How to Watch TikTok TV [Smart TV]

Do you love watching creative and funny videos on TikTok and wish you could do it on a bigger screen? Well, you are not the only one, after all! TikTok on a smart TV or plasma enables a good viewing experience as well as a pleasant time with friends and family, so, here we’ll explain how to watch TikTok on TV and other streaming devices such as Roku and others.

By reading through subsequent sections of this article, you will know how simple it is to cast video from an appropriate mobile phone device directly onto a larger television screen. This simple, step-by-step procedure ensures that your audiovisual journey begins fast enough!

Most individuals use their phones or laptops to watch TikTok. However, TikTok can’t be enjoyed in the same way on these devices’ small screens. Screen mirroring apps, such as AirBeamTV, broadcast your device’s screen to your Smart TV in real-time. As a result, you can watch TikTok on TV in high definition with surround sound on the big screen.How to watch TikTok TV [Smart TV]

Is There a Version of TikTok for Smart TV?

Yes, a TikTok version for smart TVs is available! The popular social networking platform has expanded into the world of television in recent years.

The TikTok TV app is now available on specific brands and models of smart TVs in the United States and Canada. It is accessible on Amazon Fire TV, Google TVTM, and different Android TVTM OS devices, as well as LG Smart TVs and Samsung Smart TVs. The software allows users to watch videos from their favorite creators right on their TVs.

If you want to use TikTok on your smart TV, make sure it is compatible with the app and then download the TikTok TV app from the appropriate store (Amazon Appstore, Google Play Store, or LG Content Store). You can now sit back, relax, and enjoy all of your favorite TikTok videos on a larger screen!watch TikTok on your smart TV

How to Download TikTok for Android TV on your Smart TV

The Google Play Store gives the TikTok TV App a rating of 3.1 stars, and the Amazon App Store awards it 4.7 stars based on user reviews. Most people have praised it as excellent and quite helpful. Since its release, this app has grown in popularity and is now accessible on a variety of Smart TVs.

It enables users to watch their preferred TikTok creators, discover popular content, and find inspiration. They can watch it on their television, so they won’t have to worry about missing out on the fun. It’s worthwhile to download and use! Follow the steps below on how to download TikTok on different models of Smart TV:

On Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung Smart TVs with the Tizen operating system can access TikTok for Android TV. Follow the steps below to download and use TikTok on Android TV:

  • Go to the “App” by selecting it on your TV’s home screen.
  • Find and choose the “TikTok for Android TV” app by scrolling through the list of available apps.
  • After locating and choosing the app, click “Download” to start the process of installing it on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • After downloading, you may access the TikTok for Android TV app from the Home Screen or App Launcher menu on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Enter your TikTok account information to get in and begin streaming!

Now, you are good to go!

On LG Smart TVs

On LG Smart TVs with the webOS operating system, TikTok for Android TV is accessible. Follow the steps below to download and use TikTok on Android TV:

  • Go to the Home screen of your LG Smart TV and select “LG Content Store” from the top menu.
  • In the list of available apps, search for the TikTok for Android TV app.
  • Choose “Install” to allow your LG Smart TV to install the app.
  • Open the TikTok for Android TV app after the installation is finished and sign in using your correct details.

That’s it!

On Amazon Fire TV

Last but not least, Amazon Fire TV devices also support TikTok for Android TV. Follow these steps to download and use TikTok for Android TV on an Amazon Fire TV:

  • Go to the Amazon App Store first to get started.
  • Download TikTok after choosing it.
  • After downloading the app, launch it and sign in with your TikTok account.
  • Your preferred TikTok videos can now be seen on a large screen!watch TikTok on your smart TV

How to Watch TikTok on TV

TikTok recently teamed with IMDb to deliver its customers an exciting new feature: in-app movie and TV show pages powered by IMDb. TikTok users may now tag any movie or TV show in their submitted videos, allowing viewers to click the link and be brought directly to the associated page within the app.

Therefore, if you are a TikTok fan, why not use this new function to watch your favorite videos on a larger screen? There are several options you can explore to watch TikTok on TV, they include:

Using AirBeam TV

You can instantly mirror your TikTok on your TV using AirBeamTV! Your enjoyment of watching TikTok videos can significantly rise with this immediate and wireless technique. You also don’t need any technical assistance for this reason. Any user may quickly install it and start using the application to cast TikTok to TV. Simply follow the simple directions below:

  • Download the AirBeamTV app first.
  • Connect your TikTok smart TV stream once your app has been downloaded by connecting both devices to the same wireless network.
  • Do a mobile phone search for your TV once both devices are connected to the same network.
  • Via the AirBeamTV app, connect to the TV
  • Enjoy watching your TikTok videos on the widescreen of your TV by starting the screen mirroring.

That’s it! Now, you can watch TikTok on your smart TV without any hassle. 

Use AirDroid Cast Web to watch TikTok on TV

Users can wirelessly mirror the displays of their desktop or mobile devices to Windows or Mac PCs, an Android or iOS device, or even an Android TV with the help of AirDroid Cast, a flexible solution from AirDroid. While using a web browser and the AirDroid project Web software, you may project the screen from your Android handset to a smart TV.

