How To Use Jarfix to Repair .jar Files on Your PC

Is .jar file the worst type of files to deal with when broken? When it comes to using Jarfix to repair .jar files, there is less pain to accumulate. However, when it comes to Minecraft, you can’t do away from using .jar files such as Forge in Minecraft, OptiFine, and the rest of them. However, if you hare having a hard time fixing the .jar file, this guide will up you through the step by step procedures to follow to use Jarfix to repair broken .jar files on Windows and Mac computer.

To fix .jar files using Jarfix, you must be sure that the Jar file is broken and needed to be repaired.

What is JarFix?

JarFix is a light file or Windows installer to find and repair a broken .jar file with a single click. The Jarfix will go to the root of the problem, identify it, and attempt to fix it if it’s fixable.

Therefore, if you are having a hard time understanding how Jarfix works to repair .jar files on Windows, here is a guide for. In this guide, we will concentrate on how to use Jarfix and use it to fix .jar files when broken on your Windows.

Download JDK

Before you can run a .jar file on your Windows computer, such as Windows 8/10, you need to create an enabling environment for it on your PC. And how do you create an environment where you can run a .jar file?

Firstly, you need to download and install the Java Development Kit. In most cases, if this file is missing from your PC, you will be prompt to download it from the official website.

Therefore, we will proceed with the guide to download Java Development Kit before proceed with how to use JarFix to repair .jar files on your Windows.Download java development kit

  • Go to on the PC, where the Java Development Kit is missing.
  • Go to the site footer and click on “JAVA SE14 downloader” under “What’s New.
  • Tap “JDK Download” under “Oracle JDK.”
  • Scroll down to the download table and make sure that you download the latest package for your PC. For Windows, download the JDK installer for Windows. For MacOS, tap on the download link for the OS, and repeat the same for Linux.
  • Tap on the Java Development Kit installer in your download folder and follow the instruction to install it on your PC.

However, you may need internet access to complete the download and installation process once the installation is done. Then, we need to proceed to download JarFix and install it on your PC.

Download JarFix

Next, we need to download JarFix and install it on your PC to repair broken .jar files on your PC. You need to open a web browser and access the download source on the JarFix site. For Windows 10, we will use the Chrome browser. If you are on OX S, you can use the Safari browser. The approach is the same.

  • Go to the JarFix official website.
  • Tap on “Software” to the left pane and select “Jarfix.”
  • Find your OS (Windows/Mac/Linux) and tap on the download link.
  • You will be redirected to how to repair broken jar files with the JarFix installer.
  • Tap “ download the JarFix installer to your PC.

use JarFix to repair broken .jar

Now, it’s time to run the JarFix exe file to fix broken .jar files on your PC. Take the lead below.How to use JarFix to repair broken .jar files

  • Right-click on the Jarfix.exe file and run as administrator.
  • A popup will appear and say, the .jar suffix (Java archive) has been successfully registered. Now, the jar package can be executed bu double-clicking on it.
  • That means that all broken .jar files on your computer have been repaired.
  • Now, go ahead and open the broken jar file and see if it’s still broken.

Now, all arising issues on your .jar files will be identified, located the possible problems, and fix when you double click on the Jarfix file.

However, since we use Jarfix to repair the .jar file on your PC, all questions should be checked on the JarFix website frequently asked questions and see how to fix related issues.

How to Fix OptiFine Jar Files

If your OptiFine .jar file is broken on your PC, the JarFix will find the problem and fix it. In our previous article, we considered how to install OptiFine and share all the basic requirements and procedures.

However, if you are planning to use OptiFine in Minecraft, you can check this guide to satisfy your curiosity.

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