Keegan Hawk Age, Education and Parents

Keegan Hawk was born in the united states on the 18th of July 2001. His dad is the popular skateboarding her tony hawk while his mom (Erin Hawk) is the Executive Director at World Leadership School, Tony has quite a lot of siblings since his dad had gone through a series of relationships before finally settling down with Lhotse Merriam, unfortunately, he has parted ways with her just recently.

He is of American citizenship and he is the second son of Tonny hawk following Riley Hawk who is Keegan’s elder brother. 

Early Life & Education

Keegan Hawk

Keegan was born by tony’s 2nd spouse. Tony had initially married a lady called Cindy Dunbar. Cindy gave birth to Riley hawk on the 6th of December, 1992. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last as they parted ways in 1993. Following their divorce, Tony later met Erin lee would become his wife.

It was through Erin Lee that Tony gave birth to Keegan Hawk, Keegan grew up in the united states however there are very few details concerning where he did his high school and secondary school. The little detail known about Keegan was his participation in skateboarding while he was young.

But it didn’t last since he later dropped it and follow what he felt he was interested in which is photography. this made him study photography while he was in college.

Looking at the past relationship his dad had in the past, Riley hawk and Kadence Clover Hawk are his half-siblings while Spencer Hawk is from the same mother as Keegan since they share the same father and mother.

Keegan Hawk’s Career

Keegan has always been into photography since he posts it regularly on his Instagram page also he plans on making a living out of it. And his dada has been supportive of his ambitions and interest in Photography. He did undertake a photography course while still in school to improve his expertise on the subject matter, current, his focus is on landscape photography, music and humanities.

Keegan once said he wants his accomplishments to stand on their own. “I want people to know me for me and not as Tony Hawk’s son.

You check his Instagram page to view portfolio-landscape photographs. In addition to all that Keegan has other interests such as gaming, and mountain climbing.

Keegan hawk is the son of the popular Tony Hawk who was regarded as one of the most lethal skateboarders that have ever competed in skateboarding competitions. Keegan embraced skateboarding for a while before dropping it to follow his interest in photography, music, and humanitarianism. Currently, he is 21 years old and his zodiac sign is Caucasian. zodiac sign. Keegan Hawk’s Net worth is estimated to be around $5million

Keegan Hawk’s Parents

Keegan Hawk

Initially, Keegan’s dad,(Tony Hawk) was married to Cindy Dunbar. They tied the knot in April 1990. It was their union that gave birth to Riley who was the first son of tony hawk. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before each of them parted ways three years after their marriage

Three years later (1996) tony Went ahead to marry Erin lee. His union with Erin lee produced two sons named Spenser Hawk and Keegan Hawk, Spenser was born on March 26, 1999. While Keegan was born on July 18 2001

Things went well between the couple till 2004. when he parted ways with Erin lee due to issues not open to the public. Tony didn’t stop loving as he went for a third wife. Eventually, he met Lhotse Merriam in the year 2006, precisely the 12th day of January. The union n between Tony and Lhotse Merriam gave birth to his first daughter by the name of Kadence Clover Hawk. She was born on the 30th of June, 2008. 

Guess what? Their marriage didn’t last. Due to certain circumstances, Lhotse Merriam decided to part ways on the 7th of February, 2011. 

Surprisingly, Tony later got married to Cathy Goodman at Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort on June 27, 2015. Tony and Cathy started dating in 2011, a year after she had divorced Tony’s close friend Matt Goodman. They’d been together for over 20 years. 

Currently, they don’t have any kids together, however. The kids from their past relationships live together as brothers and sisters. Cathy’s past kids are Miles and Calvin 

Keegan’s Dad: Tony’s Secret Tape was Discovered.

Sometimes ago Keegan once discovered his father’s adult tape, which was a strange experience for him. at the time he was just seventeen anyway, here is what happened:

Keegan was in his dad’s room looking for a Phone charger when his dad wasn’t home. while he was searching he noticed a yellow glow emanating from the dresser’s top. It took him a bit to find out how to get up there, but once he did, he discovered a battered VHS video strewn about.

During the time Keegan discovered these tapes Tony was divorced. Unknown to Keegan he was thinking, these were some of his old skateboarding videos. so he brought his pals to come to join him while he tried playing the cassette 

When Keegan played the VHS footage, he was shocked. “This isn’t skating, this is my dad boning a bunch of females!” he said as soon as the video started. “Everyone must immediately return home!”. It was a devastating experience for him.

Keegan Hawk’s Siblings

Keegan Hawk

 Keegan has One stepbrother from Cindy Duncan who was tony’s first wife. His name is Riley Hawk, and while he has one real brother whose name is Spenser, Spenser and Keegan are both from the same father and mother, however when his mum divorced tony. Tony married a lady called Lhotse Merriam whom he has his first daughter.

In total Keegan has 3 siblings and two brothers from Tony’s current wife Cathy Goodman but not his dad.

Keegan Hawk’s Net Worth

Currently, Keegan seems to be focusing more on his photography skills. He splits his time between Seattle and San Diego, California. however, he doesn’t seem to have any rigid source of living.

However, his dad is supportive when it comes to his finances. But with the current look of things coupled with what Forbes reported about him. 

His current net worth is valued at $5Million since his dad has assets and would most likely share them among his sons. His dad Tony currently has a net worth of $140 million.

Keegan Girlfriend

First and foremost, it is important to mention that Keegan’s sexuality is actually “straight”. But he’s still single. Probably he is more focused on refining his photography skills for now. But he isn’t too young to have a girlfriend.

The thing is: there haven’t been any reports stating that Keegan currently has a girlfriend or he was seen dating a lady. In a nutshell, Keegan Hawk is single.

Height and Weight

Keegan prefers having a discreet life, and not much is known about his body measurement or information regarding Keegan’s weight. However, looking at his picture he has an averagely tall height for someone in his early twenties in America.

Keegan Hawk’s Age

Being the third son of Tony Hawk 2nd wife and 2nd son of Erin lee. Keegan is currently 2i years old after being born on 18 July 2001. which makes his current age as of April 27th 2022 21 years old.

Keegan Hawk’s Instagram

He is known on Instagram. You can check his page here where you will my see the series of Photography he has taken. He once mentioned that he plans to make money from his landscape.

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