However, to use AirDroid Cast Web, Phone to TV mirroring requires the following: Connect your smart TV to an internet connection, and the current web browser must be installed on your TV (such as Chrome or Firefox).

Once you are sure that all of your devices comply with these specifications, then you may begin screen mirroring in a few simple steps below:

  • On your TV, launch a web browser and go to
  • Download the AirDroid Cast app on the mobile device you want to use to cast TikTok videos.
  • To input the cast codes that display on the TV screen or scan the QR code, use the AirDroid Cast app.
  • Once the code has been cast, you will receive a casting request; accept it.
  • Open TikTok on your mobile device once the connection has been made, then start watching a video.
  • You may now enjoy watching various TikTok videos as the video will instantly play on the TV screen.

That’s it! Now you can watch TikTok on your TV without any limit!watch TikTok on your smart TV

Using MirrorMeister

Casting TikTok on TV is now simpler than ever thanks to MirrorMeister. The fact that the application is free is its best feature. To use the MirrorMeister app to watch TikTok on TV, follow the steps below:

  • Download MirrorMeister first
  • Next, confirm that your mobile phone and TV are on the same network.
  • Once both devices are connected to the same network, your device will immediately use the MirrorMeister app to look for your television.
  • Start using your phone’s Screen Mirroring capability.
  • Open your TikTok app and begin playing the videos to see TikTok on TV.

Anyone can easily watch TikTok on their Android TV by following these simple steps. The same procedures can be used to share your screen after installation even if you are using a Mac device. MirrorMeister also provides round-the-clock support assistance in case the installation process is problematic.

Using APowerMirror

You may mirror several gadgets on your TV simultaneously with the aid of APowerMirror. Additionally, both Android and Mac devices can successfully use this application. Even your Windows computer may allow you to download it. Any TikTok user can use it to stream their TikTok videos on TV since it is a free application.

The application can stream content to four devices at once, enabling you to use it for a variety of additional applications. Full-screen displays, screenshots, screen recording, and a whiteboard feature are some of APowerMirror’s advantages.

Follow the instructions below to watch TikTok on TV:

  • Install the app on your device.
  • Open the app on your device.
  • Your TV and mobile device should be connected to the same network.
  • Install the application on your smart TV if you use one as well.
  • Connect the devices to the app.
  • Start streaming TikTok on your smart TV right away.

That’s it!watch TikTok on your smart TV

Using LocalCast

Screen mirroring is free with LocalCast on your smart TV. This makes it simple to watch TikTok Smart TV feeds. The application is widely used for presentations, zoom, and other kinds of broadcasts. However, computers can’t use this app. Instead, it is designed expressly to support mirroring from a mobile device to a TV. To mirror TikTok on Android TV, follow the instructions below:

  • Install the App.
  • Your phone and TV should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • By pressing on the TV’s name inside the device, you can launch the app and connect to your TV.
  • Start the TikTok smart TV stream by simply launching the application after you are connected.
  • Take advantage of your smart TV to enjoy watching TikTok videos.

Cast TikTok to your TV with Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is one of the options for streaming content from your mobile device. With this handy device, you can cast several apps, including TikTok, to your TV with ease. The process is easy, follow the steps below on how Chromecast TikTok videos using Google Home App from Android/iOS:

  • Download the Google Home app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • In the top left corner, click the plus sign (+).
  • Afterward, select “Set up Device.”
  • Choose New devices.
  • Choose the home where you will be installing it.
  • Press Continue when requested.
  • Choose Chromecast.
  • Once you have verified the four-character code on the screen, tap Next in the bottom right corner.
  • Click I accept the legal stipulations.
  • Choose whether to share your data with Google.
  • Inform Google Home of the location of your device.
  • Connect a WiFi network to the Chromecast.
  • To configure Google Assistant on Chromecast, select Continue and Next.
  • Several service alternatives can be added or removed.
  • You will have access to radio, video, and live TV options.

Your Chromecast will be prepared for use as soon as you have finished the setup process! Now, you can watch TikTok on your smart TV.

TikTok is a well-known social media site that has experienced significant growth in recent years. It can be viewed on a variety of platforms, including TVs. On your smart TV, you can install the TikTok for Android TV App. 

Why can’t I watch TikTok live on TV?

Mirroring requires a compatible TV or streaming stick, so TikTok won’t show up on your screen if your device is unable to mirror itself. Casting isn’t supported in the TikTok app itself, so the only way to cast those videos to your TV is through your desktop browser. Other reasons why you can’t watch TikTok on TV include the following:

  • Unfortunately, a lot of users discover that they can’t link their TikTok account to their television. The location is one potential factor. In certain nations and places, it is not yet accessible.
  • Compatibility could also be a problem because not all TVs currently support the TikTok TV app. You might also be unable to connect the two if your device doesn’t have the appropriate operating system version installed.
  • If you keep having problems of this nature, it may be necessary to double-check on both ends and ensure everything is configured properly before attempting again.

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