Keywords Everywhere Chrome & Firefox Keyword Research Tool Review

When it come to blogging keywords research is very important. Knowing the volume of your target keywords and how competitive it is, is a smart way to start blogging and expect search traffic with time. Keywords research tools like keyword planner,Longtail pro, Kwfinder, Keyword spy, spyful to mention a few have made blogging so easy over the years. But recently I stumbled on Keywords everywhere plugin for Chrome and Mozilla mainly for keywords search for volume and keyword competitions analysis.

When I started using keyword everywhere I was only concern about the extension search volume and with time I found out what I have been missing a lot. The free browser extension has a one time API key to verify that you have install the extension on your browser and to fully give the exact match keyword competition and volume.

Most keyword research tools are paid with free trial for a month or so. Before I started using keyword everywhere I was using KwFinder. I started with basic with just three time trial a day (That is you can only use it for three times within 24 hours) but with time I had to switch to KwFinder premium. And currently, both KwFinder and everywhere keywords Chrome extension are my best keywords tools with the same exact search volume.

They’re both free and easy to use. Kwfinder interface is user friendly. It has SERP result as it looks in search engine. It analysis keywords and tells you whether the keyword is easy to rank for or you shouldn’t bother to write about it.

While kwfinder has a website where you can perform some basic configuration and give basic answers on your chosen country. Keywords everywhere extension analysis competitions just like other keywords research tools but rather than visiting a website or software like longtail pro you only need to install keyword everywhere extension and search for your keywords volume directly from Google.

How to Install Keyword Everywhere

If you can install Kodi addon you should be able to Install this keyword plugin without supervision. The keyword search tool is just a plugin you need to install. After installation you get your API key and enter it into appropriate section and you are done.

Go to Google and search for ‘keywords everywhere extension’ and install your default browsers extension (Chrome or Fire Fox) or install directly to your browser from here: Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

Keywords everywhere chrome extension

Once you have successfully added the plugin to your browser, say Google Chrome you then need to generate API key and added it to the extension for activation.

After you have installed the plugin click on the extension iconKeywords everywhere chrome extension to the upper right of your browser and tap ‘ generate API key’. A new page will pops up for you to enter your email account and click on the enter button. A new API key will be generated and sent to your email. Click on ‘update settings’ and paste the link codes under API key and then click on validate to validate your keywords everywhere extension API key.

Keywords everywhere chrome extension

You can play around the settings dashboard to set up your own search result volume based on countries, currencies, CPC and keywords competitions.

How to Use Keywords Everywhere Extension

If you have installed this free keyword research tool you should be a bit worry on how to use it and compete for a less keywords with huge volume. Or perhaps on how to know which keywords to compete with. Since the keyword tool did analysis keywords competitions based on unit it worth noting that a keyword with high competition rate means more difficulties.

If you search for a keyword using this keywords then you should pay attention to the competition rate and not the volume. Although volume is also important but not all keywords you can write for if you are an upcoming blogger.

For accurate result you may want to set your default search engine to Google. If you are using Chrome you can click on the ellipsis (…) to the upper right and click on settings. Few icons above manage password you will see manager search engine. Click on it and select Google as default before you start using the keywords extension.

Keywords everywhere search engine

Now whenever you want to search for a new keyword Google will be the default search. Otherwise you might have issues with your results.

Visit and search for any keywords say ‘keywords everywhere’. The monthly search volume will be displayed right below the search box.

Keywords everywhere chrome extension

Always take note of the competition rate. Once you have a rate above 0.30 it might be difficult to rank for. Result showed that once the rate competition is above 0.30 you need to write comprehensively to be able to rank for it. However, with basic knowledge of SEO you can rank for it except otherwise you are good doing basic SEO. For quality SEO you can refer to this guide on SEO made simple step-by-step guide.

On a finally note, keywords everywhere chrome and Firefox plugin really make it easy to search for a specific keywords search volume and how competitive the keyword is.

What is you take about this? Have you try to use this keywords research tool before and what can you say about it?

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  1. Hi, Adesanmi Franklyn

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