Oliver Finlay Dallas Net Worth, Parents and Wiki

Just like other celebrity Kids, Oliver Finlay Dallas also comes from celebrity parents who are Josh Dallas - who is famously known as an actor, and Ginnifer Goodwin - who is an actress. 

Oliver is the first child of the couple who came the same year Josh and Ginnifer Goodwin got married. 

Currently, Oliver has a younger brother who is 2 years younger than him. Oliver is of American citizen and he has a zodiac sign of Gemini.

At the young age of 8, it is hard to estimate what Oliva Finlay Dallas's Net worth is since he doesn't have any assets yet and is under the total care of his parents.

Oliver Finlay Dallas was born on May 29, 2014. He came to the limelight because of his celebrity parents who were both in the entertainment industry in the united states. He has a Younger brother who was born in 2016 named Hugo Wilson Dallas.

His name “Oliva” has an English origin, and it means “Descendant of The Ancestor.” Similarly, “Finlay” has a Scottish origin, and it means “Fair Warrior.”  Oliver is of American citizenship coming from a white ethnic group

Oliver Finlay Dallas Early Life & Education

Oliver Finlay Dallas

Oliver is still very young so there isn’t much-recorded information about his early life. What we know about Oliva is, that he is being homeschooled. Homeschooling is now being embraced by parents due to the fears of learning the wrong things at school or meeting friends that could influence them wrongly.

With this step, it seems the parents are taking an innovative step that many people aren’t embracing.

His homeschooling program is being handled by a paid tutor who comes to their house from time. According to reports Oliva is in the elementary level meaning, he will soon progress into secondary school.

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Oliver Finlay Dallas Career

Being, the first son of Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin, a lot of curiosity would be shown about what he is into and, what his interest or career is.

Currently, it is almost impossible for Oliva to have a career yet since he is quite young and still yet to enter secondary school, however, his dad (josh Pais) who had started his career, long before he began to attain some level of fame landed the lead role in ABC supernatural series Once Upon A Time

Josh Dallas is also known as the television actor who played Prince Charming/David Nolan on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. He Also Played “Fandral” in the Marvel Comics film adaptation Thor. Currently, he’s presently starring in the NBC drama Manifest as Ben Stone.

While Oliver’s mother, Ginnifer Goodwin started as a television actress. She is best known for her role in the drama series, Big Love where she acted as Margene Hoffman. Also, She had other roles in the fantasy series Once Upon a Time as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard and in the Disney animation picture Zootopia as Judy Hopps.

Oliver Finlay Dallas Net Worth

Since Oliver Finlay Dallas is yet to enter secondary school, it’s very likely that he doesn’t have any net worth yet. However, he is still very young and need a lot of guidance from his parent before he can be given any form of assets.

However, his dad Josh Dallas has who makes most of his income as an actor in the united states has an estimated net worth of $3 Million while his wife Ginnifer Goodwin who is also an actress and makes an annual salary fo about $800,000 as of 2019, has an estimated net worth of $8 Million making the Dallas a family have a combined net worth of $11 million

Oliver Finlay Dallas Parents: Josh and Ginnifer Goodwin

Oliver Finlay Dallas

Before Josh Dallas tied the knot with Ginnifer Goodwin in 2014, Josh was married earlier to Lara Pulver. They both met in 2003. At that time, they were working together, after a few years of courtship they married in 2007. their relationship lasted for three years till they parted way. Surprisingly, the marriage had no kids, so there was no issue regarding taking custody of anyone.

After Josh parted ways with laura he met Ginnifer Goodwin in 2011 on the set of their show named Once Upon a Time. They worked as a co-star in that movie. Their attraction was followed by dates and two years of courtship before they eventually got engaged.

The year following their engagement, they got married and in the same year, Greiner gave birth to her first child who is Oliver Finlay Dallas.

Two years later she gave birth to their second son Hugo Wilson. Since the beginning of their marriage, there haven’t been any issues or reports of scandal in their marriage for the past 8 years. What this means is: that they are living a happy life free of problems and complications.

Oliver Finlay Dallas’s younger brother: Hugo

Oliver Finlay Dallas

After Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin tied the Knot in 2014, they gave birth to Oliver, then two years later they gave birth to their second son who is also the younger brother of Oliver named Hugo Wilson Dallas.

He was born on the first of June. Just like Oliver, there is a high probability that he is being homeschooled too.

His current age as of April 26th, 2022 is 6 years old. Since he was born on the 1st of June, his next birthday will be two months from now

Oliver Finlay Dallas Grandparents

Surprisingly, there has been recorded information about their grandparents of Oliver, both from his dad and mom’s side

His Grandparents from his Paternal side are Robert Michael Dallas and Diana Raymond while his grandparents from his Maternal side are Tim Goodwin and Linda Goodwin 

Oliver Finlay Dallas Age

It’s Obvious that Oliver is still on the young side since he was born in the year 2014, which is about the same year Josh Dallas Got married to Ginnifer Goodwin. what that means is The marriage between Josh and Ginnifer Goodwin is 8 years old, which is just about the same age as their first son Oliver Finlay Dallas

Oliver Finlay Dallas Weight and height

There are little to no reliable sources where Oliver’s body size weight or measurement are being reported, since he is still at a young and growing phase in his life, meaning his weight, and height will be rapidly changing. However, once we get any information regarding his height it will be updated here 

But, what we know about Oliver is: that he has a pair of blue eyes with blonde hair.

Oliver Finlay Dallas’s Girlfriend

At the young age of 8, It’s very rare for him to have a girlfriend, however, it is something you cannot write Off. But with the looks of things he seems focused on his education right now, and with the homeschooling his parent has arranged as his mode of education, there is little to no chance for that due to the level of supervision they still have over him.

Oliver Finlay Dallas Social Media

The celebrity couples prefer to keep the private life of their kids out of social media, for now, probably they believe he is too young to have an account since it’s pretty easy to get really exposed to things you never imagine on social media.

Currently, Oliver has no social media account however his parents who are budding celebrities have social media accounts with huge followings. 

You can get josh Dallas on Instagram here, also you can get Ginnifer Goodwin on Instagram here.

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