How to Remove Kissanime Popup Virus from your Computer

Kissanime popup virus

When the Kissanime popup virus finds its way to your computer your privacy is no longer secure to start with. The Kissanime app will first bridge your computer security and privacy and expose them to a third-party without your permission.

When the app is installed on your computer, it runs an underground malware and starts showing advertisement directly on your computer when you connect to the internet. You do not need to launch a browser before the Kissanime virus advertisement starts displaying even though the virus also affects browsers.

The Kissanime developer develops the program so that it can force a victim to click on advertisements and make money from the clicks. The program shows sponsors ads all over your PC so that you will always click on the advertisement.

When you first install the Kissanime virus, it first changes your search engine to Kissanime, changes your homepage, and gradually take over the whole of your computer if not removed immediately and expose your privacy.

Kissanime Popup Virus Harmful Effects

The Kissanime virus has diverse of negative effect when it enters your system. For a start, having taken over your search engine and homepage, the virus will start displaying a countless number of advertisements on your computer desktop which will force you to click on the ads.

However, these advertisements are also dangerous. The virus popup ads can take you to harmful and unsafe websites such as the Dark Web and other malicious websites where your privacy is not safe and secure.

To worsen the effect of the popup virus, if it takes you to a website that requires credit or debit card login and you enters your card details, the virus can steal the card information and reveal it to the developer.

The first precautional measure to remove the Kissanime virus is to stay away from clicking the app advertisements and quickly find a way to remove it from your computer.

The Kissanime popup virus consumes a huge part of your computer CPU with a simple HTML code and therefore, reduce the performance of your computer. If the virus is not removed before it reduced the performance of your PC to zero-level, you will need to format your computer to remove the virus because you will no longer be able to access the directory to uninstall the virus.

One important note to take note when dealing with Kissanime virus is the fake update notifications from your computer software. However, these update notifications are 100% fake because they are generated by the Kissanime app.

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How Kissanime Popup Virus Enters your Computer

They are different ways in which virus enters a computer. When your computer contracted a virus or Trojan it could be from one of the following ways. However, the way Kissanime enters your system is the same way other viruses like Noad Variance TV popup enters your PC.

  • Freeware and shareware downloads
  • Visiting malicious websites despite Google unsafe warning
  • Use of torrent files or pirated software
  • Use of cracked apps
  • Download paid software from a websites offering it for free without supports.

How to Remove Kissanime Popup Virus

If you decided not take action when this virus enters your computer it will render the system useless. The Kissanime virus has the ability to disable antivirus security on your computer if the antivirus failed to caught it before installing.

The virus app is capable of bringing more malware or malicious threat into your computer. While you sit and remove the virus, they are two ways to delete the threat completely from your computer.

Manual Kissanime Virus Removal Procedure

While the variously sponsored popup by Kissanime virus is really annoying and tempting formatting any PC the virus finds its way into. With a little technical understanding, the virus can be removed manually.

The Kissanime removal procedure requires a keen of attention unlike the automatic removal to be discussed next.

For Windows OS, navigate to your control panel and search for Kissanime popup software and click on uninstall to remove the software. However, if the virus software is not in the control panel section consider checking for other effect software or software that look like a virus to you, the software you didn’t install yourself and uninstall them.

Kissanime popup virus

After you have successfully uninstalled the suspicious software from your computer control panel then restart the system to clear everything completely.

How to Remove Kissanime Popup Virus from Browsers

It’s unfortunate that Kissanime virus starts from affecting your browsers. It can turn your browsers to a living hell with tons of pop-up advertisement to redirect your from your current page to the developer’s targets page.

However, it’s important to check and remove the unwanted popup virus from your computer browsers as well.

Remove Kissannime Popup Virus from IE

First, we are going to remove the virus from your internet explorer. To achieve this, follow these steps.

Launch the Internet Explorer browser and click on the tools gear icon to the top right and select Manage Add-ons. Then, search for Kissanime from the search box or identify other files that look like a threat or virus to you that you have not added and disable them.

Kissanime popup virus

Now, in the IE, go to Advanced option and tap the reset button. A new window will pop-up, tick delete personal configuration and tap the reset button.

With these steps, the Kissanime files on Internet Explorer and other related viruses will be removed totally from your IE.

Remove Kissanime Popup Virus from Firefox

By default, Mozilla Firefox is a slow browser and it easily crashes. However, when the Kissanime virus affects it, the browser will remain dormant for life. Therefore, before the Kissanime virus finds its way into the Firefox browser, follow the steps below to remove it.

Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser and press the following keys together to open the browser’s external extension “CTRL + SHIFT + A “.

Take a walk around and check all the effect files and add-ons. If there are add-ons and files that are not added to the browser by yourself select them and click on the remove button to delete all the select files.

After the files are successfully removed, troubleshoot your Firefox through the help to see if they are files that you still need to remove and then restart the browser.

Remove Kissanime Popup Virus from Chrome

To remove the Kissanime virus from Google Chrome browser follow the following steps.

Launch the Chrome browser and click on the 3 dots to the top right and click on more tools to open extensions. Check the available extensions and files to see if there is the Kissanime app installed and trash the app clicking on the trash-can icon.

Now, navigate to Chrome settings and click on the advanced option. Then, scroll down the page and click on reset button to restore the browser to a default setting in case there is an alteration made by Kissanime to the browser when it enters your browser.

Finally, close the Chrome browser and launch it again.

Remove Kissanime Popup Virus from Windows OS

For Windows computer, if the Kissanime virus has enters your system beyond the above steps you may need to clean your computer registry to completely remove the virus from your computer.

This doesn’t cost a dime, all you need to remove the popup virus from your Windows registry is simply follow the steps below.

Press the Windows button + R to launch your computer command prompt. In the search box, type regedit and tap the OK button. In the regedit, search for Kissanime related files and remove it.

Note: Only use this approach if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, make use of the other approaches.

How to Remove Kissanime Popup Virus Automatically

The manual process to remove Kissanime app from your computer is straight and direct. However, the automatic way is fast and error-free. The automatic way can guarantee 100% removal of the threat and other related Kissanime files.

However, the best tool to remove the Kissanime app is SpyHunter for computers. The software program is mainly developed to remove malware such as Trojan, Virus, rootkits, Computer worms, and others.

Finally, the SpyHunter offers a professional way to remove Kissanume popup virus from your computer without going through the whole processes shared above to remove the threat manually. The software doesn’t only remove the Kissanime virus, it also removes other related files that are threats to your computer.

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