SOLVED! How to Unlock Whirlpool Washer

The Whirlpool washer makes laundry time fun and interesting until you forget to add a few sets of clothes to the current cycle and you need to open the washer door. It’s quite easy to unlock your washer door, although it could take a few minutes depending on your washer model. This article will walk you through how to unlock Whirlpool washer whether you have a front-loading or a top-loading washer and also how you can unlock the washer manually.  

Can’t unlock Whirlpool washers is a common issue most users of Whirlpool washers encounter almost all the time. Just like any other electronic device, there must be specific reasons why your washer won’t unlock. Before you go ahead with fixing the problem, it’s best to identify the cause of the issue before even trying to fix it.

Whirlpool appliances are popularly-known as one of the best brands in the world for their efficiency, functionality, and durability. However, when used over time, these washers can begin to malfunction and to get them back to normal operation, it is best to know how to unlock Whirlpool washer.

Read on to detect the exact reason why your Whirlpool washer is locked and how to unlock it. Ensure you scroll down to the end of this post to get the full details.  How to Unlock Whirlpool Washer

Why is my Whirlpool washer locked and won’t open?

One of the most common reasons why your Whirlpool washer is locked and the door interlock is simply jammed. Many of such causes have been listed below, find the one affecting you:

  • The lock striker that presses down the lid switch may be out of alignment. 
  • A piece of lint or washing machine detergent has accumulated over time and has inhibited the locking of the lid. 
  • The control board sees an open lid switch once it attempts to lock.
  • You have a faulty lid switch (that includes the striker). Once it becomes faulty, your washer door may not unlock when it’s supposed to.
  • Defective automatic door-locking system or the relay board.
  • Water has been left in the machine for a long time without draining.
  • The Control Lock feature is enabled, and once the control lock is on you will see “LoC” or “LC” next to the time display.
  • You may have a faulty drain pump.
  • Failed actuator motor, or if the wires that power it is loose.
  • You may have a defective main control board.

Once you know the problem with your washer then you will know how to unlock Whirlpool washer easily.

How do you bypass a Whirlpool washer lock?

Disabling the safety circuit is one of the major ways of bypassing a washing machine door lock. Note that this process involves cutting electrical wires. Therefore, you need to disconnect your washer from the main power supply. Although, cutting the cord may void your warranty but it’s worth giving a try. 

In addition, note that the lid lock mechanisms on some washers are heat-activated, which implies overriding them is as easy as allowing them to cool off. 

Allow the washer to stay unplugged for about 10 minutes, then try lifting the lid, If it opens, then you are all set.

How to Unlock Whirlpool Washer

How to Unlock Whirlpool Washer (Front-Loader)

If your Whirlpool washer is a front loader the loading will be different from a top loader whirlpool washer.  However, the front loader’s door is automatic that opens once the washing is done.

However, if the washer is faulty or malfunctioning, the automated door unlock might fail the unlocking mechanism. Therefore, you need to provide a solution to fix this.

And in most cases, if the problem arises from the electric problem, you might need the assistance of an expert. Or you can try to reset the washer to see if it will solve it. With that being said, following the steps below will unveil what to do with your whirlpool washer front loading not unlocking.

  • Ensure you wait for at least three minutes after the end of a cycle before trying to unlock your Whirlpool washer.
  • The door will remain unlocked till the motor speed equals 0 and 180 seconds have ended since the motor control unit received the “Stop” command.
  • In case the water in the washer is warmer than 122 degrees Fahrenheit or the water level is set higher than Wool, Delicate or Hand Wash, then the washer must get drained before the door latch will be able to unlock.
  • Press down the “Control Lock” button on your Whirlpool washer for about 3 seconds at the end of the washing cycle. 
  • Once you hear the unlatching sound, then the door should open.
  • In case you were unable to unlock your Whirlpool washer till this moment, long press on the “End of Cycle” button for 5 seconds to manually reset your washing machine.

That’s it! You have been able to unlock Whirlpool washer in case you have a front loader. This is how to unlock Whirlpool washer easily.

How to Unlock Whirlpool Washer

How to Unlock Whirlpool Washer (Top Loader)

The Whirlpool washer with a top load is always upright. So, there is no need to cancel your draining before you can add another set of clothes you want to wash or drain.

