Kenmore ICE Maker not working with Fixes

There are a series of reasons why your Kenmore icemaker might seem not to work most since modern ice makers are being integrated into the refrigerator which increases the functionalities of the fridge.

This may however not be an issue, but you cannot write off the possibilities of having one or two struggles with the icemaker which might require you to reset it sometimes and in some other scenario you might be stuck with your Kenmore ice maker not working.

That being said, I will be focusing on the reasons behind your Kenmore ice maker not working and different ways you can diagnose it

Why is Kenmore ice maker not working

Once you experience these issues, a lot of thoughts come to your mind, probably to resets the refrigerator or restart it. Sometimes it does work. But since you are stuck with your Kenmore ice maker not working, the first thing you ought to check is your water inlet valve since lack of water supply to the ice maker is one of the main reasons behind your Kenmore ice maker not working.

That said, I will be listing all the reasons why your Kenmore ice maker is not working and below this headline, I will proceed to the fixes

  • Faulty water inlet Valve
  • Wrong temperature setting
  • Your Evaporator coils are frozen
  • The door switch is broken
  • The water pressure is low
  • Kenmore icemaker Mold thermostat
  • The water filter is clogged

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How to Fix Kenmore Ice maker not working

Kenmore Ice maker not working

1 . Check your Water inlet Valve

To produce ice, you need water. And the water inlet valve has one job, which is to transfer water to both the dispenser and the water inlet valve.

Since the water inlet valve works mechanically and is powered electrically, if the valve is faced with a mechanical or electrical issue, it won’t work.

You can come across mechanical issues like a clogged valve or electrical issues such that the ice maker is not getting the required pressure or the valve not opening when it has gotten a signal from the fridge.

That being said, fixing it isn’t hard since it is not a component deep-rooted inside the refrigerator. You can easily get to these components and replace them with a new one.

However, one thing you have to take note of is your Kenmore comes with a 1-year warranty on repairs and parts replacement from the time you bought it. However, you must have purchased it from an authorized dealer you can contact Kenmore over here – at 1-844-553-6667 to take advantage of their warranty.

2 . Check the Current Temperature

check the temperature

While this might be a no-brainer, it could still be an issue for some. If the temperature of your Freezer is anywhere beyond 20 degrees Celcius you need to adjust that to somewhere in the range of 0 – 18 degrees.

However, if the temperature is low, and the water valve is working perfectly then you might want to consider checking for dirt in the coils which are located in the back compartment of your refrigerator.

3 . Check the Evaporated Coil

While checking the back compartment of your freezer you might come across a frozen evaporator coil.

If that is the case, what that means is the evaporator isn’t circulating the air in your freezer effectively or the evaporated coil preventing airflow.

In a scenario like this, you have to check these components to discover which one is faulty and needs a replacement before installing the evaporator coil back

they are the Defrost thermostat, control board, heater, or cold temp sensor.

4 . Check the Door Switch

Just as similar as the temperature another little diagnosis you have to carry out is the door switch. The door switch can make your Kenmore ice maker not to work since it can turn the water and ice dispenser off once the door is open.

Over here, all you need to do is check the door switch. And you can do that by pushing the button to see if the light goes off. If it does or it remains in the same state after switching it ON and OFF then the door switch is faulty and needs a replacement

5 . Check the Water Filter

Before the water passes through the water inlet valve, there is some sort of water filter that filters the water before it is transferred into the fridge. 

This might not be an issue you will experience if you are using a newly purchased freezer. However, after using it for a while, the water filter can get clogged with dirt particles making it hard for water to flow into the ice maker.

To fix it, simply turn off the water supply and remove the water filter while replacing it with a new one.

ICE maker not making ICE but Water Works

Ice maker not working but water works

When you are faced with a scenario like this it means the water line that passes through the water filter to the ice maker is frozen making the ice maker get no water.

If you are faced with this all you have to do is unfreeze the icemaker and the water line

To unfreeze the icemaker, you can shut down your fridge and allow the water to melt off the ice maker or instead remove the ice maker from the fridge so that you can leave the fridge ON.

That being said, your compressor is another component of the fridge, but it is less likely to have issues, however, if your compressor feels too hot, it might be a pointer that there is something wrong, you can check here to figure out 7 reasons why your compressor is hot and what you can do about it

How to Reset Kenmore Refrigerator ICE Maker?

There are two ways around resetting your Kenmore refrigerator. If your refrigerator has a reset button you can make use of it to rest your fridge instantly, however, another way to do that is by unplugging your refrigerator for at least 5 minutes and then plugging it back.

Kenmore ice maker not working red light blinking

In a scenario where you open your Kenmore freezer door and you notice that there is a red flashing light on the ice maker while the ice container is empty here is how you can resolve that

  • Locate the ice maker’s slide control button and turn it “ON”
  • Get a towel and soak in warm water
  • Use it to wipe the optic lenses to remove frost, dirt or grime. ensure there is no dirt or particles on the lens.
  • Now, pull down the arm of the ice maker so as to make it fill the cube train easily in order to dispense ice.

Kenmore ICE Maker Manual

If you can’t access the manual to your Kenmore ice maker then you can simply visit here while taking note of your Ice maker model number to download the right manual for you.

Kenmore Warranty

Also, Kenmore comes with a one-year warranty for their freezer and refrigerator provided you purchased your freezer from an authorized store such as SEAR and you’ve installed and used the refrigerator as instructed in the manual.

If you purchased yours earlier you can simply call this number (1-844-553-6667) to contact them so that you will be able to take advantage of your warranty.


After going through this article you should have figured out how you can resolve your Kenmore ice maker not working, however, it is always important to unplug the refrigerator before tinkering with the inner component to be on the safe side.

In addition to that, if you are not comfortable tinkering with the inner components you can get the services of a repairman

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