Is the Samsung Galaxy M20 waterproof Device?

Gadget Wright has become the domain where people can find out anything they need concerning their gadgets and other tech information. And this article is one of the articles that are prepared by the team to provide important information about gadgets. And through this particular content, we will be providing you with the necessary information about the Samsung Galaxy M20, and you will go on to discover whether or not the Samsung Galaxy M20 is water-resistant and waterproof. All you need to do is read this article to the end, and pay attention to the crucial details.

About the Samsung Galaxy M20

Samsung Galaxy M20 waterproof

If you were using the Samsung Galaxy M20 at this point, the first thing you can do is look at the Infinity-V notch. For these reasons, Samsung offers you the best of the drop. If you move your eyes down, you will notice the small chin that leaves the screen with a body ratio of about 84%.

The battery aspect of the Samsung Galaxy M20 is exciting and offers potential buyers more advantages. Much like the gigantic performance of phones like TECNO Pouvoir 2 and TECNO Pouvoir 2 Air, the M20 contains a 5000 mAh battery that is far from what you get on average.

Samsung has implemented the newly launched Exynos 7904 so that the system of the Galaxy M20 is on one chip. With a total of 8 cryo 260 gold and silver cores, the chip manages all of the device’s operations. The device is adapted to clock the octa-core processor with 1.8 GHz, with a 14 nm process and 64-bit architecture.

Is the Samsung Galaxy M20 Waterproof

Is the Samsung Galaxy M20 Waterproof

Before a device is said to be a waterproof device, that device must have an IP rating. Most devices which are considered waterproof device have an IP rating of about 67/68. It is important that you note that all the information we provide concerning any gadget at Gadgets Wright based on the information provided by the official producers or manufacturers of the device.

Therefore you can say that it is not officially stated in the official website of Samsung whether or not the Samsung Galaxy M20 is waterproof;. However, some of our correspondents had performed Waterproof test on the device and have discovered that in a rainy condition where water is plashing the speakers and camera of the Samsung Galaxy M20 do not work correctly under this particular condition. They went ahead further to immerse the phone into a bucket of water and left it for about 30 seconds when the phone was brought out they discovered that the speakers and camera of the phone has damaged and malfunctioned permanently.

And considering these observations and results including the fact that there is no official IP rating giving about the phone we have concluded that the Samsung Galaxy M20 is not waterproof.

Thinking of buying the Samsung Galaxy M20

The Samsung Galaxy M20 is a big country ahead of all affordable Samsung phones. It has a trendy Infinity-V display, offers a solid buffer battery, covers basics such as dual VoLTE and HD streaming, and is one of the few phones with Type-C connection and charging support offered quickly and at competitive prices.

This is great added value for consumers or millennials who prefer to buy from a level 1 brand. At the same time, it’s not the best camera or gaming phone in its class (the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro should serve better in this regard). The Galaxy M30 is worth a little more than an AMOLED screen and a deteriorated design, and the Galax A20 has a better design. UI software and an AMOLED screen are available in the same budget.

Pros of the Samsung M20

The design is underlined by smooth curves and an associated animation to unlock faces. The glasses that surround the screen are significantly smaller than what we normally see on affordable phones, even if mentioned below.

The included charger can also charge the Galaxy Note 9 quickly, which means that Samsung is really better off here (the total charging time is just over 2 hours). In addition, the 5000 mAh capacity ensures that you don’t have to worry about the charge being lost throughout the day. In other words, the battery life is fantastic.

The Dual VoLTE; the Supports HD streaming; Dedicated card slot; USB Type-C port and fast charging makes this phone good for the money

Cons of the Samsung M20

No notification light: Most phones that are hot in the market has notification light, it is one of the features of the modern phone, but surprisingly it could not found in the Samsung Galaxy M20

Selfie camera performance: It is of paramount importance that a phone should have a very clear and beautiful selfie or front camera, but the Samsung Galaxy M20 is not too bad, but not what we expected from Samsung.

Not for heavy gaming: You can play soft games with the phone, but the phone is not heavy gaming phone, and should not be used for games that require heavy-duty phones

No dual-band Wi-Fi: The phone does not have a dual-band Wi-Fi.

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