How to Get Pandora Premium for Free for 90 Days

If you know what to do you can get Pandora Premium for free via the Pandora free trial whether you have the Pandora free trial code or not. Well, this article will show you how to get Pandora Premium for free.

As we all know, Pandora Premium is a fantastic music streaming service that allows you to listen to premium songs, albums, and playlists anytime, anywhere.

Coupled with that, it offers a wide variety of music genres and allows you to create custom playlists to suit your taste.

Unfortunately, Pandora Premium is a paid subscription service, meaning you have to pay a monthly fee to access the full range of features.

However, there are ways to get Pandora Premium for free, and this article will help you understand what Pandora Premium is, how it works, and how to get it for free. You will also learn about some of the features of the service.

What is Pandora

Pandora began as an advertisement-supported online radio platform that allowed users to create personalized stations based on their favourite songs and artists. In 2015, the company’s purchase of a San Francisco-based music streaming service led to the launch of its new Pandora Premium service, which has similar features to those of Spotify and Apple Music. Presently, it operates under its parent company, Sirius XM Holdings.

How to Get Pandora Free Trial for 30 Days

How to Get Pandora free trial

Obtaining Pandora Plus for free for 30 days is an excellent method to become acquainted with the world of audio streaming services.

Pandora Premium allows you to listen to millions of songs, make customized playlists, and listen ad-free but it comes with a 60 days Free trial period. The plus version comes with 30 days Free trial Version.

  • Visit Pandora’s website.
  • Click Sign Up to create a new account.
  • Afterwards, click the Upgrade button.
  • Now, click on the “Get 30 Days Free” button. 
  • Finalize the checkout by using your credit card or your PayPal account.
  • Once it is successful, your Pandora Plus account will be activated for a 30-day free trial.
  • After the 30-day trial period, you will be charged $4.99/month.
  • If you don’t want to continue after the free trial, ensure you can cancel it before the 30th-day lapses.

How to Get Pandora Free Trial for 60 Days

Pandora Premium comes at a monthly subscription cost of $9.99/month; however, you can get it for free for 60 days if you are a first-time user.

Here is how you can go about it.

  • Visit Pandora’s website.
  • Click on Sign Up to create a free account.How to Get Pandora Premium for Free eee
  • Afterwards, click on the Upgrade button in the upper right corner.
  • select the Get 60 Days Free button.How to Get Pandora Premium for Free eee
  • Follow through with the checkout by entering your credit card details or your PayPal account.
  • Once the transaction is successful, Pandora Plus will be activated with a 60-day free trial.

If you do not want to pay for the subscription, cancel it before 60 days lapse.

How to Get a Free Trial of Pandora for 90 Days

If you want to activate Pandora Premium for 90 days, you have to first activate Pandora Plus for 30 days, and once that lapses, upgrade to Pandora Premium for 60 days.

That makes a total of 90 days for the free trial.

To do all that, you simply have to follow the instructions above by activating Pandora Plus first, which gives you 30 days free.

On the day it is going to elapse, upgrade to Pandora Premium, which gives you a total of 90 days of the free trial.

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How to Get Pandora Premium Using Pandora Free Trial Code

How to Get Pandora Premium for Free eee

You can get a free three-month trial of Pandora Premium by using a promo code from Groupon. With this offer, you can enjoy up to 90 days of Pandora for free.

Here is how to go about it.

  • Navigate to the Groupon website.
  • Search for Pandora Premium.
  • Choose the first product that you come across.
  • Pick up a $0 3-month subscription to Pandora Premium
  • Now, click on the Buy button.
  • Log in with your Groupon account. credentials
  • Finally, checkout using a credit card or PayPal and complete your order.
  • Once the transaction is successful, you’ll get a promo code via email.
  • After doing all that, go to Pandora Settings Redeem.
  • Paste or type in the promo code and click Redeem.

Pandora Students Plans

Pandora’s Student Plan provides all the features of Pandora Premium for just $4.99 per month. This plan is only available to students who are currently enrolled in an accredited US educational institution and must be verified each year.

Pandora Free Trial Conditions

As Pandora offers a 90-day free trial, it has strict terms and conditions.

  • The 90-day free pass can be claimed only once.
  • The free trial is available to US residents who are 18 or older.
  • If you are a user of Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium, you can’t get the 90-day free trial.

Pandora Premium Free Apk

Pandora comes with a lot of free trial options that allow you to access its premium content for free without having to pay a dime. The Android app and the iOS app can be downloaded from the play store and the app store.

They are not paid, as you can download them from the Play Store for free. However, since it isn’t a premium app, you can only activate a premium subscription when you install the app.

How to get Pandora without Ads for Free

Pandora does not offer an ad-free experience without a paid subscription. The only way to get an ad-free experience on Pandora is to upgrade to a Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium subscription. Both offer ad-free listening and other features such as unlimited skips, offline listening, and higher audio quality.

Pandora Plus

Pandora A comes with three packages, which are the free package, the Plus package, and the Prime package. The plus package costs $4.99 per month. However, you can get a 30-day free trial when you sign up as a new user.

What is the Latest Version of Pandora?

You can always get the latest version of the Pandora app by visiting the Play Store or App Store to update it. The web version is always updated with music streaming content, so you have nothing to worry about.


In conclusion, Pandora Premium is a great way to access all of your favourite music and podcasts. Although it is a paid service, there are several ways to get Pandora Premium for free.

You can try the free trial, join a family plan, or use a coupon discount. With any of these options, you can enjoy all the features of Pandora Premium without paying a dime.

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