How to Remove Yourself from Radaris

We love to maintain our privacy such that we wouldn’t want it to divulge to the public for whatever reason without permission. If you strongly believe in keep things that belong to you personally, you would want to search for your information on websites like and remove yourself from the platform. Therefore, in this guide, we will talk about Radaris opt out form that allows you to remove yourself from

If you failed to remove yourself from they may choose to sell your data except you choose “Do not sell my information” and opt out of the service.

While you don’t provide their data to you end up discovering that the information on the Radaris database matched your real information.

How then did Radaris gather information and share it publicly?

What is

Radaris is an aggregator website that scraps people personal information such as real name, age, gender, marital status, state, finances, crime information, SSN, and other information from public records. itself does not own or generate this information itself but depends on public records for the information it provided. These public records include social media, online platforms, and other platforms without end-to-end encryption on user data.

While personal information can be removed from Radaris using the Radaris opt-out page, it’s not guaranteed that the information will not be available again especially if Radaris crawls the record source often for fresh information.

Therefore, to remove yourself from Radaris we will recommend you that pay attention to this post. But, if you never wanted Radaris to scrap and share your information publicly it’s advisable to delete your information from the source where Radaris scraps the information.

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Radaris Opt Out: How to Remove Yourself

There is no automatic approach to remove yourself from The only way to use Radaris opt out form is to opt-in for “do not sell my information” in the official website.

  • Go to and scroll down to the site footer.
  • Find and tap on “control your info.”
  • Read through the government and law take regarding the public record and tap on the “Continue” button.Radaris Opt Out
  • To get yourself familiar with how Radaris gather information read through data collection and management page and tap on the continue opt out
  • Check through all the possible public records that are either similar or alternative to Radaris where scraps most of its information and tap on the “Continue” button to proceed.Radaris public record and information distribution
  • While on the Radaris opt out service. You need to provide first and last name to either edit or remove yourself from the platform and click on the “Search”
  • Find the information that matches your information and tap on “Control Info.”Radaris info control
  • You then need to sign in to your account for existing users or create a new account to be able to remove yourself from the public platform.Radaris Login
  • Once you have signed in with the old account or the newly created Radaris account. You need to verify your identity by providing your real name and phone number. Tap on send code for Radaris to send the Radaris opt out verification code to your phone number.
  • To claim the profile on Radaris enter the verification code that’s sent to your phone and tap on the “Submit” button.
  • After you have claimed the page successfully you will then need to tap on “view profile.”
  • Tap on the drop-menu besides “Background check & contact Info” and select “Control Info.”
  • Tap “Manage Info” under the  “Take control” of information to be able to control what shares on the platform regarding your information.
  • Tap “Delete Specific Record” under “Control Information.”
  • Check all the information you will like to remove from Radaris public record and tap on “Remove Record” when you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Your request will be sent to Radaris customer service and your record will be deleted within 72 hours.

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