[Cancel Scam Payment] – How to Unblock Someone on Cash App

Figuring out how to unblock someone on cash app is just about the same procedure when you are blocking the person. Instead of blocking the person you’d just need to repeat the process to unblock the person.

You might have come across a scenario where you blocked the wrong person or didn’t mean to block the person at that time due to some disagreement but now you have decided to unblock the person.

This course of action after blocking someone is quite common with other fintech apps such as Chime and Venmo.

When you block someone on the cash app, they will not be notified that you blocked them. But they will neither see your contact on Cash App nor be able to send you a request or send money.

Sometimes it is a necessary safety measure, but when it turns out to be a mistake or it is an action based on emotion you might need to block such a person.

Having said that, I will be delving into how to block and unblock Cash App users.

How to Block Someone on Cash App

Blocking someone is a security measure you can take when you feel an account is pestering you or trying to rip you off your Cash App funds.

Once you do that, you won’t receive any messages from that person anymore.

So, if you want to stay away from such an account you can easily block the account. And here is how to block someone on the Cash app.

  • Open the Cash app on your smartphone.
  • In the lower right corner, tap the Activity tab.
  • From the top of the screen, choose the person’s profile.
  • After you’ve made your selection, hit the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  • A pop-up option appears; select “Block This Person.”
  • Press the Red button to confirm your action.

What happens When you Block Someone on the Cash App?

It’s a bit fascinating that when you block someone on Cash App, they won’t be noticed; they can only figure it out when your contact goes missing and they can’t send you a message anymore.

After blocking someone on Cash App, now navigate to the activity tab to see whether any transactions or requests from the blocked person have been removed.

It shouldn’t be there anymore. Also, you should no longer get any requests from them, nor will you be able to send payments to them.

How to Unblock Someone on Cash App

You may discover that you blocked the wrong person, or maybe you blocked it out of emotion, or the person is your close lover, and so on; you can easily unblock the Cash app user.

Whatever the case may be, here is how to unblock such a person on your cash app account.

  • Launch the Cash App on your device.
  • Then navigate to your profile section.
  • Next, search for their name on the Cash app.
  • Choose the person.
  • You will be presented with the option of unblocking the person.
  • Select the unblock option.
  • You will see the individual on your contacts list after they have been unblocked on your Cash App account.
  • After it has been unblocked, you may begin transferring money and sending payment requests to one another.

NB: The person will also be able to see your contact information, but they won’t be notified about it.

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If I Block Someone on Cash will I get my Money Back?

Let’s break it down. You transacted with someone, or someone scammed you through a platform such as a cash app, and your response to it is blocking such a person.

If you block such a person, it puts you in a safe space as they won’t be able to contact or scam you any longer, but for the money you lost, there is no way you can get it back since cash apps say the loss is covered by the FDIC’s insurance.

However, there is something you can do, Keep reading.

Cash App Blocked Payment: The Payment was Canceled for your Protection

How to unblock someone on Cash App

In some instances, your payment to another account might be blocked by the Cash app when they notice something fishy. You’re probably not aware of these, but the following are some things that could result in your payment being blocked.

  • Linking your debit or credit cards that do not have the same name as your Cash App account.
  • Sending payments to people who have been flagged by the Cash app.

While there are more ways for Cash App to notice a fishy transaction, you want to ensure that the two points above are dealt with to avoid your payment from being blocked.

How to Block Payments on the Cash app

When you send money to another Cash App user, the money is automatically transferred, but this does not always happen.

Whether you send money to a scammer, or you sent the wrong amount, or whatever the case might be, there is always something you can do before the receipt is issued.

  • Firstly, launch your Cash app.
  • At the bottom right corner, tap the Activity tab.
  • Once you are on the activity tab, locate the payment that you are looking to cancel.
  • Once you see the payment link, tap on it.
  • On the next screen, tap on the three dots at the top right corner.
  • You will see some extra options.
  • Tap on “cancel payment” if you can see it there.
  • Select OK.

NB: You might be unlucky, as in some cases, you might not see the “cancel payment” option.

If that is the case, maybe you are close to the person and you sent the wrong amount. You can send a request for a refund.

But if you sent money to a scammer and you can’t access the “cancel payment” option, your money is kinda gone.

Cash App Customer Service

Many Cash App users have been victims of Cash app scams; you’ve probably encountered one in which you dialled a scam customer support number and were prompted to make a transfer.

Well, many have experienced it, and that is one reason why you see banks such as Chase Bank blocking links to the Cash App.

But then, people will always get scammed if they don’t adhere to these principles.

  • Never link a different-named debit or credit card to a cash app account.
  • Also, do not send money to Pele if you do not know who he is.
  • Lastly, do not just copy any random number online as the official customer support line; you can always get the number from their official website (Cash Support).

Having said that, you can contact the Cash app via their hotline at (800) 969-1940, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST.

Activity Tab on the Cash App

The activity tab is located at the bottom right corner of the Cash app. Over there, you will see all the recent activities you’ve done on the Cash app. ranging from your withdrawals, deposits, and loans if you have any.


By now, you should know how to unblock someone on Cash App if the person seems unsafe to interact with.

This is a safety measure put in place by Cash. However, one thing you need to realize is that when you block someone and you send them money, they could be unblocked, so be wary of that and only send money to those you know.

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