Marcela Basteri Life and Career

Marcela Basteri is best known as an Italian actress. She was born in Italy in the city of Carrara on December 10, 1946. At a very young age, She has expressed her interest in modeling which later became the gateway for her to hook up into acting. 

In 1970 She got married to Luisto Rey. Lusito Rey was a Spanish sing-song writer. A few years later she gave birth to Luis Miguel who went on to become a popular musician. However, things went sour between Marcela and her husband. 

Probably her husband wanted to have her money, but she wasn't buying into his request. Till today her whereabouts are not known after receiving a phone call from her husband. 

While she was traveling to Spain none heard from her again however there are some new information about what happened which will be revealed in this article below. Marcella Basteri's net worth hasn't been estimated yet

Marcela Basteri was born in the year 1946 in the city of Carra, Tuscany, Italy she is famously known as an actress and model who was the ex-wife of Luis Gallego Sánchez, a Spanish singer before trying the knot with Luisto Rey. The wife of the famous songwriter Luisto Rey whom she married in the early 1970s. 

She gave birth to three children which are Alejandro Gallego Basteri, (a businessman) and Sergio Gallego Basteri, who is currently missing and Luis Miguel went on to become a very popular singer.

Luis Miguel started as a young singer in Mexico. currently, she is 40 years old and she stands at a height of 1.73meters.

Marcella Basteri Early Life

Marcella spent most of her childhood years in Carra Tusly and while she was still young she had developed some interest in Acting and modeling. All these interests made her pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. Some reports stated that she entered into acting through modeling which is quite common with models just like amber sienna

Marcella Basteri Career

Marcelle started as a model before moving into acting and screen works. She had begun taking some acting roles from an early age after having some success in the industry. However, things haven’t been a mystery after her sudden disappearance in 1986 after she took a plane going to Spain. 

This alone has generated a lot of reactions and concerns as to what really happened 

Marcela Basteri’s Husband: Luis Ray

Marcela Basteri

After Marcela Basteri got married to her husband, Luisito Rey they migrated to San Juan de Puerto Rico, the city and country where her son Luis Miguel was born. that wasn’t the only child she had for Miguel, she had two more however one of them is missing till today.

Moving forward, some reports are linking Marcela’s husband Luisto Rey to her death. but none is ascertained yet since no one knows the exact cause of her death 

Their marriage came to a halt after the disappearance of his wife Marcela in 1986. six years later Luisto Passed away after struggling with pneumonia. Some sources say he also had AIDS which worsened his immune system.

All these happened because he involved himself in excessive drugs and women, following the disappearance of his wife

Marcela Basteri’s son Luis Miguel

Out of the three children that Marcela gave birth to, one of them turned out to become a very successful artist, his name is Luis Miguel. His mom gave him the nickname “El Sol de Mexico.”

He has achieved a wild level of success in the industry despite recoding only in Spanish he kept outselling his peers. He came out as the best-selling Latin artist in the 1990s and was credited for popularizing the bolero genre into the mainstream market.

Currently, he has sold around 60 million records worldwide. This makes him one of the best-selling Latin music artists. Also, he has been very fortunate with an award such as the Grammy he won while he was just 14 and the platinum-certified Spanish language album of all time which he won among other numerous awards.

Marcela was a very successful singer.

What Happened to Marcela Basteri

Marcela Basteri

There have been different stories online about what happened to Marcela Basteri. however here’s the full story about her disappearance.

On the 16th of March 1985 after she was done filming her second film fever of love. Her son was very busy going for tours and around that time they had a long separation.

During that period she had some crises in her marriage, she wanted to stay in Italy but her husband called her to Spain.

The last time she was heard from was after she landed in span, however, there have been a series of reports concerning the case some said she had a rift with her husband because the husband was unsure if one of the children is from him while others say she was drowned by some alleged drug traffickers but the story became clearer after the death of her husband Luis Rey

Here is how it all transpired:

During Lusito Rey’s burial in Barcelona on the 9th of December 1992, Luis went to meet with Hugo Lopez his manager, who revealed to him that he saw Marcela (his mom) a year ago leave a bank. 

To confirm the news they tried intensifying their effort by involving an Israeli intelligence agency who agreed to take on the mission of finding marcel to discover what happened to her

The agent came back and informs him of what he discovered which goes thus: The woman leaving the bank wasn’t Marcela, however, the woman used his mother’s passport to access one of his remaining bank accounts last month.”

They were able to figure out who this mysterious woman was after Luis Mi glanced at the woman’s photos. They figured out she was Maria, their neighbor in Las Matas.

Luiz Miguel, who was desperate at that time decided to go in search of her. 

When he found Maria he asked her why she posed as his mother and requested her to reveal what she knew of his mom where about 

What Maria reveals is heartbreaking: Tito gave her Marcela’s passport to impersonate her and take money in her name at the bank. The amounts he withdrew were given to Uncle Tito and Luisito Rey.

But things took a turn. “He heard screams that day in Las Matas. And that when he went to the house, Tito opened the door with his shirt stained with blood,”

when Luis Miguel discovered these he loses his mind to confront his uncle Tito and demands that he tell him where his mother is. Tito first pretends not to know anything until the singer goes to the blows. “Your shirt was stained with blood!” complains Micky.

then he confessed that it wasn’t him, That it was Miguel’s father that forced him to blackmail Maria.

“He gave me my passport, he gave me his accounts…”

They kept arguing when till he revealed the whereabouts of Marcela’s body:

“Go to the bushes! Go to Las Matas, look for it. It was an accident, Micky.

At that point, they knew their mother was truly dead and died in a very painful way 

Marcela Basteri’s Net worth

During her lifetime she made quite a lot of money too, but her exact net worth wasn’t estimated, however, her son Miguel who is a successful singer has a net worth of about $45 million as of today.

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Marcela Basteri’s Children

Marcela Basteri had three kids for a Luis Rey, one of his children once had a rift with him, making him request for a DNA since he wasn’t sure if he was truly the one that gave birth to him, his name is Alejandro Gallego Basteri, and he is a businessman. But it was debunked by some sources that it never happened the remaining two children were Luiz Miguel the popular singer and Sergio Gallego Basteri, who is currently missing

Marcela Basteri’s Date of Birth

After the truth about what happened to Marcela was revealed by Luito’s brother, they finally figured out that Marcela was truly gone and the photos posing to appear with a similar resemblance to her was maria one of their former tenant who indirectly had a hand in Marcela demise.

Marella died in 1986, her date of birth is December 10, 1946 

Marcela Basteri’s Age

Her age isn’t 76 since she has passed away after the whole truth about her whereabouts was revealed. Marcela had a rift with her husband luisto in 1986 with led to her demise. What happened was: that Luisto wanted to take charge of her money and that didn’t go well for her. 

All these happened because he wanted to take charge of the money she owned. She lived for 40 years.

Marcela Basteri’s Parent

Due to her son’s popularity, most of her information are being searched about, however not much has been said about her parents who gave birth to her on December 10, 1946. her fathers’ name is Sergio Basteri , while her mom ‘s name is Vanda Tarrozzo

Marcela Basteri’s Weight & Height

There is very little information regarding her weight since it is very prone to change, however, marcel is pretty tall for a lady standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches which is about 1.73 meters. 

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