Is the iPhone 11 Pro waterproof? All You Need to Know

In contrast to the iPhone X, the iPhone 11 Pro series finally achieves IP68 water resistance and waterproof to an extent. The iPhone X series has protection class IP67, which can survive 30 minutes in 1 meter of water. This means that an accidental drop of water won’t damage the phone, but swimming is impractical.

iPhone 11 Pro Max - Is it Waterproof?

Smartphones supported for an IP68 standard are juicy enough to withstand dust, dirt, and sand, and cannot be immersed in a maximum depth of water for 30 minutes. However, we should know that the rating given by the International Electrotechnical Commission applies only to freshwater. If you vote for the iPhone 11 Pro in other liquids, there is no guarantee.

Swimming on the phone or taking photos in the pool is not recommended. The IEC tested the phone in the laboratory and combined it in standby mode, not in a pool filled with various chemicals to clean the water. Even less invitation to take underwater photos. Saltwater and water pressure will definitely ruin it.

Well, the IP68 is the highest resistance to the most popular smartphone and to the use of underwater. Even GoPro HERO6 Black, which is waterproof up to 10 m, always recommends using a case under deep water.

Is the iPhone 11 Pro waterproof?

There is no waterproof iPhone. But there are some that resist water. Except the old iPhone 7, all new iPhones have a water resistance of at least IP67. This means that they want to survive up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. The iPhone 11 Pro even has an IP68 protection index, which brings it to two meters.

Just because your iPhone is waterproof to an extent, you don’t have to put it in the sea! However, the waterproof elements of your iPhone 11 Pro deteriorate over time. This means that a three-year-old iPhone 11 Pro waterproof level is partial as it has a limited time to survive water exposure.

Also, chemicals and minerals in water sources can damage or rust the exterior of your iPhone. You should always try not to allow liquid on your electronic devices.

What will happen if my iPhone 11 pro is dropped in water more than 1M?

There are essentially three things the mayor should worry about when you throw your iPhone 11 Pro into the water.

First, the battery could short out. This may be very dangerous as the battery may heat up, swell or burst. But even if nothing is as dramatic (and unlikely) as it was produced to resist water, your battery life is likely to suffer.

The second effect you should fear with a wet iPhone 11 Pro is the corrosion of your internal components. This actually comes from the multitude of minerals and chemicals found in most water sources that respond to electrical current. The reactions effect on your phone reduces the conductivity of your components until they stop working.

However, you should think about what happens to these minerals when the water evaporates. This is why salt-water is so bad for your iPhone 11 Pro because the water leaves salt deposits on your internal components. This salt has extremely high conductivity and short-circuits the components.

How do I fix a Water Damaged iPhone?

To dry your iPhone and hoping for the best isn’t what you should do do after throwing it into the water while testing the waterproof level or accidentally. You can also look for a repair or Apple for a replacement device if the warranty still valid.

But first, once you’ve tossed your iPhone into the toilet, clean it and tell someone before you hand it over to Apple!

Take it to Apple

Apple does not repair water-damaged iPhones. This is because they are not sure that there will be no need to replace a component. So they make provision for a replacement device instead.

The Apple warranty does not cover water damage you caused, including for waterproof iPhones. Unless you have AppleCare +, you have to pay for a replacement device, under out of warrantee.

It’s usually quite expensive, but it doesn’t cost as much as a new standard iPhone.

Take it to a third-party repair shop

Alternatively, you can search for a third-party iPhone repair shop that offers water damage repairs. There is no guarantee that they will be able to repair your device, but many repair shops work on the “no fix, no fee” principle.

Attempt a DIY repair

If you feel very handy, consider DIY repairing your water-damaged iPhone. You shouldn’t take this into account if you have used other options – as this is not easy and can easily damage your device.

You need to buy several special tools as well as 90% isopropyl alcohol to soak your damaged components.

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