Noah Perez Parents and Biography

Noah Perez net worth is private as we write. The celebrity kid is the son of Vanessa Villaneuva who happens to be an actress and Chris Perez an American guitarist, musician, and novelist. Noah is 17 years old and his birthday is on the 4th of April every year. However, her father's net worth is worth $6 million.

Noah Perez is famously known as a celebrity child his dad is an American guitarist, musician, and novelist while his mom, Vanessa Villaneuva is an actress.

Noah became popular due to the relationship his dad has with Selena Quintanilla who was Chris’s first wife who was American singer, songwriter, spokesperson, model, actress and fashion designer, she didn’t last long with Chris because she was murdered by the person managing her clothing boutiques at the time named Yolanda Saldívar.

The news affected Chris and made him go into drugs to withstand the hit of her death however Noah who is now grown up began to take after his father and also plays musical instruments just like his dad.

Noah Perez Early Life

Noah was born on the 4th of April 2005 by Chris’s second wife Vanessa Villaneuva, she didn’t last due to Chris’s addiction to drugs, Noah might have gone through rough parenting, however, his parents still have a good relationship as they co-parent their kids.

There isn’t enough information about Noah, probably his dad prefers to keep his life private, however, his dad posted a picture of Noah when on his 15th birthday on his Instagram account.

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The picture was from his childhood years.

Noah Perez

Chris mentioned how lucky he was to be a dad, and how giving birth to Noah has been a fun and amazing adventure for him 

Noah Perez career

Noah grew up spending most of his life with his dad, and it is safe to say he’s being threading his father’s footsteps, which he is. He spends an ample amount of time with Chris practising musical instruments such as the piano.

He can end up as a musician since his dad is a good mentor he can follow. he probably might become a Musician.

Noah appears to learn quite quickly, with that ability the limit is beyond the sky, if he follows in Chris’s footsteps, who didn’t have the opportunity Noah has, however, he was supported by his mom from the beginning which he gives credit to.

Chris Perex First Wife Selena Quintanilla

Noah Perez

Noah’s father Chris was initially married to Selena Quintanilla, who was his first love, She rose to fame quite quickly after achieving some level of Sucess as a Singer, Songwriter, Model and Fashion designer. 

Chris and Selena had their first contact during their trip to Mexico, and since that time their bond became strong, and stronger after a few months of courtship they decided to tie the knot, unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last due to Selena’s death.

She was murdered by her the person managing her fan club and boutique at the time who was Yolanda, she was accused of embezzling money from Selena fans,

The confrontation with Yolanda Saldivar led to an argument in a hotel which led to Selena’s death. 

Selena’s death affected Noah’s dad which led him into unwanted addiction moving forward he later found another woman who would become Noah’s mom

Chris Perex Second Wife Vanessa Villaneuva

Noah Perez

Noah Perez was born by Venessa Villanueva who was the second wife of Chris Perez, They first met in 1998 and fell in love quite quickly. their Courtship went on, till they decided to tie the knot in 2001. 

in between their courtship, they welcomed their first daughter named cassie Perez in 1998.

Four years after their marriage Venessa Gave birth to Noah. Things went well, until 2008 when things broke out between the two couples, Vanessa accused Chris of his excessive drinking and drug use which didn’t go well with her.

During their divorce, Chris had to forgo a large chunk of his assets to her, however, they still co-parent their kids and maintain a good relationship 

Noah Perez Siblings

Noah Perez

Noah is the first son of his parents, however, he isn’t the first child. he has an older sister named Cassie Perez, she is also close to her dad and spends a lot of time with both him and Noah. Being the eldest daughter at 23 years of age, she acts as a role model for Noah.

Cassie loves taking Noah for treats. The sibling’s love is vividly seen on Cassie’s Instagram handle, where she is seen posting cute photographs with Noah.

Does Noah Perez have Down Syndrome?

Looking at his picture, it’s easy to spot it, His condition became apparent when his mom was put to bed.

Down syndrome is a genes related condition where the victim has an extra trisomy-21. Reports earlier stated that before Noah’s birth, the doctors advised her to abort him, however, Vanessa gave birth to him and now, he’s the only son of the Perez.

Noah Perez Height and weight

Noah has a down syndrome condition making him have some form of abnormal body looks, however, he stands at a height of 4 feet 8 inches and he has a bodyweight of about 35kg with brown coloured hair.

Noah Perez Age

17 years old

Noah is being looked after by his dad and his elder sister cassie who has made sure he stays healthy and good, being the second son and last born of the family.

He has an older sister named Cassie Perez, who is 23-years-of age. but Noah who is the youngest of Chris’s children is only 19 years old

Noah Perez Net Worth

Coming from a family who is well to do. Noah is still too young to have any assets, obviously he together with his elder sister will take a share out of his dad’s assets, however, his dad Chris is said to have a net worth of $6 million.

Most of Chris’s money was accumulated throughout his career as a musician, songwriter, author, and guitarist.

Noah Perez Social media

He is still too young to be on social media, however, his sister cassie post about him frequently on her Instagram profile showing his support and his dad also does the same, cassie perex’s Instagram profile can be found here.

Just like her dad she also has a huge following of 18.3k followers, while her dad Chris Perez has 1.1 million followers his Instagram handle is @chrispereznow

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