Peloton not Turning ON: [Updated] Bike & Bike Plus [2022]

The peloton bike is an impressive piece of indoor gym equipment that provides an avenue for people to cycle while still indoors.

However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its fair share of issues while operating the bike.

One of the most common issues users are faced with is the clipping process which seems almost impossible to resolve, and now another issue most Pelton users face is peloton not turning on.

Maybe, you’ve tried turning it On, but you can’t wrap your head around why it isn’t turning on.

Anyway, you are lucky to be here because I will be delving into the steps you should follow to resolve it.

How to resolve peloton Not turning on (bike)

Most issues relating to your Peloton bike usually come from loose connections and below I will show you how to resolve them.

Restart the Peloton Bike

To start with your Peloton not turning on, first restart the Peloton bike.

  • First and foremost, you need to restart the peloton bike and to do that follow these steps closely
  • Press and hold down the Button that powers it for 2-5 seconds
  • Moving on, wait for about 25-40 seconds
  • After waiting, switch on the peloton device.

Doing this alone might resolve your peloton not turning on, but if the issues persist and still your bike isn’t coming on proceed to the next step

Check the physical connection

What if your Peloton bike connections are the reason why the bike won’t turn on? Then, check around the bike wires and see if the connections are perfect.

The most common reason why your screen won’t turn on is that there are some loose connections that you aren’t aware of, so to resolve this issue follow the steps below closely:

  • Check the power plug and verify that it is connected to a power outlet and they are not loose.
  • Also, check the power cords that come with your touch screen and make sure they are correctly connected at the back.

In addition to these, you should also check out the power adapter at the back. Over here the power supply cord connects with the base via the adapter. If your adapter is shaky or it isn’t well connected it could deter your peloton bike from coming on. So ensure you verify it

Moving on, if this step worked for you congrats, but if it doesn’t and your peloton is Not turning on the next steps you can take is to check the resistance mechanism

Check the Resistance Mechanism

Over here you have to ensure that the power connection under the resistance mechanism is well secured. It might be a bit strenuous to connect it back if it has been disconnected

peloton not turning on

The bike has two connections on the left side and a covering. This makes it far more secure when you compare it to that of bike +. All you have to do here s to confirm IF the wire is correctly connected before moving on

After trying this out and still your Peloton not turning on. Move on to the next step

Check the Knobs and Center Button

peloton not turning on

You have to ensure that your Knobs and centre button are receiving power.

To check out for that simply do these:

  • Press and hold down the power button for 5 seconds and then check if the peloton logo shows on your screen
  • If it shows, there are no issues with the knobs and centre button, your peloton bike should come ON.

How to Resolve Peloton Bike Not turning on (bike plus)

If your peloton bike plus isn’t turning on. Carry Out these troubleshooting tips

  • Check the Power Outlet by testing it with another device to be double sure that the socket is working.peloton not turning on
  • Check the power adapter, make sure it is correctly inserted into the power outlet on the wall and also verify that it is getting power. it has to show a white light to indicate that.
  • check the power cable and ensure it’s clean and dry also make sure it isn’t passed under the bike.peloton not turning on
  • At the back of your peloton touchscreen there is a USB-C connection there, Now confirm if the USB-c cord is connected to the middle port at the back of the touch screen. if it is, proceed to the next steps
  • Ensure that there is no loose connection above the brake, and also confirm that the cable located above the brake isn’t going to the bottom port, since it isn’t for power purposes.peloton not turning on
  • On your Peloton bike, locate the power cable that connects to your sensory board, and in that particular place, there is also an open connection there. If the power cable is disconnected, the USB-c will be loose which could prevent the bike from coming on

How to resolve Peloton Not turning on (Tread)

If your Pelton tread isn’t coming On here are a few troubleshooting steps you should carry out to resolve them.

  • Firstly, you want to verify that the Tread is connected to a working power outlet. That’s not all, the power outlet has to meet its requirements too. The requirement for your peloton tread is 120V, 60Hz, 15A dedicated circuit.
  • Also, you want to check if the power cable is correctly connected to the Tread deck and the power outlet.
  • After verifying all that try switching it on by pressing the peloton tread power button.

Now, after going through all these and still the Peloton Not turning on issues still persists on your bike or tread isn’t coming on, you might need to contact the peloton support directly

How to Contact Peloton support

To contact them you can simply forward a mail to them at

  • Or you can call them on this number (866)-679-9129.

Note: Peloton team are always available from 9 am to 9 pm ET for 7 days a week

Moving forward, below are commonly asked questions from peloton users related to the bike plus equipment

Peloton Screen not Coming Up 

if your peloton screen isn’t coming on you should try out these:

  • Reboot your peloton bike
  • verify the connection at the back of your touchscreen
  • Check the knobs and centre button
  • Factory reset it – as the last resort

Peloton White Screen of Death

If you are faced with a blinking white screen of death follow these instructions below

  • Remove the power cord from your Peloton bike base – At the back of the equipment
  • Also, Remove the cords that are connected to the touchscreen too
  • Now, Gently hold down the power button and the volume up button at the same time and do that for 60 seconds.
  • After doing that, let go of it and be patient for 10 seconds
  • Now, insert the cords for the touch screen back in
  • also, connect the power cord to the base of your Peloton bike
  • Finally, Press the peloton power button to switch it on.

Peloton Feed not Working

If you aren’t getting any notifications feeds during live classes, you probably won’t be getting high fives too. In this case, you need to restart your peloton bike to resolve it. If it doesn’t work try clearing your cache.

How to turn on Peloton Bike Plus

Turning On your peloton bike pus follows a similar process to that of the person’s bike, if you have one, check here to figure out the correct way to power it on.

Peloton Turned Off Mid Ride

If you are stuck in a scenario where while riding your Peloton bike it unexpectedly shuts down. Try rebooting your Peloton bike, if it persists, carry out a factory reset.

Peloton screen white

It is also the same as peloton’s white screen of death, follow the instructions s above to resolve it

If your peloton touchscreen is powering on correctly such that its stops at the logo for a while and then it goes blank and maybe the screen finally ends up going static, or maybe your screen is frozen, you need to perform a factory reset to resolve it.

Kindly follow the steps below to factory reset your peloton bike

How to Factory reset peloton bike

You should try out factory reset as a last resort always and to do this, kindly follow these steps:

  • Firstly, Switch OFF your peloton Bike by pressing the power button on top and then tap on “SHutdown”
  • Immediately the peloton bike shuts down, press and hold down the volume up button together with the power button till the peloton logo appears, now release your hands
  • After doing that, your touch screen will launch on recovery mode
  • Moving on, navigate to “wipe [all user] data/factory reset” using your volume button, and then use the power button to select it.
  • Now, confirm, by choosing “Yes” to delete all user data.
  • Finally, Once the data has been reset is complete, select reboot system now


Your peloton not turning on shouldn’t be much of an issue since you are much aware of what causes it, which are lose connections, so anytime you are faced with any issues similar to your peloton not turning on, you should focus more on the physical connections before checking any other thing.

In addition to that, always make sure your peloton device is situated in a location whereby small kids won’t tamper with it.

Now over to you, how have you been able to deal with it before you came about this article.

You can check here If you are struggling with your peloton screen.

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