iPhone 11 Wallpaper – Download, Resize or Create your own

Wallpaper is different from the screen saver on your iPhone 11. It’s the image or photo you see when you wake your iPhone from sleep. For as long as you keep waking your iPhone from sleep you will see your iPhone wallpaper. Perhaps most of the time, you are satisfied with the default wallpaper on your phone or dark OLED wallpaper. But what if you want to spice things up from time to time you should find and download your choice of wallpaper that will make your feelings to grow when you wake your iPhone from sleep? How can I download and change the wallpaper of your iPhone 11 or iPad? Read on to find out.

How to Resize the Wallpaper to Better Fit your iPhone 11 Screen

Many iPhone 11 users, who can include it as well, have trouble setting up a wallpaper for their mobile screen. Sometimes the image is stretched, while in some cases, it is pixelated. In all of the above conditions, the image on your mobile phone screen looks uncomfortable, and you may want to remove it as soon as possible.

Depending on the screen size and the acceptable image resolution, the iOS installed on your iPhone 11 automatically tries to better adjust the selected photo in the background. In this experiment, stretch the width and height of the image as needed.

If the image you selected doesn’t have the exact resolution specified for your iPhone 11 screen, iOS will stretch it to fit the full screen, making it pixelated / out of focus.

As mentioned above, the best way to avoid these problems is to use the pictures that fit the exact size of your iPhone.

However, since it is not possible for every picture that you want to use as an iPhone 11 wallpaper, you should trust a third-party tool that will do the job for you. Some of these apps are listed below with their details:

Wallpapers Free (Free)

A Ki Tat Chung app that allows you to scale, rotate, and position the selected image based on your iPhone’s screen size and supported resolution. The app can be downloaded free of charge from your iTunes Store on your iPhone.

Download wallpapers Free (Free)

Wallax ($1.99)

Wallax was developed by Brijit Sheelia and is available from the iTunes Store. It is an application that contains integrated, structured images. With Wallax, you can not only resize your favorite pictures and resize them to the size of your iPhone screen, but also add effects like blur, focus, etc.

Download Wallax

Wallpaper Fix ($0.99)

Another application that was recently (exactly on November 17, 2015) optimized by developer Bernhard Obereder for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus mobile phones. The app protects the selected background images from changes that iOS makes to them and applies its changes that you make while in use.

Wa-Fi(Wallpaper-Fitter) (Free)

Wa-Fi (Wallpaper Fitter) is designed for both iPhone and iPad and can be used to resize and rearrange wallpapers to best fit your device’s screen. Since iPhones can now change the orientation of the home screen when rotating, you can use Wa-Fi (Wallpaper Fitter) to adjust your preferred background images accordingly.

Download Wa-Fi(Wallpaper-Fitter) (Free)

Wallpaper Fit ($0.99)

Another powerful iPhone wallpaper resizing application developed by i-App Creation Co., Ltd. was developed. This allows you to change the size of the selected background images according to the screen resolution of your iPhone. Wallpaper Fit lets you resize your wallpapers for portrait and landscape orientation for any iPhone model you own.

Different ways to Change iPhone 11 wallpaper

Before you start, please note that the following steps and screenshots are for iOS 13. IOS 13 is currently available in public beta and will be available to all users as an update in September.

Set A Stock Wallpaper From Settings

How to Change Wallpaper on iPhone or iPad 5

You can quickly switch to a different Apple-provided wallpaper using Settings. Apple has a large selection of wallpapers in stock, especially if you use the iPhone 11 and higher and iOS 13. You will see a large collection of colorful and dark wallpapers, as well as live photos and dynamic wallpapers. For example, iOS 13 users can use four new wallpapers that have changed depending on the light and dark modes.

