How to Unlock Keyboard on HP Laptop

This article will discuss how to unlock keyboard on HP laptop if you accidentally lock your HP laptop keyboard without knowing. But all you can say is the laptop keyboard is not responding or it’s not working.

You may have locked the keyboard yourself to prevent your kid or pet from disrupting the manuscript you working on and you can’t remember how to unlock the keyboard.

Well, this article will provide you with a thorough procedure on how to unlock keyboard on HP laptop.

This post will walk you through the reason why your HP Laptop keyboard is not responding and how to fix it if it’s locked, you will also know how to unlock keyboard on HP Laptop by the time you finish reading this article.

Unlock Keyboard on HP Laptop

Why is my keyboard Locked on my HP Laptop?

There are several reasons why your Keyboard is not working and won’t unlock on your HP laptop. Below are some of the factors causing your keyboard not to work, check them out and find the solutions:

  • A keyboard that is locked.
  • Damaged or outdated drivers.
  • Interference from other keyboards that are connected keyboards.
  • Dirty buttons.
  • A damaged keyboard.

Unlock Keyboard on HP Laptop

How to Fix HP Laptop Keyboard not Working

The troubleshooting steps listed below are arranged from the simplest to the more difficult fixes. However, before you go ahead to unlock your HP laptop Keyboard, ensure you check out the following first and if these don’t work out, follow the next outlined solutions below it:

  • Make sure that your laptop is not frozen.
  • Search for any visible damage on your keyboard or individual keys.
  • Ensure that the keyboard is clean and free of any form of debris.
  • Shut down and try to reboot your system.
  • Try to uninstall your keyboard drivers and reboot to reset

There’s a possibility that you are dealing with a major issue if none of these fixes works. 

Restart your HP Laptop

Driver, firmware, and software issues might occasionally arise and get fixed when you restart your computer. Check your keyboard to see if it is responding when you restart. If not, proceed to the next fix.

Unplug and turn off any external Keyboards connected to HP Laptop

Your laptop could not recognize the built-in keyboard if you’re using an external keyboard. To prevent automatic reconnecting, try detaching from any external keyboards and turning them off completely (as they might if they use Bluetooth connections).

Turn off Cortana

Despite being useful, Cortana occasionally gets in the way of other laptop features. Check if it can be disabled to restore keyboard functionality.Unlock Keyboard on HP Laptop

Thoroughly clean your Keyboard

You sit in front of the computer a lot and you carry it around by stuffing it into your bag. Then, the keyboard will inevitably become dirty, which can lead to serious issues. Check to see if it starts operating again after giving it a thorough cleaning. Check how to clean a keyboard here.

Activate Windows Troubleshooter

A built-in program called Windows Troubleshooter may be able to identify and fix whatever is making your keyboard unresponsive. Run the troubleshooter and follow any instructions it provides.

Update your Drivers

Drivers that are out of date or corrupted may be responsible for your keyboard’s inability to connect and function. After updating the driver and restarting the computer, check to see if the keyboard is working again.Unlock Keyboard on HP Laptop

Verify the language settings on your keyboard

If you can, ensure that your keyboard settings are set up properly for the installed keyboard by checking your keyboard settings. You can do this by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to Start >> Settings >> Time & Language.
  • Make sure you select English under Region & language.
  • If it isn’t, choose US under Options.

Try using an external Keyboard

Although this won’t fix the issue, if you can connect and use an external keyboard, then you can easily determine whether the issue is with the connection of the built-in keyboard or the keyboard itself.Unlock Keyboard on HP Laptop

Disable other Input Methods

Multiple input methods, such as a keyboard, touch screen, and stylus, are supported by the Windows Collaborative Translation Framework (CtfMon.exe). However, it might also obstruct your keyboard. To see if your system defaults back to the keyboard, try disabling ctfmon.exe.

It could be time to call in the professionals or get someone who feels more comfortable poking around inside your laptop’s case if you have tried the aforementioned methods and none of them have worked.Unlock Keyboard on HP Laptop

How to Unlock Keyboard on HP Laptop

Irrespective of how long you’ve had your HP laptop, you may occasionally discover that it won’t respond to your commands. While typing, you could notice that nothing is showing up on the screen.

Alternatively, possibly your touchpad is being used, but nothing is happening. No matter what caused your laptop to freeze, you will be stranded until you can fix keyboard problems or remove a touchpad lock. You can unlock Keyboard on HP Laptop by following the steps below:

Unlock your keyboard via Short cut keys

You may lock your keyboard on some HP laptops using a shortcut to stop unauthorized touches. Unfortunately, it’s simple to accidentally activate this shortcut, so even if you believe the keyboard is locked, press and hold the right Shift key for about 8 seconds. This should unlock the keyboard and allow it to start responding again.

Try Control + Alt + Delete and close any unresponsive programs if you are unable to use your mousepad or keyboard. Your keyboard wasn’t locked if you can do it.

Enable Touchpad on your HP Laptop

Sometimes the issue may not even be that your keyboard is locked. Some HP laptops have a touchpad lock that could give the impression that your keyboard is locked when it isn’t. You must first understand how the touchpad on your HP laptop functions to enable it. On some HP models, the touchpad’s upper left corner has a dot. On your HP laptop, double-tapping that dot will unlock the touchpad.Unlock Keyboard on HP Laptop

Unlock a Windows Keyboard

If unplugging your keyboard doesn’t fix the issue if you use a laptop or a desktop computer, the issue is probably with the latter. Rebooting your computer is the first step in unlocking a keyboard if you have a Windows PC. Restart the computer and click on the “Escape” key to see whether the Startup menu appears if that doesn’t solve the problem. Then, you will need to get a new keyboard if it doesn’t.

If it does, you must press F10 to access the BIOS settings. Press F5 to reload and F10 to approve the modifications after that. Try restarting and see if you can resume normal operations. Otherwise, open the Control Panel, select “Hardware and Sound,” then “Device Manager.” A keyboard that you may uninstall and reinstall should be noted here. Check your keyboard after a restart to see if it is working. 

Disable the NumLock Key

The right-side number keys on a keyboard become locked once you click on the NumLock key, making it impossible to press them. Turn off the NumLock Key by pressing it once more to reveal the keyboard’s special characters.

This is all you need to unlock your HP laptop keyboard and also fix it in case you discovered that it’s faulty. However, if any of the fixes worked for you, feel free to tell us which in the comment section below.

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