James Crumbley Son, Wife, and Oxford School Shoot

James Crumbley was just a regular household name about 2 years ago until November 30, 2021, when he became famous for being the father of Oxford High School shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley who killed 4 students and injured 6 students and a teacher that fateful day.

James and his wife, Jennifer Crumbley were also arrested and charged with four counts each of involuntary manslaughter. It was revealed by officials that James bought the gun used in the shooting just four days before the tragic incident in Michigan and a store employee confirmed that Ethan was with his father at the point of purchase.

However the real culprit Ethan Crumbley is being charged as an adult with four counts of first-degree murder, and one count of terrorism, and he’s possibly going to face additional charges in the shooting that killed Hana St. Juliana, 14, Tate Myre, 16, Madisyn Baldwin, 17, and Justin Shilling, 17 and injured 6 other students and a teacher. 

Although reports revealed that Ethan was suffering from an unknown quest to kill, he had various incriminating weapons and even drawings in his backpack which showed he already had the School shooting all planned out. His parents had the most opportunity to stop this tragedy but the question is, what did they know about it and when did they eventually get to know it? For more details about the Crumbley family, ensure you scroll down to the end. James and Ethan Crumbley

James Crumbley Early Life 

James Crumbley was born in 1976 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. His exact date and month of birth are unknown. He will be 46 years old in 2022. His Zodiac sign is also unknown. He holds an American nationality and white ethnicity. James Crumbley’s religion is Christianity.

Crumbley was raised with his siblings in Detroit, Michigan, the USA by his parents whose details are not available online. James and his wife Jennifer Crumbley come were raised in a middle-class family. 

James completed his elementary schooling and college studies in Michigan. Very scanty information is available about his background and early life.James Crumbley crying in court

Who is James Crumbley?

James is the father of Ethan Crumbley, a 15-year-old leading defendant in a shooting case at Oxford High School. Ethan was alleged for shooting at Oxford High School, killing four students, and injuring six other students and a teacher.

Crumbley is an American citizen and criminal suspect, charged with a shooting at Oxford High School alongside his wife, Jennifer Crumbley who was also accused of failing to hide the gun used during the shooting carefully.

James Crumbley Age

Crumbley James was born in 1976 but his date and month of birth are unknown. He will be 46 years old in 2022, however, we don’t know if he has celebrated his birthday already or till later in the year. 

James Crumbley Height

Crumbley James stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches tall, which is equivalent to 173cm or 1.73m. His other body measurements are unknown. 

James Crumbley Weight

Crumbley weighs about 70 kg, equivalent to 154lbs in pounds. He has a pair of brown eyes and brown hair.James Crumbley

What does James Crumbley do for a living?

Crumbley James, now known as a criminal suspect used to work as a technology salesman before the incident that brought him into the limelight. 

James Crumbley Job

Crumbley was laid off from his job as a telemarketer right after the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020 according to Jay Farr, the CEO of Advantzware.

James allegedly began working at the firm in 2017, where he worked remotely from home in Michigan, generating sales leads. According to his now-deleted Facebook profile, he started working at a San Francisco-based security technology company in February 2021.

James Crumbley Net Worth 

James Crumbley net worth is estimated to be about $ 200K as of 2022. He has worked with several companies before the November 30th, 2021 incident. 

James and Jennifer Crumbley

James and Jennifer Crumbley have been over-protective of their son, who refused to talk with the authorities after he was arrested. Ethan’s attorney at the arraignment, Scott Kozak, objected when a judge ordered Ethan to be held without bond at the Oakland County Jail after being transferred from Children’s Village, a juvenile detention facility in Pontiac. Kozak argued, “these are all allegations, and he has not been found guilty”.

It was alleged that James and Jennifer Crumbley met with Ethan’s school officials just a few hours before the shooting to discuss the troubling images and notes Ethan had written during school hours.

A day before the shooting, a teacher in the school reported that Ethan was searching for ammunition on his phone, McDonald stated. The school however reached out to Jennifer Crumbley but never got a response from her.

Authorities stated that Jennifer Crumbley texted Ethan later about the episode: “LOL, I’m not gonna get mad at you, you have to learn to not get caught”. Like she was aware of his whole plan and was in support.

The parents were arrested in the early morning hours of a Saturday in an eastside Detroit building after long hours of searching for them. They were eventually found by the Police in a building “locked somewhere in a room, hiding”, McDonald said during their Saturday morning arraignment in 52nd District Court.

The prosecutor further stated that they had already withdrawn $4,000 from an ATM in Rochester Hills and also taken multiple steps to conceal their location. What kind of parents leaves their son in detention and absconds? Wow, this is absurd! Currently, James and Jennifer Crumbley are being held on a $500K bond.James and Jennifer Crumbley

Who are James and Jennifer Crumbley?

Jennifer and James Crumbley are the biological parents of Oxford High School, Michigan shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley. It was revealed that they asked a judge to void the charges against them for their alleged roles in the November 30 shooting.

Jennifer is the mother of Ethan who was associated with attributing to the November 30th shooting in Oxford School Michigan. Ethan’s parents have pleaded not guilty to four counts of involuntary manslaughter after they were accused by prosecutors of giving their son easy access to a gun and being insensitive to the visible signs that he was a threat.

The criminal records of Jennifer and James Crumbley also show both were convicted of drunken driving in Florida on the same day in 2005. Court records indicate that they each pleaded no contest and were sentenced to probation with $250 fines plus additional fees and fines and also the revocation of their licenses for six months. Crumbley James also has encountered regular charges in Florida for driving with a suspended license. However, the cause of the shooting is still being investigated.