How to Change Wallpaper on iPhone or iPad 6

Go to Settings -> Background Image -> Select New Background Image to get started. There are three categories here: Dynamic, Still Images, and Live. You will also see all of their photos below, but we will see in the next section. Go to a section, tap wallpaper to select it, and preview it. Tap Set, and then choose whether to set the wallpaper on the lock screen, the home screen, or both. And that’s it. Your background image has been changed.

Set your own photo as the wallpaper

You can also set any of your photos as wallpaper. Open the Photo app and navigate to a photo. Tap it and then tap the Share button. Select use as wallpaper here.

How to Change Wallpaper on iPhone or iPad 1

The same screen configuration screen is displayed. From there, you can enlarge or scroll the background image if you want. Tap Set to set the photo as wallpaper on the lock screen or the home screen.

How to Change Wallpaper on iPhone or iPad 2

Use a Wallpaper App

If you want to discover and change background images frequently, you should use a special background image app. Check out the wallpaper apps below to find the next best wallpaper.

Vellum: Parchment is one of the best iPhone apps to find fantastic, high-quality wallpapers. With this application, you will find lists of wallpapers that have been selected by category, and that look good on the OLED screen of the new iPhone.

Unsplash: Unsplash is the largest online community for photographers. And some of the best photos are great for iPhone wallpapers. Here you will find collections of selected background images. Or you can simply download the photo you want, crop it, and set it as an iPhone wallpaper.

Clarity: Clarity is the best-organized background platform for the iPhone. The app takes a quality approach to quantity, in which new background images are presented in different editions. The app is also great for browsing photos, editing for the lock screen, adding blur effects, etc.

WLPPR: If you like geographic or astronomical wallpapers, you will love the WLPPR app. It has the best collection of top-down satellite photos for Earth and other planets.

Set Live Photos as Wallpaper for iPhone 11

You can also set live photos as wallpaper on your iPhone lock screen. When you touch the 3D lock screen, the live photos are animated and played. This way, you can set an animated photo of your children as wallpaper. To set a live photo as wallpaper, go to the photo and click the Share button. Select use as wallpaper here. When you are on the wallpaper change screen, press the Live button to enable the Live Photo option.
You have a wonderful world of live third-party photos at your disposal. They are called animated photos. When you touch and hold the picture, it is usually animated to relax. Try the following live wallpaper apps to see what you like: live wallpapers for me, live themes

Download iPhone 11 Wallpapers From Web

If you don’t want to download wallpaper apps, you can simply download wallpaper photos online, save them to your iPhone or iPad, and simply use the photo as a wallpaper. There are many great websites for background images. You can use Unsplash, Pixel, SetAsWall, and Papers.co as a good starting point.

Open the website and select a photo. Touch and hold the Safari photo and select Save to photos. Then go to the photo application, select the photo, press Share, and select Use as wallpaper to set it as wallpaper.

Change Wallpaper Daily Using Shortcuts

In iOS 13, shortcuts gain performance and real automation. This means that you can use a shortcut to randomly set an album background, and then create a controller that will trigger the shortcut at a specific time each day. Discover the process step by step in our manual here.

First, download and configure the Randomize Wallpaper shortcut. Edit the shortcut and change the Album field. Then go to the Automation tab and create a new automation. After setting the activation date, set the “Random background image” link as an action. Your iPhone or iPad now changes the background images itself every day.

If you’re new to shortcuts, the steps above may seem a little too much. Although the shortcuts seem to have a large learning curve, once you create one, it becomes easy. In our manual, you will learn how to create your first shortcut. You can use ready-made shortcuts to do really cool things on iOS

Set a GIF as a Wallpaper for your iPhone 11

Do you like GIFs? You can set one as the background image using the GIPHY application. Find your favorite GIF in the app, press the Menu key, and select Convert to Live photo. The photo is saved in the Photo app.

Go to Settings – Wallpaper – Select New Wallpaper and select Live Photos. Find the GIF you just saved, make sure Live Photo is selected, and then tap Set.

DownloadGIPHY (Free)

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