If that is understood, then, you can follow the steps below to unlock your Whirlpool washer with a top loader.

  • Press the Start or Stop button to unlock the washer door during the spin cycle.
  • Halt the machine by quickly tapping the Start or Stop button once.
  • The washer will stop after a few seconds, and you will hear the door unlocking.
  • Add any extra clothing into the washing drum at this time, if necessary.
  • Tap the Start or Stop button again to resume and complete the cycle.
  • Place any other extra linens or clothing that need to be washed and close the washer lid.
  • Ensure that the lid is firmly closed before tapping the Start or Stop button to unpause the cycle.
  • Wait for a few seconds and listen for the washer door to relock.
  • Open the lid during the agitation process to pause the cycle.
  • Raise the washer during the early stages of the washing process to automatically pause the load.
  • The clothing and another laundry will be disturbed by the spinning drum before the spin cycle starts.
  • It’s safe to open the washer at this minute, and the machine will pause as soon as it notices the lid opening.
  • This usually happens in the first few minutes of the wash cycle.
  • A LED near the Start/Stop button indicates once the door locks.

That’s it! You have been able to unlock Whirlpool washer in case you have a top loader. This is how to unlock Whirlpool washer easily.

How to Manually Unlock a Whirlpool Duet Washer

Do you have a Whirlpool duet washer? Then you should be aware that the door of the washing machine locks and unlocks automatically based on several preset conditions. In case the appliance discovers an issue with the system or a mechanical failure occurs, then the door will not unlock automatically. However, you can manually unlock the door.

Here’s how to unlock a Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine below:

  • Disconnect the power cord of the washer from the outlet.
  • Locate the toe panel.
  • This is the section of metal at the bottom of the front of the washer, directly below the door.
  • Unscrew three screws at the bottom flange of the toe panel, which connect it to the washer.
  • Lift the panel gently and pull it forward to remove it.
  • Extend up inside the front toe panel and find the door latch assembly on the right side of the door.
  • Search for a tear-drop-shaped tab at the bottom of the door latch assembly.
  • This tab will manually help to unlock the door.
  • Carefully pull down on the tab about a quarter inch or till you hear a click.
  • The door should open.

You have been able to unlock a Whirlpool duet washer.

How to Unlock Whirlpool duet Washer

How to manually unlock a front load Whirlpool washer

In case your washer door is still locked, the last resort might be to manually unlock it. If you are manually unlocking your washer door after each wash cycle, then, one of two parts may have failed; the drain pump or the pressure switch.

To do this, you need a T-20 Torx flathead screwdriver to remove the toe panel (which is a metal strip) located at the bottom of the washer. To unlock the Whirlpool washer manually, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the washer first from the power source.
  • Close the water faucet.
  • Wait for the drum to stop rotating (do not open the door while the drum is still in motion).
  • Wait till the water and laundry have cooled down when washing at high temperatures.
  • Remove the three Torx screws around the bottom of your washer.
  • Draw down on the bottom panel and draw it away from the washer.
  • Draw it back up towards the top of your machine and locate the release ring. 
  • Now, draw downwards on the release ring to unlock the door.

Now, you have successfully unlocked a front load Whirlpool washer manually. This is how to unlock Whirlpool washer easily.

How to Unlock Whirlpool Washer

How To Disable Lock On Whirlpool Washing Machine

Many users don’t know how to disable lock on Whirlpool Washing Machine. In case you are one of them, you can follow the steps below:

  • Once the error code appears, tap the “Cancel/Del” button and then hold down the “Start/Pause” button.
  • In case this doesn’t still work, then you can go ahead to contact a technician to check your machine.

You have successfully disabled lock on Whirlpool washing machine.

How to Unlock Whirlpool Washer

How To Unlock Control Lock On Whirlpool Washer

Whirlpool washing machines come with a variety of control lock settings you can choose from. Here’s how to unlock your control lock setting on your Whirlpool washer below:

  • If there are still minutes left in the cycle, long press on the “Control Lock” button at the bottom of the control panel for 3 secs.
  • Once you hear 3 unlatching beeps, then you know that your washer door is unlocked and you can now open it.

That’s all! This is how to unlock Whirlpool washer easily.

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