Merri Kelly Hannity Net Worth and Biography

Once you are born to celebrity parents, you find it difficult to be out of the limelight even if you want to live a private life because fans are always inquisitive particularly when they love the celebrity very much. The same is the case with Merri Kelly Hannity who is the celebrity daughter of the famous TV host and political commentator, Sean Hannity.

Merri’s mum is Jill Rhodes, she’s a Journalist. Interested in knowing more about Merri Kelly, the tennis player star? Then, read on!

Merri Kelly Hannity is a promising tennis player whose love for the sport has been since she was a little kid. In a few years with the way Merri is taking her tennis career, she will be known for her successful tennis career rather than be known as a daughter to Sean Hannity. 

There’s however insufficient information about Merri Kelly’s private lifestyle, except that she’s been a tennis player since she was very young. She is a passionate pet lover and her best color is White. For more revealing facts about the budding young tennis player, scroll down to the end gently.

Merri Kelly Hannity

Merri Kelly Hannity Biography

Merri Kelly Hannity was born in 2002, in Long Island, New York USA. Although the specific date of her birth has not been revealed to the media. She holds an American Nationality and White ethnicity. She is a Christian and her birth sign is Libra. It’s possible her parents, Sean and Jill, are doing their very best to protect the privacy of their children.

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Merri Kelly has an older brother Sean Patrick, who was born on November 3, 1999. Merri is a good friend of her brother, Patrick, He is also a sports lover, therefore having a lot of things to discuss. Merri Kelly likes all kinds of pets, she has a dog named Gracie in their home.

Merri attended the Cold Spring Harbor High School in Huntington and graduated in 2020. Merry was admitted to the University of Michigan in the same year and will be graduating in 2024. Many Institutions are interested in recruiting her because of her tennis prowess. Even though the institutions’ names are not known, sources reveal she has committed to the University of Michigan.

Merri is very passionate and diligent in training, according to every one of the trainers she has worked with over the years. Her tight game, tenacity, and mental capacity have all been praised, especially on the Tennis court. She is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Merri Kelly Hannity aspires to be like Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, and other professional WTA players in the nearest future. Judging her passion and abilities, someday she should rank among professional WTA players in the future, however, we wish her all the best in her endeavors.

Merri Kelly Hannity loves to spend her free time with her family majorly, she likes French fries and vegetable salads, however, she tries to stick to a sporty diet almost every time, so she can maintain her body fitness.

It seems Merri Kelly is mainly focused on her tennis career currently and she loves what she does. Her parents are trying to keep their daughter away from the limelight. Currently, the Hannity family resides in Long Island, New York, where they enjoy a relatively peaceful and harmonious lifestyle.

Merri Kelly Hannity

Merri Kelly Hannity Age

Since Merri Kelly Hannity’s exact date of birth is unknown, while the year is known. It can be calculated that she will be 20 years old this year. However, it’s unknown if she has celebrated her birthday early in the year 2022 or if she will be celebrating it later as the year runs out. 

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Merri Kelly Hannity Height and Weight

The beautiful Tennis player stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches, which is equivalent to 160 cm. She has a healthy body weight of about 45 Kg (99lbs). She is very attractive and vivacious, and as an athlete, she has kept her physical appearance slender and fit. She is also a fitness enthusiast.

Merri’s body measurements are 34-26-35 inches. She has beautiful hazel eyes and blonde hair. Her sexual orientation is straight. She wears a bra cup size of 33 C. 

Merri Kelly Hannity

Merri Kelly Hannity Career

Merri Kelly has been playing tennis since she was a little girl. All of the coaches she has worked with over the years have commended her dogged attitude and mental stability. She is very diligent and works very hard in training, these attributes enable Merri to perform excellently well once she steps out onto the court.

In October 2016 for instance, she managed to get to the tennis finals in Nassau. She was in her 9th grade when she represented team Cold Spring Harbor. Her talents should get her among the professional WTA players in the years to come.

She was quite active in the sport during her high school years. In 2016, she won the Nassau singles title. However, the aspiring young player went on a two-year vacation before returning in 2019.

