How to Enable Smart Charge in Huawei

Huawei smart charge is the new feature to prevent the lifespan of your Huawei phone’s battery. At the same time, the smart charge in Huawei may be paused to delay charging the phone to 100% until the need arises.

Phone battery is one of the most important features to consider when you check out the specs of the phone you want to purchase in the market.

And popular brands like Huawei, Samsung, and iPhone are not good at that. However, in a bid to make the smartphone battery last longer and charge very fast, Infinix came up with a double-charge feature which boosts the device to charge very fast.

However, Huawei on the other side came up with “Smart Charger” which prevent battery health by adapting to the device charging routine and Smart Peak Performance Capability which makes the phone battery to fully charged just short of the device actual peak capability.

Moreso, the SPPC feature reduces how long it takes the phone battery to drain when it’s fully charged. But, this feature helps to extend battery lifespan.

These two features; Huawei Smart Charge and Smart Peak Performance Capability, are both confirmed on Huawei 9 Prime.

Upgrade Huawei EMUI

To start with, you first need to upgrade to the latest Huawei EMUI to enjoy the new Smart charge that prevents your battery lifespan.

  • Go to your Huawei Settings.
  • Scroll down and click on “System”.Huawei Smart Charge
  • Click on “Software Update”.Update Huawei
  • Click on “Check for updates”.Check for Update
  • Download and install the update.Download and Install the Update
  • Done

The Smart battery charge will be enabled by default of which you can disable it yourself. But, the Smart Peaks Performance Capability is disabled mu default.

How to Enable Huawei Smart Charge

The Huawei battery smart charge can be enabled following the procedures below.

  • Click on the “Huawei settings gear icon”.Android Settings
  • Click the “Battery” option.Battery Settings
  • Click on “More Battery Settings”.Enable Huawei Smart Charge
  • Toggle to enable “Smart Charge”.Huawei Smart Charge

Now, relax and see your Huawei battery lifespan taking longer to drain that before. This feature is for some selected Huawei phones. If you have the Huawei 9, Huawei Mate, and other EMUI version 9.1.0.. device you should be able to enjoy this new feature.

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