kristina Alice Net Worth, Age, Husband, Parents, and Bio

Kristina Alice is a 24 years old Australian Instagram model, she was born on the 30th of December, 1997.

She became is popular for dating Ethan Dolan, the twin brother of Grayson Dolan. And she has previously appeared in a video which featured both of them.

The video was titled “Hawaiian Party” which was also written and directed by the Dolan twins, Ethan and Greyson.

Not so much is known about Kristina Alice, as she doesn’t share much of her information on the internet. But she hasn’t been very shy to share her pictures and her love life on the internet.

Continue reading this article to get more information about Kristina Stewart, her net worth, her lifestyle, and her boyfriend, Ethan Dolan.

Kristina Alice Net Worth 2022

Kristina Alice net worth is currently estimated below $500,000, she has appeared in a music video, and she is also an Instagram model and influencer where she make most of her money.

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Kristina Alice Instagram

Kristina Alice’s Instagram handle is @kristinaalice1 and she shares pictures with her friends and other influencers like her. You can see her enjoying the wildlife and atmosphere of her native country of Australia and touring Hawaii with her lover Ethan Dooley

Kristina Stewart is a lover of nature, and animals and she enjoys the outdoors.Kristina Alice Net Worth

Dolan Twins

Ethan and Grayson Dolan were born on  December 16, 1999, they are collectively known as the Dolan Twins and are an American comedy duo who rose to prominence in May 2013 on the video-sharing application Vine.

The Dolan twins are from the Long Valley region of Washington Township, Morris County, New Jersey. Their father, Sean Dolan, died from cancer on January 19, 2019. However, Sean Dolan was fifty years old when he died.

The Dolan twins uploaded a sixty-minute video, titled It’s Time To Move On…. on October 8, 2019. They explained the stress of their father’s death, and that they intend to change the content of their channel to a more flexible schedule.

Since their beginnings, the Dolan twins have accumulated over 6.4 million followers on Vine and 11 million subscribers on YouTube and embarked on a world tour titled the “4OU” Tour in 2016.

The Dolan twins were also involved in a Twitter ad campaign for the social network’s new stickers feature. At the 2016 Teen Choice Awards, the duo won the awards for Choice Web Star: Male and Choice YouTuber.

The Dolan twins announced a hiatus from YouTube on March 27, 2018, through a video on their channel entitled Bye For Now. In the video, they stated that they wanted to re-evaluate themselves creatively and focus on their lives outside of the platform. The Dolan twins later announced their return on May 1, 2018.

The Dolan twins formed The Sister Squad with fellow YouTubers James Charles and Emma Chamberlain In June 2018. The four of them later uploaded simultaneous videos on their YouTube channels on June 19, August 28, October 31, and December 25, 2018, and were featured prominently in YouTube Rewind 2018. The Sister Squad was nominated for a 2019 YouTube Ensemble Shorty Award.

On January 14, 2021. they uploaded a podcast titled We’re Moving On From YouTube, onto their podcast channel Deeper with the Dolan Twins. Since then the Dolan twins have not been active anymore on their social media accounts.

Hawaiian Party

Hawaiian party is a short musical video, filmed in Los Angeles, California, USA. The story follows 3 young couples of varying sexual orientations, as each character works up the nerve to confront their true feelings.

Hawaiian Party written and co produced by Ethan Dolanand his twin brother Grayson Dolan. Not lots of people knew that Kristina Alice starred and in the video and even shared a passionate kiss with Ethan Dolan. They maintained their friendship after the musical video and started dating years later.

Kristina Alice Date of Birth

Australian model Kristina Alice was born in Australia on the 30th of December, 1997 to Australian parents.

Kristina Alice Age

Australian Instagram model, Kristina is 24 years old, she was born on the 30th of  December, 1997 to Australian parents.

Kristina Alice Parents

Kristina’s parents are not known to the media, but she was born in Australia on the 30th of  December, 1997 to Australian parents.

Kristina Alice Children

Kristina currently doesn’t have any kids yet as she is still studying and focusing on her career as a model.

Kristina Alice Boyfriend

Kristina Alice is an Australian model, video vixen, and social media personality. Kristina Alice was first spotted in a music video titled “Hawaiian Party” which featured the Dolan twins. She was spotted kissing Ethan Dolan in the music video.

However, their fans were curious to know such a lovely lady with beautiful dark hair and eyes. She was just perfect and fans wanted to know more about her and if she was dating one of the Dolan twins.

However, Ethan Dolan and Kristina Alice would later confirm these speculations after he and Kristina Alice were spotted together on a vacation in Hawaii.

Kristina Alice and Ethan Dolan started sharing cozy and romantic pictures with love captions on their various social media accounts. Although Alice resides in Australia, and Ethan Dolan lives in America,  anyway the couple has not allowed the 14-hour distance to be a barrier in their relationship.
Ethan Dolan stands at 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m or 180 cm) tall.

Are Kristina and Ethan Still together?

We don’t have an up to date information to confirm if Kristina Alice and Ethan Dolan are still together.

Ethan Dolan has not been active on all his social media account. Although Kristina Alice still posts sometimes on her Instagram account and her fans have been very curious to know how Ethan and Grayson Dolan are currently doing fine and okay, she has not responded to that.

What Ethnicity is Kristina Alice

Although Kristina Alice is Australian, she is considered to have a white background.

Kristina Alice Height

The beautiful Australian model Kristina Alice is 5 feet 5 inches tall (1.65 m or 165 cm).

Kristina Alice Weight

The beautiful Australian Instagram model with dark eyes, dark brown hair and a slender stature weighs around 55 Kg or 121 lbs.

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