Paul Qualley’s Net Worth, Ranch, Wife, and Bio

Paul Qualley, born in 1958, is a former model and TV personality. He is famous and known as the popular Hollywood actress, Andie MacDowell, and were married for 13 years. Within these years, the ex-couple had three children, namely; Margaret Qualley, Justin Qualley, and Rainey Qualley.

Andie MacDowell whose full name is Rosalie Anderson MacDowell is an American fashion model and actress born on the 21st of April 1958. In her early life, Andie married Paul, and was together for 13 years (1986 – 1999).

And between 2001 and 2014, Andie MacDowell was married to  Rhett Hartzog, a Canadian businessman. Andie has a sibling, Paul Qualley net worthBeverly MacDowell who is doing well on her own. Even though we don’t know much about the 63 years old Beverly MacDowell, she also came into the limelight because she shares the same blood relation with Rosalie Anderson MacDowell.

Paul Qualley Age

64 Years

He was born in 1958 the same year his ex-wife, Andie MacDowell was born. It was known that Andie was born on the 21st of April 1958 but there is little to no information about the date Paul was born. It is as simple as saying Paul Qualley’s date of birth is made private.

However, following our guestimated idea, it’s like Paul was born before his ex but there is no fact to back it up that Paul’s date of birth is known. For this, we will take it that his date of birth is not known but he was born in 1958.

Paul Qualley Wife

Rosalie Anderson MacDowell

Paul and Rosalie got married at the age of 28 and were together for 13 years (1986 – 1999) before the decision to divorce and go their separate ways. MacDowell moved on quickly.

In 2001, Andie married her second ex-husband,  Rhett Hartzog, and separated in 2004. Since then, there is no record of Paul marrying another woman or any legal marriage accredited to the 64 years old Andie MacDowell.

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Paul Qualley Net Worth

≈ 100,000+

Paul Qualley net worth is guestimated to be worth approximately $100k as at the time of filing this biography. Paul doesn’t make so much fortune as a model before he focuses started a new career. Even though Paul is living an average life but his net worth is far below his ex-wife’s net worth of about $20 million.

Paul isn’t a famous individual on Instagram and other social media networks. As we write, Paul has about 662 followers on Instagram.

Paul Qualley’s Children 

Margaret Qualley, Rainey Qualley, and Justin Qualley

Paul has three children from his ex-wife Andie MacDowell. Paul had his first child (son), Justin Qualley, in 1986, his second child (daughter), Rainey Qualley on the 11th of March 1990, and his third and last child (daughter), Sarah Margaret Qualley on the 23rd of October 1994.

Rainey is an American actress and singer who started her acting career in 2012, she is famous for her music career and has a hit which she released under the name Rainsford. 

Also, Sarah is a popular actress who was trained as a ballerina and briefly pursue a career in modeling before joining the entertainment industry. The popular celebrity, Sarah Magaret Qualley was nominated for  Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance in 2020 and 2022.

What Does Paul Qualley Do Now?

Manage the Ranch

Even though Paul finds success in his early career as a model he isn’t happy doing that, we think. Paul left the modeling industry with the hope to do well for himself and find something worth doing. However, in the long run, Paul settled for a ranching business and as we write, Paul is managing his ranch in Montana.

Paul Qualley Height

6.2ft or 5.88m

Paul Qualley’s height is approximately 6.2ft or 5.9m or 189cm.  Paul lives a happy life and plays guitar when he is bored to have fun.

Paul Qualley Ranch Montana

Paul has a large ranch in Montana that he manages. He quit modeling to focus on his ranch business and he has since lived his life managing his ranch since he quit the modeling industry.

Paul Qualley Andie MacDowell Profile Table

The table below summarizes all you need to know about Paul, children, net worth, age, and family.

NamePaul Qualley
Full NamePaul James Qualley
Ex-WifeRosalie Anderson MacDowell
Date of Birth1958
ChildrenMargaret Qualley, Rainey Qualley, and Justin Qualley
Place of BirthNew York, United States
Net WorthApprox. $100,000
ParentsLee James Qualley  and Patricia Ann Rondou
Height6.2 ft or 1.88 m.

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