Online Slots and Video Poker: How they work and why are they so popular

Slot machines have been widely popular since their invention in the last decade of the 19th century and their integration into the online world kept this quality and only increased it over the years. Players keep looking for new slots with better and more fun features added to them, so that’s why you see the market overflowing with new such products with various themes: historical, film and series based, and even with rock and roll icons governing the game.

The same type of technology surfaces in Video Poker, a type of mechanical game based more on skill and mathematical calculations than slots, but still on demand since they rose in popularity in the 70’s.

A quick search on website’s, a very popular casino bonus platform will clearly show that players gravitate towards bonuses that give away free spins or high cash out sums from Video Poker, demonstrating their popularity once again. But how do they actually work?

With all the myths that surround them, some sparked from the early stages of gambling, it might be difficult to start playing them or know how to navigate between fact and fiction. So here’s the real deal (and no, not like a deal at a gambling table).

Source: FIFPlay

Most of the trusted and loved online casinos use the Random Number Generator software, that makes everything cleared of any foul play. If anything, modern online slots powered by RNG display fair chances for players making them better than their physical ancestors.

Every second the software generates thousands of random numbers so whether you are on a lucky streak or having a few bad hands is all in the hands of destiny.

These numbers are transferred into reels in-game and then the player sees the result displayed on the screen. Also, this high amount of possibilities also means that these games cannot be programmed to track the history of what was displayed previously, therefore proving that slots don’t give out two jackpots in a row to be a myth.

It’s no wonder why players seem to love this type of gambling: it’s fun, colorful, all at the hands of chance and with the newest regulations imposed on online casinos, they are now unquestionably fair.

On the same technical basis stand the Video Poker games. The RNG is used for them too, to deal one or several of the cards from the 52 available in a regular deck (53 if we’re talking about the types which include the Joker). However, they differ from slots in some respects.

So much so, that some places that used to have laws regulated against gambling, allowed Video Poker as it was considered more a game that tests the skill and memory of the player rather than gambling.

Nevada, the heaven of gambling in North America, has casinos that allocate a lot of Video Poker machines in their lobbies. The reason why it’s so liked is probably because players usually have the possibility to choose some of the cards in the play and to disregard the others. These moves can be strategic while coupled with probability calculations.

This makes these machines a great combination of card games, probabilities and high jackpots to be won. All these characteristics are highly loved by gamblers, old and new, so it’s not a surprise that they keep being trendy even now.

Gambling has been a societal form of fun since ancient times, but it’s clear that it has never been more flourishing until now with the help of both technological advancement and more clear-cut regulations. As most sites offer you the possibility to keep your play moderate, it’s easier than ever to keep it a passion and not turn it into a vice.

And now that you know some facts about two of the most notorious game categories, you can cruise better through the mist of myths and play smart.

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