The 2019 Nassau and Suffolk County Championship was also won by Merri Kelly Hannity. She also competed in the 2019 NYSPHSAA Championships, where she placed third in singles. Merri was also the Number 41 senior in her high school class and the Number 4 in the New York estate. She was also awarded the 2020 US Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award for her dedication to sports.

As a highly attentive tennis player, Merri has gradually established herself as a budding tennis star in the United States. She won the Nassau singles title after defeating her best friend Courtney Kowalsky, who was representing Oyster Bay, in three sets, 6-3, 1-6, 6-4. We wish her all the best in her chosen career.

Merri Kelly Hannity

Merri Kelly Hannity Net Worth 

Although Merry Kelly is 20 years old, her parents are in charge of her finances, which includes all the prize money she earns from winning her tennis matches.

According to authoritative sources, Merri Kelly Hannity net worth is estimated to be about $700,000 (USD).

Forbes recently estimated Merri’s father’s annual income to be about $36 million as of 2018. The majority of Sean’s earnings come from his work in the media industry, being a political commentator and also as an author.

Sean Hannity is the author of three best-selling books on politics, the topics of which focus on liberalism, and anti-terrorism campaigns, with all containing a strong anti-Obama message.

Merri Kelly Hannity

Merri Kelly Hannity Family Members

Merri Kelly Hannity is the daughter of the famous TV personality and political commentator Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes, a Journalist. Merri has an elder brother with whom she shares a similar passion for the sport. 

Merri Kelly’s Mother, Jill Rhodes

Merri Kelly’s mother, Jill Rhodes was born on 27th August 1962 in Alabama and was studying journalism and theology when she met her husband, Sean Hannity. In 1992, according to her words, Jill Rhodes met a handsome young man, and they were instantly attracted to each other. They got married a year later after they met.

Merri Kelly’s Father, Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity was born on the 30th of December 1961 in New York City. After working as an intern in some smaller radio and TV stations, Sean landed a job at Fox News Channel in 1996. Currently, he is a renowned political commentator, and also the host of the radio talk show called “The Sean Hannity Show”.

He has also worked as a TV anchor and a journalist. His political views are quite conservative being a fan of conspiracy theories, and a vocal supporter of Donald Trump which his ex-wife never supported.

Sean and Jill got married on January 9, 1993, and after 27 years of a happy and loving marriage, they decided to divorce in June 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was declared.

According to a source close to the couple, their divorce was finalized a year before the news was revealed in June 2020. An informant also added that the ex-couple were separated several years ago but they managed to keep it discreet. Sean started dating Ainsley Earhardt, a Fox and Friends co-host, after their divorce.

Sean and Jill are committed to being wonderful parents to their children despite being separated. They have a close relationship as parents to their children. They always seek for their children’s privacy to be respected. The ex-couple is ready to do everything possible for the sake of their children.

Both of them still frequently appear together at their children’s tennis tournaments. According to reliable sources, the two separated amicably and are still very close friends. 

The main cause for their breakup according to a source close to Sean was his never-ending workload which Jill couldn’t condone anymore. Sean moved on with his new partner, Fox, and Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt, after their divorce. The couple had been dating secretly for years before they decided to make their relationship public in 2020 according to tabloids.

Merri Kelly’s Elder Brother, Sean Patrick Hannity

Sean Patrick Hannity is her older brother, and he was born on November 3, 1999. Patrick is also a sportsman who plays tennis too. He however started earlier before Merri found passion in tennis.

Merri Kelly Hannity Social Life

Merri has been very discreet about her love life and it seems she’s single presently. She seems more concerned with pursuing a career than getting involved in a dumb romance.

Marri Kelly has established herself as an aspiring tennis star in the United States by putting in a lot of effort and determination to make her dreams come true.

She has not used any social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram recently. Merri Kelly does not have any social media profile under her real name.

It seems Merri doesn’t want to share any details about her personal life with strangers, although she may have a profile on Twitter or Instagram account registered under a different name as an alias.

However, her dad is active on Instagram and Twitter with 1.7 million followers and 5.8 million followers respectively. You can find him on Instagram @seanhannity and his Twitter page @seanhannity.

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