How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-DEV313

Subscription video streaming services are growing at a good pace. More and more brands are venturing into these video-on-demand streaming services to deliver high-quality content to users.

Hulu is one of the most popular subscription video streaming services. It is available and owned in the US and is controlled by Walt Disney. You will have access to over 60 channels, which include the like of ABC, ABC News Live, CBS, FOX, NBC, The CW, and the regional sports networks NBC and FOX. Hulu subscriptions start at $ 5.99 / month.

You can also add HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz as add-ons. In this content, you will learn how to fix the common Hulu error code P-DEV313.

One thing about streaming on Hulu is that you should always consider things like WiFi connectivity, internet speed, and the streaming features of your device.

Also, the reliability of Hulu as a streaming service is crucial to ensure a perfect viewing experience. However, these factors often have reliability problems. At Hulu, you will encounter various mistakes. An example is the Hulu error code P-DEV313.

A Hulu P-DEV313 error can appear anytime while watching a video. In this case, no movie can be sent, and the code will be shown on your screen instead. Several factors can explain why you have this problem. This includes:

  • You are using an outdated application.
  • Your device has a memory leak.
  • The application contains too many cached files.
  • A problem with Hulu servers

How to fix Hulu error code P-DEV313

Why am I getting an Error Code on Hulu?

Hulu problems and errors are always caused by mostly poor internet connection or a malfunction from the device used for streaming or the Hulu app. Therefore, most problems can be resolved by following some general troubleshooting tips. This content contains some of the most common solutions to the Hulu error code P-DEV313. You can search Gadget Wright for similar solutions.

Why does Hulu keep cutting out?

When using the Hulu player, the video can be slowed down, stopped, or stopped completely. While this technical problem may be related to a problem with the Hulu endpoint, it is usually caused by a problem with your computer settings or your internet connection.

Fixing P-DEV313 error on Hulu

All of these factors can make problem-solving difficult. Instead of trying random solutions, try a series of steps to isolate the root cause of the problem. Please pay attention to the following.

 Delete and reinstall Hulu

Some users have found that removing and reinstalling the app will help resolve the issue. Technically, the Hulu app has a lot of files. If a non-essential file is damaged for any reason, some functions of the application will stop working.

Removing and reinstalling the application will rewrite the damaged file. It also fixes issues with permissions and user information. Follow these steps:

If you are using an Android mobile device:

  • Go to Settings> Applications> Manage Applications> Select All
  • Scroll to find Hulu
  • Tap on Uninstall
  • Turn off your device for a minute before turning it on
  • Go to the Google Play Store and reinstall the app.

For those who use iOS:

  • Press and hold the Hulu app on your home screen
  • It moves, and a small X appears.
  • Tap the app and then tap Delete.
  • Turn your iOS [iPhone/iPad] device off and turn it on again.
  • Go and download the application again from the App Store.
  • After downloading, open Hulu and try again

 Hard reset your Roku TV

Roku users also encountered the P-DEV313 error on Hulu. Try uninstalling the app or removing the channel from your Roku TV, and then adding it again. If the above approach failed, follow the steps below.

  • Access the system from the home screen
  • Select the restart system
  • Choose Restart
  • Wait two minutes before turning it on.

After powering or activating, delete the Hulu channel.

  • Press the start button on your remote control
  • Highlight Hulu
  • Press the star key on your remote control
  • An options menu opens.
  • Select Delete channel
  • Confirm when prompted

After you must have removed the channel, restart the Roku TV and then reinstall Hulu.

  • Press the start button on your remote control
  • Scroll down or in the app and select streaming channels
  • The chain store opens.
  • Search in Hulu
  • Select Add Channel to install Hulu on your Roku device

Open the channel and try again.

Fixed Hulu error code P-DEV313? – Conclusion

The  P-DEV313 error can get fixed on Hulu by removing the app and reinstalling the app on your streaming device. If the problem occurs with Roku, you must first restart the system, delete the Hulu channel and then add it again. If the above solutions don’t work, please contact the Hulu support team.

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