and hold down the Play/Pause button on the control panel and press and release the power button on Sonos Roam simultaneously without releasing the play/pause button
  • Now, don’t release the button until the LED light on the control panel flashes orange and white.
  • Once it does that, it means the Sonos Roam has been reset.
  • Now, power it off/on again to see if it resolves the problem

Sonos Customer care

How to Turn ON Sonos Roam

There are about 38 supported countries currently with separate numbers to contact, if you want to chat them up then you should visit here, but if you prefer to call Sonos customer care, and stay in either the US, Uk or Canada, below I have listed the contact you can call to contact them 

  • UK – 0800 026 1526
  • Canada – 1-800-680-2345
  • US –(800) 680-2345
  • Chine – 400-664-9889
  • other countries can Call Sonos at +31 85 888 4334

NOTE: They respond to calls during their working period which is Monday to Friday 10:00 – 18:00 CET

By now, you should have been well enlightened on how to turn on Sonos roam and the different ways to connect your Sonos roam speaker to both Bluetooth and wifi. Now, let’s proceed to some commonly asked questions from other Sonos users regarding this topic

Sonos roam won’t turn on

Please try disconnecting any chargers and press and hold the power button for 12 seconds. This should force reboot your Roam, and you should be able to power it on again by holding the power button for another 2 seconds. 

Sonos roam orange light

the Sonos roam shows an orange light during the setup process isn’t complete also it displays an orange light to depict that the Sonos product is overheating. 

Sonos roam lights

Sonos has four basic light which displays some of the light might appear flashing slowing or blinking fast or solid instead. The only four lights you can see on your Sonos roam are

  • white
  • green
  • orange
  • and blue

Sonos roam not showing up

If your Ipad can control the play device but can’t see the Sonos roam device here is something you can try out.

Go to your wifi router for isolation and if unsure, simply try switching off the 5ghz radio, just as a test.

Sonos roam controls

Your Sonos roam comes with a total of 5 buttons that are stationed to control the device, There are 4 buttons located on the side mainly to Play, Pause, Turn on/off and Adjust the volume.

The power button can be located on the back next to the charging port. 


Since you’ve been able to figure out how to turn on Sonos roam speaker and you figured out how to connect via wifi and via Bluetooth. it’s apparent that the process is pretty easy.

Moving on, you also want to check how to do connect your Sonos move speaker via Bluetooth over here.

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