Nadia Farmiga – Vera Farmiga’s Sister, Chef, Celebrity Sister, Net Worth

Nadia Farmiga is popularly known as the sister to Hollywood stars Vera ann Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga, Her siblings are in the entertainment niche while Nadia is nothing like them when it comes to profession. She is a restauranteur and has once worked as an engineer in the past 

Currently, she runs a successful restaurant business together with her husband Wilson costa. Wilson is of a Brazillian ethnic group and currently, they have two handsome boys.


Nadia Farmiga was born in June 1992 in New Jersey. her parents were Lubomyra and Michael Farmiga and they were both of Ukrainian descent and American citizen. Her mother, Lubomyra, was a teacher, while her father, Michael, was a Computer system analyst who eventually became a landscaper.

Nadia is one out of the seven siblings who are Laryssa Farmiga, Taissa Farmiga, Vera Farmiga, Alexander Farmiga, Victor Farmiga, and Stephan Farmiga 

In addition to all that, Nadia’s parents used to be Ukrainian Catholics but changed to Christianity according to some sources 

Currently, Nadia Farmiga is 30 years old

Early Life & Education

Nadia farmiga

Being born and raised in Clifton of New Jersey in The Unites States of America. Nadia progressed with her schooling till she got to four grade. 

Unfortunately, Very little information is known about what happened but it was reported that she left school and continue the rest of her education being homeschooled. But it wasn’t only Nadia who was homeschooled, as it was reported that all Farmiga kids were also homeschooled. 

Nadia’s early life must have been less boring since she has six siblings she could play with.

Moving on, there hasn’t been any special interest that Nadia was reported to have while she was young probably she was just a normal kid being the fourth born out of seven children.

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Nadia farmiga

Nadia Farmiga currently owns a successful food business that she runs and other businesses, but before she became a restauranter Nadia used to work as a mechanical engineer. And she has some years of experience under her belt in the engineering field.

When Nadia Got married to her husband Wilson who is of Brazilian descent. Not long after they moved to Kingston and Nadia landed a job at a downtown cafe. 

Later on, she joined Terrapin Restaurant which is a leading restaurant in the united states. Over there she worked for 17 years. 

Unlike her sisters (ver and Taissa) who were in the entertainment industry, She wasn’t in any way involved in the entertainment industry 

Her sister Taissa Farmiga began her career with the drama picture Higher Ground (2011) movie and went on to star in other popular movies such as Apocalypse (2018). Following her successful career, Talissa later earned the reputation of a modern scream queen.

Vera on the other hand started her acting debut on Broadway in the original production of Taking Sides (1996).

Nadia Farmiga Net Worth

Since Nadia Farmiga runs a restaurant business with her husband, she lives a comfortable life however, there hasn’t been an estimate on what her real net worth is, Meanwhile, her sisters(vera and Taissa) Who are actors Have a combined net worth around the range of 11 million dollars or more while it was reported that the Farmiga family total net worth is $23 million

Nadia Farmiga Siblings

Nadia Farmiga grew up In an enormous family, it was reported that she was always acting as a parent assistant to her three younger siblings since she was the fourth born out of seven children. 

Vera Farmiga is one of Nadia’s older siblings while Taissa and Alexander are both younger than Nadia. 

Unfortunately one of her sisters, Laryssa suffered from spina bifida and cannot move on her own.

Her older sister is Vera Farmiga and Taissa is both a Hollywood actress by profession.

Then comes her younger brother named Alexandar. Victor Farmiga, and Stephan Farmiga.

Nadia Farmiga Husband

Nadia isn’t a celebrity, she only has celebrity sisters, so it is not strange that her marriage has been able to last a decade since it is more common among celebrity staus couples compared to those coupled with a middle-class income.

Presently Nadia’s marriage with her husband Wilson costa had been reported to have lasted for over a decade now. Plus they are also blessed with two male kids

There hasn’t been any report regarding any conflicts between the pair. Probably they have been able to manage their differences. Currently, the couples own a successful restaurant in new jersey which they take charge of managing

Nadia Farmiga Children

Since Nadia isn’t always in the limelight with her sisters, it has been close to impossible to figure out who her son is, However one of her sons has once been mentioned as Tadeo. and they still look as though they are still adolescence. 

Once in a while, Nadia posts their picture on their restaurant page on Instagram which you can check here on Misto’s Official Instagram account.

However, Vera kids who have been a top choice kid for paparazzi these days has been drawing interest from vera’s fans lately you can check out who he is over here 

Nadia Farmiga Age

There have been differences of opinion regarding Nadia’s date of Birth However the most reported date of birth for Nadia Farmiga is June 1992. Unfortunately, the exact date is yet to be figured out. But with that date, she is currently 30 years old. as of 2022.

Nadia Farmiga Height & Weight

Nadia has a pretty decent height she is not too tall or short. Presently she stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches which is equivalent to 1.67 meters, or 167 centimeters, while she weighs around 121lbs which is equivalent to 54.9Kg.

Also, the measurements of her body are 34-26-38 centimeters

Social Media: Instagram

Nadia Farmiga isn’t very active on social media, however, she and her husband have their restaurant page on Instagram called Misto, Misto means Portuguese for Mixed.

 It was created by two able chefs Nadia from Ukraine while her husband is of Brazilian background. 

Meanwhile her celebrity sister Taissa Farmiga has 2millin Instagram followers while her elder sister Vera Ann Farmiga has 1.1 million followers 

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