How old are James and Jennifer Crumbley?

James Crumbley will be 46 years old this year 2022 since he was born in 1976 in Detroit, Michigan, United States. However, there is no information about his wife’s date of birth and origin. Ethan Crumbley

Do James and Jennifer Crumbley have other children?

James and Jennifer Crumbley have 2 children together namely; Ethan and Eli Crumbley. Although, James has 2 other children from 2 different women in his previous relationships. 

James Crumbley Attorney

Currently, James and Jennifer Crumbley are represented, respectively by Mariell Lehman and Shannon Smith, who both work in the same law office and also took turns at district court hearings questioning witnesses on behalf of their clients.

James Crumbley Attorney

Who is Ethan Crumbley?

Ethan Crumbley is accused of opening fire during school hours on Nov. 30, 2021, killing four students and injuring seven other people.

Four students died at the hands of the school shooting, with seven more people sustaining injuries, including a teacher.

According to authorities, a teacher at the school noticed Ethan Crumbley was searching for ammunition on his phone while in class. She allegedly reported the incident and left a message with his parents, to which the school received no response.

McDonald added that Jennifer Crumbley allegedly texted Ethan the same day, writing: “LOL, I’m not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught,” according to Detroit Free Press.

On the day of the shooting, a teacher reportedly found a note left on Ethan’s desk, with a drawing of a semiautomatic handgun and the words “The thoughts won’t stop, help me.”

The note reportedly also contained a drawing of a bullet as well as a person who appeared to be shot and bleeding, with the words “blood everywhere”.

Later that morning, Jennifer and James were called into the school’s office to talk about the concerning behaviors of their son, where they reportedly “resisted the idea” of taking him out of school.

According to McDonald, Jennifer texted her son “Ethan, don’t do it,” at 1.22 pm on Tuesday, after news broke of an active shooter at the high school.

“Any individual who had the opportunity to stop this tragedy should have done so. The question is, what did they know and when did they know it?” said McDonald.Ethan Crumbley Parents

Ethan Crumbley Parents

Ethan Crumbley’s parents are James and Jennifer Crumbley who were each charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter resulting in the deaths of four students in the school shooting and have pleaded not guilty.

Ethan’s parents were linked with the reported violent behavior of their son charged with first-degree murder in the deaths and other offenses like injuring six other students and a teacher. However, the charges have drawn international attention.Ethan Crumbley Journal

Ethan Crumbley Journal 

During the investigation of Ethan Crumbley’s crimes, a 22-page journal in which he allegedly wrote about his complete plans to shoot up Oxford High School was found in his backpack in a bathroom at Oxford High School on the day of the shooting, said Lt. Timothy Willis.

Ethan wrote in the journal that he hoped his deadly actions would be “so big that sleepy f–king Joe Biden will have to sleezy make an apologie [sic] to people” and he also wrote that “Hopefully [his] shooting will cause Biden to get impeached”. 

Timothy Willis further stated that every page in the journal contained references to a shooting Ethan Crumbley was planning at Oxford High School. The 22-page journal was written or drawn on.

According to testimony, the last thing written by Ethan Crumbley in the journal was dated November 29, a day before the shooting and he said, “The shooting is tomorrow. I have access to the gun and the ammo”.

Other entries in Ethan Crumbley’s journal that you may find interesting include:

  • “The first victim has to be a pretty girl with a future so she can suffer like me”.
  • “I have fully, mentally lost it after years of fighting with my dark side. My parents won’t listen to me about help or a therapist”.
  • “I’m sorry for this mom and dad, I’m not trying to hurt you by doing this. I have to do this”.
  • The journal also included drawings of bullets, a severed head with blood all over, and what appeared to be a “demon,” Willis said.

James cried during the testimony about the journal. When thoroughly checked, Willis confirmed that there were no messages in the journal written by the student’s parents or anything that indicated that he told them about his supposed plans for the shooting.Ethan Crumbley drawings

Ethan Crumbley Gun 

James Crumbley bought a new gun ( 9mm Sig Sauer SP2022) used in the shooting on November 26, 2021, at a gun store in Oxford, Michigan alongside his then 15-year-old son on Black Friday and kept it in an unlocked drawer, McDonald stated.

It was also revealed that he and Jennifer Crumbley ignored warning signs that included the awful pictures that their 15-year-old sophomore drew depicting a handgun, a person bleeding from a gunshot wound and messages including “the thoughts won’t stop, help me”, “my life is useless” and “the world is dead”. Can we say Ethan’s parents were so lackadaisical and insensitive? Well, I think that describes them better. 

Although there was no indication from the 22-page journal that pointed at how Ethan Crumbley gained access to the gun and ammunition allegedly used in the school shooting or any proof that Jennifer or James Crumbley gave him the weapon to use for the mishap, Willis said.Ethan Crumbley Gun

James Crumbley Instagram

James Crumbley is not very active on his social media platforms, especially Instagram. He has only about 120 followers with 47 posts on his Instagram page. You can check out his Instagram photos and videos from James Crumbley (@random_teen16). 

James Crumbley Profile

Full NameJames Crumbley
Date of Birth1976
Place of BirthDetroit, Michigan, United States
Age46 years old
Zodiac SignUnknown
Height5 Feet 8 Inches (173cm or 1.73m)
Weight70Kg (154lbs in pounds)
Net Worth$200k approximately
ProfessionTech Salesman
WifeJennifer Sawdon Crumbley
ChildrenEli Crumbley, Ethan Crumbley, and 2 other unknown

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