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Some users still believe the Cash App is a bank, but it is not. They operate independently as a fintech app. Cash App is different from the Lincoln Savings Bank; as a matter of fact, there is nothing like the Lincoln savings bank cash app but they partnered. You will understand what I mean better below.

But that’s not all. Cash operates as a peer-to-peer money transfer platform that users can use to send and receive money within the platform.

However, they can’t fully perform all banking-related transactions without involving a bank.

That’s one of the reasons they’ve partnered with Lincoln and Sutton Banks. Lincoln savings bank cash app helps Cash App process direct deposits, while Sutton Bank partners with Cash App as a service provider and issuer of Cash Cards.

Having said that, let’s delve into the different things you can do with your Cash App account.

Lincoln Savings Bank Cash App

Lincoln Savings Bank is an Iowa-based financial services provider that was established in 1902.

The bank primarily provides its services through its physical branches, but customers can also access their accounts and services online.

Aside from all these, Lincoln Bank also partnered with Cash App, which is why you have been hearing about Lincoln Bank alongside Cash App.

In case you aren’t aware, Lincoln Bank helps process direct deposits for Cash App users.

What this means is that those who use Cash App as a way to receive their paycheck, tax return, or other direct payments don’t need to open a separate account with Lincoln Savings Bank.

Instead, they will be automatically given an account with the bank, which will be linked to their Cash App account.

Lincoln Savings Bank Cash App Username and Password

Lincoln Bank is a standalone domestic bank that offers physical and offline transactions.

In terms of its online transactions, you can also send and transfer money from a bank to another Lincoln banking app. However, the Cash app isn’t a domestic bank. It is a fintech app that offers its users peer-to-peer transactions. Coupled with that, the cash app does not have a physical location, unlike Lincoln Bank.

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Lincoln Savings Bank Cash App

This is the thing: Plaid is a financial technology app that links your digital payment apps, such as Cash, with your bank account.

It stores your login information in an encrypted format to ensure your privacy.

If your Cash App account is linked with Plaid, you can send money from your Plaid-linked Cash App account to another account seamlessly.

Linking your bank account to Cash App with Plaid is a simple process. All you need to do is

  • Launch your Cash App.
  • Navigate to the “Profile” button in the top right corner.
  • Choose “Linked Banks.”
  • Now, tap on “Link Bank.”
  • Locate the bank you are using and enter your login ID.
  • If you are using Cash App, you have to enter Cash App manually.
  • Now, type in your routing number and account number.
  • Follow the instructions to finish linking your bank account.
  • Afterwards, your banks will be successfully linked to the Cash App with Plaid.

Lincoln Savings Bank Cash App: Direct Deposit

As I mentioned earlier, Lincoln Bank partnered with Cash App to help process direct deposits to your Cash App account.

The partnership makes this faster as random users can send money to your Cash App account, and it will get to you within 1–5 business days.

However, Cash App tries so hard to keep money from going out of the platform since they do so by charging some fees when you try to withdraw your money or send your money out of the platform.

Lincoln Savings Bank Cash App Number

The cash app comes with a unique identifier called a “$Cashtag.” This number is similar to an account number for Cash App, and it can be used to send or transfer money with Cash App.

If you want to send money from a dometsic bank to your Cash App account, Lincoln banks will process the payment to expedite the process.

Lincoln Savings Bank Login

Cash App is a digital payment platform with no physical presence, so it is not a traditional bank, but Lincoln is, since it operates like one.

Coupled with that, Lincoln has an online app where you can send money, pay bills, credit your account, and do all sorts of banking transactions. However, it comes with a login ID, unlike the Cash app, which works with a phone number or email address and a PIN to log in to your account.

That is one of the reasons why the cash app is added manually to Plaid, unlike other payment platforms which can be searched for automatically. 

Sutton Bank and Lincoln Savings Bank

Lincoln savings bank cash app

Sutton Banks and Lincoln Bank are partnering banks which work hand in hand with Cash App.

They work together with the cash app to provide certain benefits. However, they also have something to gain from the Cash App since it is a partnership relationship.

But for those who aren’t aware, Lincoln Bank helps process direct deposits to your Cash App account. For the record, PayPal is usually faster than most banks, as it takes 1–5 business days to reach the user’s account.

Sutton Bank, on the other hand, basically acts as a service provider for Cash App.

NB: Sutton Bank serves as the issuer of the Cash App Cash Card.

Lincoln Savings Bank phone number

If you have an account with Lincoln Savings Bank, you can link it to your Cash app account easily, even if you don’t have a debit card for the bank.

To get your account verified with Lincoln, you must provide very specific details such as your name, SSN, phone number, and some other personal information.


Plaid might sound like a new name when compared to Lincoln Bank and Sutton Bank. You might wonder if obtaining a Plaid account is necessary.

The thing is, it depends on personal preference. Plaid essentially adds an external security layer to your Cash App account, but it is more like giving another platform your login details to make it encrypted and more secure.

Your Cash app account is secure on its own, but it does have some limitations that it does not address giving way for platforms like plaid to be useful.

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